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  1. You need 4 people to operate a metro?

    Anyone know what the

    23.30 32 1.32

    in the first and second picture mean?

    The train does look nice!

    • 23:30:32 – time (hh:mm:ss)
      1:32 (mm:ss) – time elapsed since the previous train left the station (if I’m not mistaken)

      • You’re right obviously. As you can see next train is on the station already. 1,5 – 3 minutes is a common interval between trains in both Moscow and SPb.

      • That is an another convenient feature of Soviet-era subways-I’ve never seen something like this in other countries.

  2. Actually they do a pretty good job of keeping the graffiti down. It does occur of course but generally it’s gone the next day.

    Whatever else one wants to say about Russia I think they have the best damn public transit system in the world.

      • The metro in Moscow is probably the most intensively used metro in the world. St. Petersburg is also pretty busy.

      • Exactly the opposite. It was developed precisely because of lack of personal transportation and to discourage same.

      • Another good thing about many Russian subways is that they could double as bomb shelters (I know in Novosibirsk it could). This is a totally random guess, but maybe the quality is higher because secret communications cables were wired there, and more attention/financing was focused on making it more reliable? Another thing I don’t get is why don’t US cities use minibuses? Only taxis ($$$) and buses (with long wait) are available.
        Back in the Soviet era rarely anyone owned a car, so the main method of transportation was combining walking, bus, and subway. So it was very essential, coupled to the fact that it made a convenient bomb shelter (Cold War). As car traffic grows and the streets get clogged, more people would use public transportation, which is a problem in Moscow and some Russian cities already.

        • Moscow subway stations were used as bomb shelters during the world war 2, and all of the stations in fact are shelters, they have huge metal doors and life support systems as far as I know. The doors can be seen at the entrances but people usually dont see it even walking throuht every day.
          You can find a very interesting fact that central ststions are deeper that ones far from center. I think that is because the nuclear bomb will be targeted to the center of the city, and the solid mass of ground will hold it. But its my own opinion))

        • America used to have a wonderful rail transportation system. Pennsylvania, Ohio and California all have abandoned subway systems. Southern California, in particular, had subways and streetcars. Most residents of Los Angeles are unaware of the vast, decaying subway system beneath their streets.

          My Dad grew up in southern California and he said in the late 1920’s, when automobile transportation was getting popular, the auto makers began to buy out the rail systems piece by piece, property by property, to eliminate competition. The junked streetcars and subway cars were all dumped into the ocean or buried under mud when LA flooded about 1938.

      • Is that a real question? Montreal cannot compare in usage to Moscow, we have 18 million people, half of which use it every day.

        And no, it’s not theb est because of that it’s best because it’s never late, and is one of the architectural world wonders. Infact, the only subway system in the world to be an architectural wonder. Plus it’s beutiful inside.

      • Moscow probably has the best transit system in the world. The Metro in Moscow has about 6,000 Kms of Metro line. Most people in Moscow do not drive cars and use the transit extensively. There are trains every 30 seconds or so. The cost to ride the trains is 30 rubles (about 85 cents).

  3. The numbers give you the time and the time remaining to the departure of the next train… It’s the same everywhere…

  4. http://images.encarta.msn.com/xrefmedia/sharemed/targets/images/pho/t059/T059137A.jpg




  5. I live in California and I think it is safe to say we have no mass transit system worth mentioning.

    Those trains are very nice looking. I would imagine theres a lot less tagging there as the punishment is probably harsher and much swifter.

  6. That’s awesome! The subway stations looks so nice too. I wish they could do that kind of thing in New York but obviously it would be trashed in a few hours.

  7. i’m from moscow, we need 1 person to operate a train (sometimes there’s also 1 intern)
    these trains are painted so weird because inside art galleries is located. there are watercolors by famous russian contemporary painter. i don’t like them but the idea is nice.
    we also have red train called “krasnaya strela” (red arrow). it’s named after first russian train moscow- st-petersburg

  8. Well, actually this train is pained not only outside. It has copies of many famous paintings inside, so every passenger can widen his knowledge of culture.

  9. I love to watch englishrussia pictures. Especially my 14 years old son muhammad usman is very excited to watch it.

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