40 thoughts on “Russian African Soldiers”

  1. They are not Russian soldiers, they are military students, that pay money for the education.

    They will leave Russia after the end of education (thanx God!)

  2. So what? Whats wrong with black soldiers? They’re better athletes, so naturally better fighters. They’re built for the hunt and kill.

    • That’s dependant on the individual themselves, not their skin color. I know far more people who are black and unfit than I do those who are fit. The same goes for white people, and pretty much everyone I know, regardless of their skin color.

        • Not true, there were many civilizations in Africa that were ahead or at least on par with other great civilizations of the time. They had books and libraries and their knowledge has been borrowed throughout history.

          • You are Ignorant to make such statments and are a product of Western History the same history that spreads lies and untruths about others. Make no mistake about it superioity is something that the Irish long for OMalley. You just come from a long line of slave owner so your ignorance is now Legendary among those who have studied and understand african contributions to society. I will talk maybe in terms of things that helped western civilization and not the Kings of Africa “Nubian Kings” and there pyramids.

            See you have to look beyond the intoxins that one consumes in beer and other alchol beverages. As for Dr James Watson, this is his own thoughts not proven science. Dr Watson’s a man of bigotry that is already the stuff of Legends. He is credited with the co.discovery of the DNA Structure wich identify’s what its made up of. Nothing more nothing less, the man’s comments reveal his racist thoughts. His thought on Abortion of all belived to be Homosexuals are also the stuff of Legend already. Shall I go on?

            Ohh Heres the list:
            George Washington Carver
            Garrett Morgan
            Otis Boykin
            Dr. Patricia E. Bath

            Just a few there are plenty more and the contributions to building the white house, and building of America itself is something else to state.

            But most disturbing is your use of Nazi Germany Omalley you wouldn’t have a place in there society belive me. It would be the same as those of americans of Irish people in the early days. “drunks” less intellegeant the same thing you want to attribute to darker skin people of the planet.

            I could go on about this lunatic spewing his lies but he’s most likely in his mothers basment right now and in his 30’s or something what a Idot..

      • Minus the malnutrition in parts of Africa, you can see that most Africans are built to be stronger and faster. Evolution has given this to them over any other race because they need it more than any other race. It’s not a racist thing, just blacks are strong, asians are small, and latinos are hairy.

      • Like I said before, it’s dependant on the individual. Pygmies are black, I don’t see them playing basketball. My big fat neighboor is black, he can’t even walk a mile.

      • Yeah there are so many black swimmers… what’s that? 2 all white basketball teams are above usa’s black team in the world rankings :O

      • Thats bs. If you are referring to usa that black people are more into sport. Then thats not because of their skin. Its a result of economical differences among racial groups. Poor/unemployed people have more time for sport.

  3. Aren’t those Americans? When they are in the classroom it looks like they are wearing the old Woodland BDU camo pattern.

  4. It lookes as if Russia is practicing segragation, all those black men were sharing the same bunk and not one white guy was ever using the same facilities as them.

    • Segragation? No not at all, most armies that accept people from different country put them seperate, hell even france has entirely separate force for noncitizen immigrants, french forgein legion. Who said that they are living there, maybe they are just contract soldiers in russian army. Maybe pay is not same as in US army, but its still more then they can make in africa.

  5. Just as long as these brothers don’t breed with the beautiful Russian women there wouldn’t be a problem. They have no right to be in Russia in the first place, the women are too valuable for these apes. Russian men are much better.

    • Ape? Uhhh… who has the thin lips, light colored eyes, and straight hair which is often susceptible to lice? Surely not these gentlemen.

    • Apes have white faces last time I checked jellyfish, the weaker monkeys,the powerfull GORILLAS have black faces,
      Its funny that ALEXANDER PUSHKIN a BLACKMAN born in moscow was credited with developing literary Russian. Not only is he seen as having originated the highly nuanced level of language which characterizes Russian literature after him, but he is also credited with substantially augmenting the Russian lexicon.The very Russian language influenced by a BLACKMAN priceless baby!,yeah and those brothas you talking about breeding with those pale space girls would only be doing them a favor, I know white girls love my chocolate so hate on.

      hiphop.RU rap lives in russia more black influence.

  6. Africans are not just good athletes. They have created everything from pyramids to electric locomotives, telegraphs, cell phones, blood plasma, elevators, open heart surgery, cotton gins, etc. Many people like Galileo had studied at African universities while Europe was still in the dark ages. There is not doubt that these soldiers will achieve a higher rank not by their “athletic prowess” alone.

  7. african are not apes there are human like us there were created first they are valuable warriors than whites soldiers check world war I and II they beat german soldiers

    • I don’t believe that you were in the soviet army, I also don’t believe you are russian either. You sound like a liar, or far worse, a Gypsy; go rob a defenseless old lady you bottom feeding degenerate!!

    • I don’t believe that you were in the soviet army, I also don’t believe you are russian either. You sound like a liar, or far worse, a Gypsy; go rob a defenseless old lady you bottom feeding degenerate!! This comment was for John.

  8. Puskin’s black ancestry was minimal. He was predominately white genetically which is where his natural way with words sprang from.

    Blacks have few successful brethren to look up to and the vast majority of those that made a name for themselves anyway, were/are part white from a 50/50 ratio downwards.

    So, blacks cannot truly claim excellence in their own right at all.

  9. I don’t understand why so many people reproduce or procreate with others of a different race, there should a racial purity law. For instance, I was talking to my all white friend about interracial reproduction, she told me it’s not a problem beacause not everybody has intercourse with others of different races; at the time I did not relize that if you think like my friend did, the future would increase the percentage of interracial reproduction, thus living the world with a race of half black, and half white, to me this would case mass confusion and more war. In the future, I hope to see more groups of white people take charge of this problem. And by the way, Russia is taking charge of this situation with more than 70,000 white men and women driving the mud race out of the country and hopefully back to their disgusting continent they call africa. And also the fact that these blacks say that whites, blacks, asians, and every other ethnic group came from Africa, that is completely false, it’s just propaganda by the blacks to make us whites look foolish and to believe them. Keep the white countries white, and increase the population of europe with whites.

  10. all this racism toward black people in russia..but everyone fails to remember that it was a mix race russian that change the way russian speak…his name was ALEXANDER PUSHKIN.

  11. I love russia but she is making a mistake hating blacks. Now, someone with a black connection will most likely crush her.

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