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  1. LOL

    I was in Russia and Kazakhstan this past summer. My brother-in-law is Kazakh. My sister works for the U.S. Embassy. Anyway, my Kazakh brother-in-law and I were walking out of the Embassy in Moscow. He noticed something: the guard that worked the badge check-in booth at the entrance was busy playing TETRIS on his computer.

    How appropo.

    Someone playing TETRIS…. in Russia… instead of working!

  2. I’d rather have police occupy themselves with harmless computer games than thinking of new ways to hassle the public. Somebody give that man a Gameboy.

  3. 2 wackyruss:

    maybe when you saw those guys playing tetris – it was the end of they workday…. and friday. Don’t be so serious 🙂

    • alright alright.

      He probably was bored. Not much going on that day at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

      You know what was weird? All the guards at the entrances to the U.S. Embassy were all Russians. You’d think they’d be Americanskis!

  4. I learned to read and sound out the Cyrillic alphabet this past summer (I was in Russia for seven weeks).

    The word on the car is “Zhol”. What does that mean?

  5. I’ve seen offices in the U.S. where you could watch 20-30 gigantically fat women, all playing solitare at once, rather than perform their simple jobs.

    • LOL. Pacific NW

      Yes indeed. We tend to be rather large folk here in the ol’ Estados Unidos.

      I myself am quite large. I also live in Houston, which has been said to be the fattest city in America.

  6. I learned to read and sound out the Cyrillic alphabet this past summer (I was in Russia for seven weeks).

    The word on the car is “Zhol”. What does that mean?

    It means “Road”

    I always thought that there is no PC in Kazahstan and no people who can use them, maybe photos are fake??

    No, but Borat is absolute fake dude.

  7. A hearty “meh” at the Kazakh road police. They like to flag you down and make you pay some BS “eco” tax at random.

  8. Wow, all you people that believe that Borat movie is real Kazakhstan need to do some research. Kazakhstan is no different than Russia. And to those asking if it has anything common with Russia, yes it does, I mean it used to be in the Soviet Union????? WOw once again

  9. Hey..at least he’s not scarfing down doughnuts like the policeman from “The Simpsons.” Boris, police cars have special computers connected to a central police network so that the police can find criminal records, identify cars, or do other tasks on duty rather than have to go all the way to the police station to do that.

  10. Police everywhere are the same…and this is the prove…and the best prove would be that we could take such pictures in other countries…:)

  11. Hey, andery,boris and others from RF (or you might left your native land for a good fortune in US that you hate from a heart). Do not be so jealous about former colony. Kaz is really advanced comparing your ryazan and mukhosransk. Moscow is not russia as you may admit.
    “Zhol…” is for “road…” and on the front door will be “police”.
    As fro shasha baron: borat is about the US primitive vision of the other world. Poor guys!

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