12 thoughts on “Changing Road Service”

  1. They’ve got their truck just there. I wonder why they didn’t decide to just shove that car off into the green?

  2. Two words: Tow Truck.

    I wonder when Russia is going to finally figure out that by setting up and running a traffic court, the money will start rolling in. Start writing REAL tickets for minor violations (Just like in the U.S.)

    Oh that’s right… that would mean Russia would have to ask for some help.. and they’d never do that… better to bumble along like they always have than ask for help.

    Man, I love this country and it’s people.. but they really need to pull their heads out of their collective asses and get with the program.

    • There is a system of fines etc. The problem is that because of the enormous corruption among traffic cops no-one actually pays these fines – they pay the bribe instead.

      And why is the police so corrupted ? because they are underpaid. And probably also because they can get away with it.

      • They wouldn’t be underpaid if people paid fines to the government which in turn would then add the money to the salaries of the police officers. As a result, the police officers wouldn’t need to take bribes because they would be paid enough money legitimately.

        You have to give some to get some.

    • I would actually say it’s better, since the owner would just come up and drive away-it wouldn’t be hard because only a few cm. of the layer were removed. Then they would just remove the sections. This makes them more reasonable towards people and don’t just tow the cars like the Average American worker would (which would require the owner to pay an exorbitant price and fine). I doubt they would even think of doing this, they would just have the whole road cleared. Sure, it’s more “communistic” but more reasonable and convenient.
      Communism is portrayed as bad by republicans, but pure capitalism wouldn’t include welfare, minimum wage, etc.

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