Some Other Russian-Estonian Monuments

Monument of Soviet origin in Estonia 1

While hundreds people quarrel online and offline about the Soviet Bronze Soldier monument moved to another place by Estonian authorities, some more Soviet monuments can be found treated totally with lack of any respect in the back yard of “Museum of History” in the capital of Estonia – Tallinn. Anyone can come and see Stalin, Lenin and other Russian Soviet heroes standing and lying scattered all over the backyard, together with stone tombs which were saint for all Soviet people who trusted in Soviet state, now probably waiting their turn to go to scrap site.

Monument of Soviet origin in Estonia 2

Monument of Soviet origin in Estonia 3

Monument of Soviet origin in Estonia 4

Monument of Soviet origin in Estonia 5

Monument of Soviet origin in Estonia 6

Monument of Soviet origin in Estonia 7

Monument of Soviet origin in Estonia 8

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    • Well, Germans don’t have statues of Hitler and Göring around either; it’s only Russians who keep their monuments to criminals, psychos and mass murderers. Makes me sick.

  1. I agree. Estonia can now be proud of its own history. It no longer has Russia (the old ball and chain) holding it back.

  2. Hmm, Tallinn’s Museum of History is in Old Town that has been densely built for over half a millenia. As in, definitely no grasslands and forests nearby.

    The items on display would be more fitting for the Museum of Occupation – but I’ve been to their back yard, it’s a paved over parking space (appropriately for city center).

    The piccies are most likely from someone’s private junkyard collection. Official museum grounds are unlikely to be in such state of disrepair. The text on the column lying down is partially Estonian alright, so it’s likely the photos were taken in Estonia.

  3. Odd how Russians fail to understand that much of Europe and the world view Nazi fascism and Soviet communism in much the same way. That is to say, in the same category of oppressive totalitarian regimes. Who wants to see reminders of these horrors every day?

    • That was quite unnecessary. My reference was Poland, Hungary, former Czechslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, half of Ukraine, etc., etc. I really don’t know how you extracted anti-semitism from my statement. I said nothing to diminish the holocaust. Between the gulags and holodomer, forced “relocations”, etc. the Soviets murdered at least 3-4 times 5,709,329 of their own citizens. Recognizing one brutal, despotic regime doesn’t preclude recognizing the other. My point was that lately Russia seems bewildered that no one else seems to sympathize with her collective hysterical reaction to the soviet monument debacle. And the nonsense about “rewriting history.” I’ll stand by my statement that most of Europe despises the Soviet regime as much as the Nazi one. If I thought that such a thing were possible on such a lowbrow venue as this, I would say that you owe me an apology.

      • Between the gulags and holodomer, forced “relocations”, etc. the Soviets murdered at least 3-4 times 5,709,329 of their own citizens.

        That’s not true. Please give your source of info. And not an american cold wart books, but reliable sources, based on archives.

        • well, ask your ex-KGB president for the files and get the numbers straight once and for all then

          i bet KGB… sorry FSB still has the archives intact. although I really haven’t seen any lower numbers than 10 million, that’s even by Soviet historians. the figures of less than a million are inventions of recent years, what’s next, calling the murdered people thieves and nazi supporters, thus earning their deaths because poor stalin didn’t have a choice? 🙂

          interesting paradox here, you are defending the regime here because it must be the evil americans making up large numbers of people the humane soviet regime sent six feet under, and you’re bashing it elsewhere 😀

          also I would like you to give an example of a “reliable source”. well your opinion is obviously based on something, if you claim 20 million deaths is false 😀

          just having fun here 😀

          • Soviet archives were published in 1991 long before Putin.


            According to the declassified Soviet archives, during 1937 and 1938, the NKVD detained 1,548,366 victims, of whom 681,692 were shot – an average of 1,000 executions a day.[1] Historian Michael Ellman claims the best estimate of deaths brought about by Soviet Repression during these two years is the range 950,000 to 1.2 million – i.e. about a million – which includes deaths in detention and those who died shortly after being released from the Gulag as a result of their treatment in it. He also states that this is the estimate which should be used by historians and teachers of Russian history.


            Even Robert Conquest, who is the author of the digits of 20 millions (he wrote that in 1968), that you write here, after archives were opened, had said that his digits were false, and real numbers are almost 10 times lower.

        • I never doubted that brainwashed westerners already became disaccustomed of thinking with their OWN brain. Some ambiguous book of a dingy author is enough for them to make conclusions. Poor lame westerners.

        • yeah, the most reliable source is a youtube vid with no real documented background and author’s subjective conclusions

    • Yes it is all documented…to be under a million…but why do I even bother, I doubt you have read the documents from 1991 anyway.

    • How about approx 10 million Ukrainian death because of Stalin engineered famine in 1930-33? Plus approx 20 million deaths in GULAG?
      The world liberalization myth is pathetic!

  4. “The problem for the EU is how to respond to Russian belligerence. Military intervention is out of the question, because…” – that’s terrible, UK already thinks about attacking us 🙁

    • Saddening, certainly, but not surprising, considering UK’s past record. It seems the western powers are all siding with the Estonians. What a shame.

  5. what are you talking about, the bronze soldier is still standing in Tallinn 🙂

    though it is kind of ridiculous, so much fuss about a piece of metal which no one cared about up until 2005…

  6. i will be soon hosting a forum/blog about how muslims are a threat to western society; everyone will be welcomed to post their material against or for muslims, and hopefully will be able to show the real face of fashism == islamism; we must prevent their success;

  7. There is NO fascism is Estonia. Estonia is the world’s freest country, according to the 2006 State of World Liberty Index:

    Estonia IS anti-communistic because all the trouble Estonians had to come through during communism regime, but anti-communism IS NOT automatically fascism.

    On May 16th, 2007, a new Jewish synagogue was opened in Tallinn, Estonia by president of Estonia T.H. Ilves, prime minister of Estonia A. Ansip, vice president of Israel Shimon Peres, Chief Rabbi of Israel Yona Metzger, Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar and others.

    Shimon Peres himself said in an interview that Estonia is a really nice country and that it has really good relationships with Israel.

    Anti-communism IS NOT automatically fascism although communist Soviet Union fought against fascist Reich. Soviet Union WAS NOT alone in this fight, it had allies and THEY ALL won the war, NOT only Soviet Union.

    So stop calling Estonia a fascist country. Yes, we are anti-communism because communism brought us much-much-much more trouble that good, BUT we are not fascist. Using this word is plain wrong.

    • Estonia has NEVER promoted Hitler as saviour and promotion of nazism with all it’s symbolics is strictly forbidden here. I can guarantee you, you won’t find ANY nazi symbolics or Hitler’s books or whatever is sale in Estonia. It’s just a Russian propaganda that promotes Estonia as a fascist paradise with Hitler pictures on every street corner. This is funny 🙂

      Try to understand that world is not strictly black and white. Estonia and many other smaller countries were INDEPENDENT countries before WWII and they lost their independence several times during the war depending if their country was currently under the power of Nazi or Soviet forces. BOTH of these powers where BAD for a countries that had lost their independence so their citizens, also Estonians, fought against BOTH of these regimes.

      That’s why many of Estonians fought on German side: you had to choose between two sides to fight for a third reason – your own country’s freedom.

      One of my grandfathers fought on German side against Soviet regime and was prisoned and taken to Siberia for 8 years. Another one stayed in forests as a partisan group until 1952 and was killed then by Soviet forces. They were not Nazis nor communists, they fought for they OWN country to be free from all the Czars and Fuhrers.

    • “Sharon is also not a representative of the worlds jews, he himself was a perfect nazi.”

      Ahah, now I see, jews are also Nazis too 🙂

      You, Russians, are a lot’s of fun 🙂 Everybody who says the things you don’t like are nazis, even the jews with their Vice President of Israel.

      Good work, keep going! 🙂

      By the way, I can sell you tooth fairies, 10$ for a piece!

      • I don’t live in russia since yeltsin came to power and destroyed it. And I earn plenty, but it’s still kind of you to offer your teeth.

        Sharon is a nazi what israel did to palestinians under his reign was a mirror of what hitler did to them.

        I like jews, I have plenty of friends who are jewish, but there is a big margin between jeudism and zionism, and jews can still be facist, as much as any other person.

    • You can thank Yeltsin for the state in which russia is in now. I’m not proud of what it has become, I’m proud of what it used to be, and will be again.

    • Yes I forgot russia is’nt a democratic country… although the leader was elected by 80% of the population in an election where the opposition (save for hakomada) were alcoholics and mobsters.

      Then again putting this aside you seem to think that in the west people are free and hold power over the government… are you dillusional? the government in the UK and esspecially the US keep boxing the PEOPLE in. They pass new jurisdictions invading peoples privacy, create laws to take away peoples freedoms, abuse prisoners and detain them without trial… where exactly do the people hold the power is the government dos’nt listen to their mass protest?

      Don’t worry about answering the questions because you can’t.

      To put things into perspective I live in the UK, and I can certainly disqualify this place as a democratic state, as the governm,ent does not listen to the people, and is not working for them, rather than for itself.

      Yes they are using their resources, but to boost the economy of the country to a point where it can sustain growing industry, a fuel is needed, in this case the resources…everything else will follow in due course. Where would they have a base for inner country economy if the country just appeared out of a government owned state.

  8. First of all, as a finnish person I want to congratulate the Baltic countries for the chance to develop free of the russian oppression.

    The chance we got was due to the miraculious victories our small coutry has achieved every time our big and out of control neighbour has attacked.

    The fact that russian people consider estonians as fascists tells us a lot about the way their administration is using the media in their own ways. Well, why shouldn´t they since they own it. The first thing that the russian people need now is the freedom of press. Listening to people like Alex makes me really sad, because he really sounds like he´s serious.

    • I don’t live in russia, hence I’m disconected from russian media, hence the administration has little to do with my oppinion, I made it myself.

      And I am seriouse…It also makes me sad listening to people like you, who show signs of understanding NOTHING about global geopolitics, and the media warfare going on in the world today.

      I’m actually very happy you mentioned media freedoms…to point somthing out we have a show called kukli “dolls” which makes fun of putin and his administration constantly, we have plenty more talkshows and such which also are’nt controlled at all.

      The question remains..why did putin grab control of the press? I have an answer:
      as you know the CIA uses the media in other countries to topple leaders, it has done this since it was founded, with examples such as peru, venesuela, panama, cambodia, and many more. Putin is an ex KGB officer, and knows these strategies, hence when he came to power he disabled any route for CIA to cause a coup in russia and install a puppet. The media frenzy over russian politics which you see everywhere just now is the repercussion of a struggeling europe grappeling for control over their biggest threat; russia growing in strength.

      Not too kooky I hope?


  9. First of all, the “heroes” who mostly got drunk and raped when given a chance, WERE the part of a brutal despotic regime, just not the one you have in mind.

    And nobody seems to mind when Russia removes the very same statues to build goddamn FREEWAYS over the graves near Moscow? Come on people, haven’t you made fools of yourselves enough already?

  10. Every self-respecting Estonian has a back yard full of old soviet statues (we steal them from Russia), they are much cooler than garden gnomes.

  11. For us, europeans, russian communism and Nazism are same evil system. But russians can’t understand this, because they are believed, that they are descendents of Third Rome, great Russian empire, for that reason, they make so much noise, when Estonians decide move the monuments of soviet invaders.

    • Lol thats true for other areas, they started the fuss because they beleive in socialism, and considered themselves liberators, not because they thought they were the third rome.

  12. I live in NYC and would like to know if every Russian that I see here in New York is Jewish? I get the impression that for the most part they are Jewish and not Orthodox Christian. Please let me know.

    Thank you


  13. These statues ARE located just behind the Estonian History museum near Maarjamae Palace

    see this link for more details:

    am visiting Tallinn next week and will try to grab a look at the statues

  14. What’s wrong with you, russians? you recall communism as a good thing and think that if someone hates communists he equals to a nazi. Nazism was as bad as communism. Quid pro quo: russians respect us and we will respect them back, end of story.

  15. Well actually the Stalin monuments were removed everywhere in the Soviet Union by 1962. Most of them of course melted down.

    This particular Stalin-statue in the backyard of Estonian History Museum was found in an abandoned Soviet military hangar after the Soviet forces left here in 1994. As I know, the museum is planning to spread the statues around the museum park. As they are now pretty rare, they are worth preserving.

    Very interesting is the fate of the most expensive Czech Stalin (group statue), which was ironically completed in 1955, two years after Stalin’s death. The next year (1956) Khruschev gave his secret speech denouncing Stalin, and so it was blown up in 1962:

  16. …and do not forget that Soviets were not prepared for defence, therefore they had hard time at first years of WW2. All the satellite states and so called republics were occuppied to enter Europe and have successful “world revolution”. Fortunately there was another evil power who wanted the same and was quicker for a coulple weeks. Yes, there was holocaust. And who paid for both ewil power emerging building at the beginning of 20th century? Weren’t those representatives of the nation who suffered more of those powers?

  17. wow, a reason enough for Russian patriots to get drunk, break into alcohol-store in the cetre of Tallinn and to get yet more drunk.

  18. you are proud that your country got first in the space?
    have you any idea…how much people got killed by rocket testings…
    you won the race to space just because the americans wanted to be sure that the rocket will launch……and not kill the astronauts

    and by the way…….we estonians dont hate russians. I have many friend who got russian passport in their pocket….
    we just dont like those who dont like us…simple

    • It appears to me the Estonians are being overtly hard on Russian-Estonians who were born in Estonia. Don’t these people deserve a passport without having to pass an exam. It seems to me to be a basic human right, if thats the country you were born and raised in? Or am I just being too English and not understanding something?

  19. Hi,
    this is Raj from India.
    The failure of USSR doesn’t mark the failure of Communism and Socialism. I consider that main reason of this failure of that they acted against the basics of Socialism and Communism.
    unlike what most of the people believe, Socialism is the most free and secured state. it is state in which people have free to choose their destiny and they can feel that they are the important part of the society.
    if that personal freedom is not given to them how it can be socialism.
    this was the main reason behind the fall of USSR.
    U can not follow some organization if u don’t feel part of it.
    In so called capatilist contries like US, UK people are having hard time.
    they have to fight for their survival everyday.
    it looks that they are progressing by at the end of the day only bunch of few people are getting benifit

  20. The reason USSR failed was there is no incentive to do well. US and UK are not going through hard times. Most people have more money now than before credit crunch because most are home owners who worked for it, with interest rates at 0.5% the mortgage payments are now low and they are paying off the capital. Of course if you want to have the state do everything and do nothing yourself then it will be hard times. Socialism is the most free? We have passports and can travel, we didn’t put up the berlin wall, we don’t have secret police. We might not be perfect but we are certainly free to choose.

  21. Statues positive for Russia are most probably negative for Estonia? If there would be Estonian statues in Russia removed (I guess there aren’t any anyway, as Estonia did not occupy Russia). I can’t see what’s hard to understand.

  22. Well if a person murdered tortured and deported tens of thousands of your countries population, stole their property and banned your religion then you wouldn’t keep hes monument around for all of these peoples relatives to see. WOULD YOU?? Well unless your a Russian who’s brain has been warped by their propagandistic media.
    In the baltic countries we dont accept monuments of mass murderers in public. Be it hitlers, or stalins or lenins or pol-pots for what i care.

  23. and about estonians being nazis, did you not know that Cold War is over and that noone outside Russia will believe in your bulls**t? AFAIK Estonians are not building new Treblinkas or Auschwitz-Birkenaus, nor have they paramilitary army under direct command of ruling political party, not to mention the lack of anti-semitic or anti-communist laws.

    Estonians are just doing the same as Soviets did for decades after the “Great Patriotic War”, only estonians direct their hate on Soviet Union and communists because of what those two did to Estonia, and now they are acting somewhat hostile towards Russia because russians are telling them that anyone calling 1944-1991 in Baltic states an occupation is a nazi.


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