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In Russia there is a popular opinion that you can’t trust the serial versions of car alarm and protective systems – they have common ways of unlocking or people who install them can sell the information to car thieves, so some prefer to use custom made stuff like this one gear shift stick lock.

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15 thoughts on “Protect Your Car”

  1. This is probably just one of several additional protections the driver has installed. It’s not uncommon to see extra locks across the clutch and brake pedals, ‘club’ type locks across the steering wheel and in some cases, hidden switches that disable the cars electrical or fuel system.

    Even that is no guarantee though. If they want it badly enough they will simply tow it away, or more commonly, if they can’t steal it they will damage it to the point of unusability… It happened to my father-in-laws Moskvich! The car couldn’t be stolen, so the interior was destroyed and all the electrical cables were cut.

  2. I recall a story by an uncle (from Moscow) of a man he met that installed spikes in the car seat that are to come out if the car is started without the protection disabled.

    He met him in a bar where he was gloomily drinking vodka. He said, that his plan backfired when he forgot to disable the alarm himself =\.

  3. This is awesome. I love this stuff, it’s why I look at this site. There’s something so russian about this, the grim utilitarianism of it. I’d know it was from Russia in five seconds.

  4. It looks better than the ‘club’. I saw some kids on a t.v. show that would remove ‘clubs’ from steering wheels in under a minute, by simply hacksawing through the rubber steering wheel.

  5. Its Skoda Octavia – very good Czech car, member of VW group…

    This system looks very crazzy and a little useless, but better than nothing ;o)

  6. i think that creater of this ,is a thief because this gear lock is like a joke! please remove those pictures as soon as you can…!!!

  7. Albeit it wasn’t homemade, my family used to have a shifter lock similar to the one you see here on a ’91 Peugeot 309.

  8. Wow, That’s one seriously pround Skoda Owener.. I own a Fabia too (this guys car is a fabia).. I live in London.. maybe I should invest in such a security device.. D’ya think my insurence company will lower my premium? haha!

  9. My dad built a similar gear shift lock on his Volkswagon Squareback.

    This was after it was stolen and recovered a few times outside of his business in Los Angeles.

  10. Reminds me of what you Ruskies put on your MiG-29 throttles after a few MiG’s showed up on some NATO runways, hehehehe 🙂

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