Horse Stone

Horse Stone, Russia 1

This is a strange structure standing deep in Russian forests on the Horse Island in the middle of small lake. It’s a small Christian church on top of a very large boulder. This boulder has a history too. Long before the Christianity came to Russia, this rock was used by local tribes as an idol, thousand years ago in 1000 b.c. It was called “Horse-Stone” and the island as we mentioned was called Horse Island. They sacrificed horses to it and when first Christians came they were shocked by bloody rituals of locals, but after they cleared up the place they decided to use the stone. Probably the main reason was to have it under control in order to prevent locals continuing with their pagan procedures around it.

Horse Stone, Russia 2

Horse Stone, Russia 3

Horse Stone, Russia 4

Horse Stone, Russia 5

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  1. “In the middle of small lake…” Well yeah, if one considers Lake Ladoga, the biggest lake in Europe to be a small one… 😉
    I visited this Konevsky/Konevits/Konevitsa monastary last summer, it´s pretty cool except that I never saw this horse stone, mainly because the guide was totally boring and there where too many mosquitos in the forest, so I decided to head for the beach to take some sun and swim in the “small lake”. Inside the monastary there is shop/kiosk where one bottle of regular beer costs 100 rubles(about 3USD). And everyone who has been in Russia knows that is quite much!

  2. See? This is a classic example of our ethnic Russian traditions being trampled on by Christianity, which is a religion totally alien to Europe and originating with the Hebrews in foreign lands. The church had controlled and repressed people for ages, as religion is always the tool of conquerors seeking to subdue their new-caught subjects. This repression of individualism, which was ironically continued by communism, is in part responsible for the problematic average Russian mindset nowadays.

  3. ‘when first Christians came they were shocked by bloody rituals of locals, but after they cleared up the place they decided to use the stone’

    How hypocritical is this? Christians are the worst genociders, racists, sexists of history and the greatest forgers of history and they were ‘shocked’ by a horse sacrifice.

    And in any case, with what right someones comes into a community, drive them away, their religious rituals and sets his own?

    • Remember, they were purposefuly trying to take over the region and subdue the Russian people, thus they used this foreign religion to keep them in chains.

  4. That’s just like christians to go and steal a sacred Pagan object like the Horse Stone by building a squaty little church on top of it to control the use of it. Disgusting filthy thieves!

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