Pioneers of Russia

Russian Pioneers 1

These are photos of Soviet kid’s organization. The participation was compulsory for every school student, but we need to admit it was also very awaited for 10 years old boys and girls – most of them simply couldn’t wait the day when they receive their bright red tie – the symbol of Russian Pioneers. It was considered as the first step for becoming a communist, and any damage to the red tie could be very strictly punished just because the tie symbolized the Red Flag – flag of Soviet Russia.

Russian Pioneers 2

Russian Pioneers 3

Russian Pioneers 4

Russian Pioneers 5

Russian Pioneers 6

Russian Pioneers 7

Russian Pioneers 8

Russian Pioneers 9

Russian Pioneers 10

Russian Pioneers 11

Russian Pioneers 12

Russian Pioneers 13

Russian Pioneers 14

Russian Pioneers 15

Russian Pioneers 16

Russian Pioneers 17

Russian Pioneers 18

Russian Pioneers 19

Russian Pioneers 20

Russian Pioneers 21

Russian Pioneers 22

Russian Pioneers 23

Russian Pioneers 24

Russian Pioneers 25

Russian Pioneers 26

Russian Pioneers 27

Russian Pioneers 28

Russian Pioneers 29

Russian Pioneers 30

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  1. Well, compulsory… It was possible not to join pioneers – if you (and your parents) were ready to deal with the consequences.

  2. You know, no-one else probably noticed it while discussing various kinds of sex, but I think the propaganda photographers actually did their best making the photos and their subjects in it very colorful. The reality is different, of course. But the pictures look like these children had fun.

    • What evidence do you have to suggest that the reality is different?

      Okay, walking round a museum all day isn’t exactly every 10 year old’s idea of fun, but they were with their mates, they were being shown things they’d otherwise not get to see. Where’s your evidence to say that this was anything other than a youth organisation much like the Scout organisations or, for example, the British CCF ?

      If the counter-argument is ‘well it was politicised’, it was was the Soviet Union, and the CCF (above) is also somewhat based in politics (though not politicised, politics is something that up until recently the Military had no rôle in, though recently with the Government screwing up abroad we’ve had to rely on the military to know what’s best, though that’s a story for another time, children.)

    • These photos are similar to Scouting photos everywhere. There is nothing wrong with dipicting Scouting as fun. It is fun.

    • Yeap, communistic brothers. Seems not to have been a big difference changing from nazi to communism, structures and ideology are similar. Like in all dictatorships.

  3. “kneck”?

    neck (nĕk)

    1. The part of the body joining the head to the shoulders or trunk.

    4. A relatively narrow elongation, projection, or connecting part: a neck of land; the neck of a flask.

  4. At least they had no (official) racial policy, otherwise, it´s just a matter of using different symbols (hammer and sickle or swastika) that distinguish this totalitarian organisation from another. They weren’t actually learning about democratic principles, freedom of thoughts or human rights there. 😉

    • Some of the people do look Jewish. However, most people don’t consider Judaism a race that is unless they are Jewish and feel they are “Chosen”.

  5. communism, at least on paper, stands up for good ideals: equality, cooperation, democracy. Nazism could never make that claim: undemocratic and (racially) elitist by definition.

    of course in practice the promise of communism has yet to be realized, probably because violent upheaval (and resulting civil war) always poisons the new government (just look at the French revolution). I’ve read the stories of men who came through the Russian civil war so completely paranoid about spies from the west, or czarist sympathizers, that they saw the “enemy” everywhere, and had to be removed from their jobs for upsetting their co-workers.

    Marx has spent the last 80 years rolling in his grave at what communism is today.

    We can never know the ultimate results of our actions.

    • Totally agree with that. I once heard a quite interesting sentence: “Communism is perfect, what is imperfect is people”.

  6. I truly admire those elements! most people are lazy as hell – soft totalitarian society will keep you in shape all the time 🙂

  7. Hola, mi nombre es Udo Gonalves y soy chileno. Estuve en Aptek en 1979. Me gustara contactar a otros pioneros que estuvieron en esos tiempos, para intercambiar historias y fotos. Mi mail es

    Hasta pronto

  8. I used to be a pioneer of China,we also have the red ties,I enjoy that time,为共产主义,时刻准备着!!!


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