Russian Bride on a Bus Stop

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Sometimes we get inquires via our support form to post more Russian brides. And just a few hours ago one our reader submitted photos of one Russian bride searching for American or European husband. If somebody wants to drop her a line simply use the same support form with the subject “In search of Russian wife” please.

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38 thoughts on “Russian Bride on a Bus Stop”

    • I think it is heartless too. The person who took the picture is spineless. How could a human just stand there and take this picture? It’s not funny at all. It is very pathetic.

      • The part that’s pathetic is that she is sitting there like that. You can’t fault the person for taking a picture.

        But I agree with “Just me”, posting of this picture as a russian bride is unnecessary, sometimes I think this blog just makes fun of Russia.

        • No it doesn’t make fun of just Russia. It makes fun of everyone equally. Russia just happens to be the topic. It is just about teasing other people. However,it is sad to see pictures like this and it is even worse to see people making fun of others who are so unfortunate.

  1. Russia is changing quite fast. And busstops are changing too.

    However, it is Russia. Just check the stander with poster in the background. The poster is of DOM 2 show on TNT.

  2. That´s not a thing you laugh about.
    This woman goes through hard times, she needs help.
    Look in what conditions she is.Pull yourself together and think about it with your conscience!!
    How would u feel if the same thing would have been done to you??This pictures shows misery and sadness, not fun.
    Respect the poor beeing as a woman as you would respect youself and your closest friends, coz this could happen to everyone!

  3. “Trotsky,
    I’m seriously glad someone posted a reply along the lines of “pathetic, heartless” etc. The blog on this site is usually good but I that picture is sick and anyone who finds humour in it needs to take along hard look at themselves…”

    Thankyou, I totally agree… I was scrolling to find a sensible comment. Borat jokes are old.

    This is not funny.

  4. This might look funny in the US im sure.In Russia though, I think the people are just too busy to care.Anyway,its really sad.I wonder who she is,how she landed up there and what kind of a past she had.And whoever posted this as a joke is nothing but a sick fu*k.

  5. One thing is for sure, Russia has variety! I like it! From the most vulgar to the most beautiful! They have the grit that we’ve lost here in modern day USA. They have individuality! We seem to be a bunch of clones!

  6. anyone find this picture funny.. guess what? could be a rape victim.
    what’s the point of laughing a poor lady in this condition?

  7. This happens the world over. It is unfair to comment unless you know her story. She needs help, who knows one day it could be you.


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