German Anti-Soviet and Anti-Jewish Posters on Russian

German Anti-Russian propaganda posters during WW2 on Russian language 2

During World War 2 German Nazi propaganda machine used also posters on Russian language in order to convince Russian people that German army liberates them from Soviet dictators and that most Soviet leaders are of Jewish origin, as you know Hitler hated them.

These propaganda was used in “liberated” areas of Russia that were under short term German reign. Some historical evidences though show that during this times there was a reasonable economic growth on those territories free of Soviet “anti-privacy” acts.

The one above is simple: “Down With Bolshevism!”

German Anti-Russian propaganda posters during WW2 on Russian language 3

This one depicts a guy with a Soviet flag and there is written “Under the Jewish flag”.

German Anti-Russian propaganda posters during WW2 on Russian language 4

“Hitler is Liberator”

German Anti-Russian propaganda posters during WW2 on Russian language 5

“German Army protects your labor. You should payback with diligence”

German Anti-Russian propaganda posters during WW2 on Russian language 6

“The Bible”.

German Anti-Russian propaganda posters during WW2 on Russian language 7

“Jews are your eternal enemies! Stalin and Jews are the gang of criminals!”

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  1. Fascism is still alive in Estonia!

    The world must take a notice, that there is a revival of Fascism in Estonia!

    • Of course he was, don’t you know that Stalin occupied Baltic states and started killing everybody there without difference? On top of that, he took everybody private property! You have an apartment or a house, what are you going to say if tomorrow a foreign army comes, takes this apartment from you, sends you to die in a labor camp, and throws your kids out on the street?
      After this, if somebody comes, kicks that foreign army from the country, and returns you your apartment back – even Satan will be a liberator!

  2. On the ‘under the Jewish flag’ one, we can obviously see the characateur of an Ashkenazi Jew (European Jew, mainly Central and Eastern), but are those two faces sewn on to the flag Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill?

    It would seem likely, and if so would be interesting as it’s the one poster of the lot (other than the defaced Bible, but still there would have been Orthodox Christians in Russia) that can appeal to a sort of Bolshevik Nationalism by associating the US and UK (Capitalist) with Jews. So it says either “Communism is a tool of the Jews.” or “The Jews support Capitalists.” and there’s further messages in the poster, but non quite as a efficient as the bi-polar effect of this poster: anti-Bolshevik and anti-West.

    Thank heavens the Nazis were slaughtered when they were.

  3. The commisar with the flag in the first picture really is leftist – he is carrying the pistol in his left hand.

    In the second picture, I noticed that Hitler’s name is actually spelled and pronounced in Russian as “Gitler”. Why is that?

    Why does every reference to the war or fascism lead to the topic of Estonia? Do the Russians want it back?
    Why? Do they need the living space? The oil wells? Or do they simply miss the sunny beaches with palm trees?

    • Also “Gamburg”, “gamburger”, “Gans”, “gomosexual”, “Garvard”, “gandball” and many other words 🙂

    • But they did not become independent, just changed the master :). In Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania the presidents have american citizenship. In Georgia the presidents officially is paid his salary from US.

      Why do you think Russia does not have “friends” except Belorussia? What about Armenia, Osetia, Abhazia, Pridnestrovje, Kazakhstan (that kicked Poland’s ass by signing the gas transporting agreements with Putin), east and south of Ukraine, Turkmenia?

      • I forgot Uzbekistan – it becomes more popular to visit it the last time, among my friends at least. Desert, old interesting culture, nice dishes, friendly people, most of whome speak Russian. I think you, hck, are lost in time a bit. World is still changing.

        • Anna, you must have been fallen down from a table when you were a kid, because that’s nonsense

          or you do have something against people with good education, that’d explain your pathetic efforts at cynicism

          • I think it is not a bad idea to talk to not very smart people in their own language, so that they could understand me at least.

    • Baltic countries are trying to put all the blame of the soviet time on the russian minority now. During the soviet time they by themselves wrote the denunciations about those who did not support communists.

    • seems that it’s impossible to argue with some people here (e.g. the Abramovs who repeat the same slogans over and over without any arguments), bet some others seem to be more reasonable.

      So – Estonia does not support fascism and has never supported it. Yes, there were a few collaborants during the Nazi occupation (as also probably in Russia), there were collaborants also during the Soviet time, but it has never been the official position. I think that some people here are just stuck in Soviet stereotypes and thus they think that all Anti-Soviets are actually Nazis, but it’s not so. We are Anti-Soviet and Anti-Nazi. Is it so hard to understand it?

      and why did you lead the topic to Estonia anyway?

    • Communism is still alive and well in Russia, that’s why. And communism is like Ebola virus, it spreads until it takes over the whole world, or the whole population dies.

      So most Russians from the President to workers still carry this virus, and want to take over everything which was at some point contaminated with it, like Baltic states. There are even many Russians who believe that Alaska was taken from Russia unfairly.

      That’s why the only way to beat communism is to quarantine it. Same as with another religious ideology which is taking over the world these days.

  4. Notice the BIBLE picture above.

    If you hold it upside down, you will see another figure. I don’t recall which two groups it is supposed to represent, although one presumably is a Jew.

  5. Totally sick that stuff is. Seriously manslaughter… Totally devil work against God’s people.. oo it makes me sick cause that stuff still goes on

  6. I am a Jew in today’s Russia, many Jews, all Jews of all my friends and I in my life, rarely see the Russian. In general, we are not less than 10%.

  7. No fascist can break the will of the soviet people and it friends. This is why russia won the war not only for her survival but fir the future of man kind. “United for ever in friendship and labour the soviet union will all ways endure the will of people” The red army and the Jewish partisans won.


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