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    • Sarah are you she male?or simple male with high libido.in soviet time there is no gay culture but they respect each others.some mentally sick guys enjoy their unfinished sexual desires.

    • wow, i totally expected a completely different response from sarah/boris. This is truly surprising. no gratuitous anal sex pun, no “i want to be there” comment. I am impressed

    • NO GAYS?????!!!! Being Gay has been around as long as man has walked this earth. Just because gay guys wisely hid it from murderous straight people doesn’t mean they didn’t exist!!! And why would a straight man want to kiss another straight man on the mouth? Please!!!!

    • I heard the CIA had developed a gas that would give enemy forces the overwhelming urge to drop everything on the battlefield and engage in gay sex with each other. I didn’t know that they perfected it in the 1960’s though!

      • That was in the early 60’s now they do it via air waves thru 802.11g (wi-fi) ever wonder what the “g” at the end stands for?

  1. This is and ancient russian tradition to kiss respected people, best friends three times in lips or cheeks in gratitude. There were no such seek people as homosexuals AT ALL, so this stamp is natural for contemporaries.

    • “This is and ancient russian tradition to kiss respected people, best friends three times in lips or cheeks in gratitude”

      Ok. Lets just call it that. 🙂 *notch, notch, knowwhatimean?*

    • In Soviet Union, stamp licks YOU!

      Seriously … men kissing all over back then, even big chiefs in public events. Watch old footage. Very sweet custom.

  2. Really? I am surprised that they didn’t try to make going to war a glorious event. With emotional reminders like that I think I would be more likely to dodge the war.

    • That’s not about “hey, don’t forget, you gotta fight and die”. that’s about the red army anniversary, look at the dates, and about the things it had to go through.

  3. The suspected gayness is about the cultural differences.. Nowadays, a man kissing another man on the lips is considered homosexual, but it hasn’t always been so as far as I know. This “new culture” is probably coming from america via TV..

  4. I think it’s accurate to say that most Russian men are Gay. Look at most of the comments here especially Sarah and Boris.

    • You’re such a joker. We Russians don’t expect you Gringos to have a single clue about our culture. It’s not in the cards, EVER. If gays are the first thing that comes to your minds, then maybe it is time to look into a mirror and visit a sexologist.

  5. I dont think its so much the kiss and the intimate body-locking goin on that makes it gay as curds and whey

  6. Please don’t make any parallels.
    Thats normal( kissing between man before or after the war)!
    After WWII many MAN wasn’t even ashame to cry in public.

  7. This is very interesting and very sad stamp. The picture taken from 1939-40 billboard which was very popular in SU. This`s a historic one because shows one of most bloodiest moments in SU history. After 23 aug 1939 Molotov-Ribentropp`s union signification, SU and Hitler`s Germany devyded Poland in a halfs. The billboard shows how “Polish people meet Soviet Army, which rescues polish brothers from german agressor.” Many people died during that.

  8. A similar shot of too comrades making out also appeared on the cover of USSR in Construction. There’s a copy hanging at the Tate modern.

  9. Yeah… no “seek” homosexuality in Russia, of course not. Homosexuality in all other parts of the world, at all times, just not Russia. And the US never had to fight a real war. We may have a kind of biased view here in the West, but you’re verging into ridiculousness. Were you actually taught all that? It is rare that I would say this, but thank God for the American education system.

  10. Just because two men are kissing to express their respect, doesn’t mean that they have to follow up with anal sex. Which is what some of you are hinting at by trying to give it the ‘gay’ label and complete the whole package of what you think specific actions mean in your personal cultural context. People already have trouble understanding each other locally and we all know this, so why assume the culture interprets things the same. Keep saying what you see through your filter, but it wont change a thing.

  11. Screw that! If showing love means kissing a dude, then I would rather kiss a male Samoyed or Siberian Husky any day. lol. Wait. That’s just wrong… lol

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