Russian Self-Made Electric Car

Russian Electric Car 1

These days when gas prices go up and the world’s top car makes go for hydrogen cars people in Russian cities also try to keep up and offer their view on hybrid and electric cars.

Russian Electric Car 2

Batteries occupy all the space but who really cares.

Russian Electric Car 3

Two new control dials on the dashboard. One is “V” and another is “A”.

Russian Electric Car 4

Russian Electric Car 5

An electric 50 kW engine mounted on brass floor plinth.

17 thoughts on “Russian Self-Made Electric Car”

  1. looks like an old OPEL hatchback, made by GM in Germany (early 80’s?).

    I’d like to build one of these– the designer should make his plans available for purchase, or sell kits to modify your own car. I can see this working with many models of car.

    This is just what we need– take back the power from the oil companies, they are like drug dealers. I will charge my car with a windmill.

  2. lol those meters are Soviet-era. I have similar models with a smaller glass, I like them because they are very tough and hard to break. I once left some apparatus under rain outside, and not a drop went into the meter! Finally, a well-made Russian product, and cheap too. Believe it or not they still sell them at:

  3. wow that is a great idea..hope it works ok! any news about this?

    i am looking for a eletric motor that are about 50-70 kw…cheap


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