flood in Nikolaev, Ukraine 1

37 Yet Another Flood

Yet Another Flood

Yet another flood, now in
Ukraine in the city Nikolaev.
russian glonass gps device  1

69 Russian GPS

Russian GPS

In Russia now they develop a new GPS system - GLONASS - for inner use - probably in order not to rely on
foreign GPS system for state uses. Here are a few samples of the end-user devices available on market.
walking fridge boxes 1

11 Walking Fridge Boxes

Walking Fridge Boxes

One of the electronics retailers of Ekaterinburg city uses people walking in old fridge cartons as their shops ad carriers. They harass people on
streets with some stuff, people as you can see on the pictures react aggressively, often try to kick those annoying walking fridge boxes.
Kuntskamera, St. Petersburg 1

100 Kuntz-Kamera of St. Petersburg

Kuntz-Kamera of St. Petersburg

"Kuntzkamera" it's a museum in St. Petersburg. It's a really strange place, was founded by Russian Tsar Peter the First. He collected different weird stuff all over the
Russia to this museum: freaky people and animals preserved in alcohol, torture instruments, strange paintings and much more. Here are photos from that place.
New York Police Department cars in Russia 1

34 New York Police Car in Russia

New York Police Car in Russia

Sometime ago we had a Russian police car with New York plates on it. This time its something
different: a New York Police Department car with Russian civil plates on it is found Moscow.
strange russian car 1

28 Old Russian Car That Could Swim

Old Russian Car That Could Swim

One guy has told about a car that stays in his parking. It history goes back to Soviet times, the communist sixties. It was a car that was designed and built by special Soviet car company, it had many advanced features at that time. It had some features never being implemented in Russian cars before: the clearance could be
adjusted from with dashboard buttons, like on some modern SUVs, it had a button to start an engine, instead of a key, the dashboard indicated the current gear selected etc, it had heating of rear and front windows, and the main thing - it could run float on water as well as on regular roads.
russina \
12 Wooden “Half-Bridge” Project

Wooden “Half-Bridge” Project

  Deep inside Russian countryside there is a place with a strange object. It's made solely of wood and is called "The Half-Bridge of Hope". It looks like a wooden bridge from one side of hill to another which
suddenly finishes on its half. It has no any logical meaning or practical purpose, just stands in one of numerous Russian villages as an art object, made of wood as everything other around it.
new lexus smashed in Russia 1

30 Lexus Smashed with Tractor on Purpose

Lexus Smashed with Tractor on Purpose

You better do not park your new Lexus while
on travel to Russia in wrong places!
russia sparta
12 Russian Sparta

Russian Sparta

A compilation of scenes of Russian life with the
soundtrack of "300" movie trailer. Take a look.
electronical bong for smoking 1

15 Electronic Smoking Device

Electronic Smoking Device

One of the hi-tech labs in Russia is going to launch a mass production of Electronic Smoking Device (ESD). It comes with software (Cyrillic
screenshot below) and can be connected to USB port of any PC. It uses vacuum method and can be loaded with water for suction power.

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