24 thoughts on “Gas Blow Up”

  1. I would expect a gas explosion to have more burned things or scorch marks or something that looks like smoke damage from a fire afterward. This almost looks like a wrecking ball hit it.

    • The way I understand it, gas explosions are “clean”. They do not cause fires because all the volatile fuel is ignited in a (split) second. The gas expands, exploding the place, but no fuel remains after the initial explosion.

    • This Sarah dork just loves the attention, and you are contributing. Ignore and don’t comment – it really is not that hard grmi

  2. Russia’s area is 17 million sq. kms
    World’s land area is 149 million sq. kms

    149/17 = 8.76

    USSR’s land area was 22.4 million sq. kms

    149/22.4 = 6.65

    This blog’s title is “just because something cool happens daily on 1/6 of the Earth surface”

    Is the author saying 1/6 of the Earth’s surface out of force of habit or is a discrete Soviet revanchist message hidden in this?

    Any chance of a correction to “just because something cool happens daily on 1/8 of the Earth surface”?

    • In “About” it says – “English Russia is a daily entertaiment blog devoted to the events happening in Russian speaking countries, such as Russia (Russian Federation), Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, etc.”

      So this is about former USSR. Based on your sq. km figures and if one wants more precision then he would write 1/6.65 (although it looks a bit weird). Unless we start talking about what “Russian speaking countries” stands for (e.g. would Turkmenistan or Armenia qualify for the title?). In any case your 1/8 doesn’t look correct given the “About” entry.

        • Right. From whatever angle we look at it, the title statement needs serious rework to be scientifically correct…

        • The Ocean rcegions are not part of the Earth’s Surfae, for two reasons.

          1. In the Ocean, the surface is made of water, not earth.
          2. In the Ocean. the earth is in the depths and not in the surface.

          As such, the ocean does not qualify as “earth’s surface,” so the statement is perfectly valid.

  3. If that apartment is in Moscow it will still sell for half a million dollars… as is.

    If it’s in St. Petersburg it will be slightly less… maybe around $300,000

    • It could cost you that much in any major city. Actually, almost any city. You can find 1-milion USD apartments in Fort Worth, Texas that were struck by a tornado.

  4. By the way, the letter A, being the last letter of whatever is written on the Ambulance, suggests that it isn’t a “Скорая Помощь” but rather a “Швидка Допомога”. Hence, it’s Ukraine.


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