Shark Phone Booth

Shark Phone Booth 6

A Russian street artist Renald from Petrozavodsk, Russia turns random phone booths into sharks.

Shark Phone Booth 1

Shark Phone Booth 2

Local newspapers admire the artwork…

Shark Phone Booth 3

…but phone company is against and sends the repairmen to turn the booths back to their deep-blue virgin state.

Shark Phone Booth 5

But he doesn’t give up, new, stronger paint sprays are being used now.

20 thoughts on “Shark Phone Booth”

  1. Who the hell are Sarah and Boris (who hasn’t commented but surely will)? Can we actually talk about the article instead of talking about things we believe might shock uninitiated readers? Ooh, clever. Anal sex and references to the genitals of black males. Take it back to IRC, gentlemen. Or 4chan. Or whatever cesspit you two originate from. It was funny the first sixty times.

  2. In Capitalist America, pay phones are obsolete and have been removed from almost all public areas with the exception of airports or tourist attractions. Cell Phone is King!

    • In Capitalist Russia there’s also almost no pay phones, because 90% of people have cell phones. That article is probably old.

  3. This is really unusual!

    At least someone has some creativity.

    Why doesn’t the phone company track him down for good advertising prospects?


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