25 thoughts on “Horse Heads Monument”

  1. I have wanted to read Quiet Flows The Don for some time, but not a common find in used bookstores in the US, and I’m too cheap to buy a new copy (only used literature for me, thanks).

        • Powell’s has And Quiet Flows the Don, by Sholokhov($8.95). You know, the Russian author honoured by the above monument.

        • no. . . are you some goat-humping inbred from Texas?

          there’s a lot of good literature out there to read, it’s all worth reading, so why pay full price? besides, if you wait long enough the book you are looking for will present itself in the used book store, or abandoned on a train or in a motel room.

  2. It think it is a fascinating illustration of the rate of progressive and constructive evolution in Russia. Wait…if that was the case the horses would be going backwards.

  3. And when they reach other side it is too steep to get out of the river and they all drown too tired to fight strong current.

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