Underwater Fountains of St. Petersburg

Underwater fountain in St. Petersburg, Russia 1

Just a few days ago the authorities of St. Petersburg city has launched the set of new fountains in the city. These ones remarkable though. Now they placed the main part of the fountain underwater, not underground, under the waters of Neva river of St. Petersburg.

Now from many points in the city people can see the new fountains, illuminated in the evening, which make different unpredictable structures with the water.

Underwater fountain in St. Petersburg, Russia 2

Underwater fountain in St. Petersburg, Russia 3

Underwater fountain in St. Petersburg, Russia 4

Underwater fountain in St. Petersburg, Russia 5

Underwater fountain in St. Petersburg, Russia 6

Underwater fountain in St. Petersburg, Russia 7

Underwater fountain in St. Petersburg, Russia 8

Underwater fountain in St. Petersburg, Russia 9

Underwater fountain in St. Petersburg, Russia 10

Underwater fountain in St. Petersburg, Russia 11

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  1. Boris, help me to translate expression “тараканы в голове” in English (not directly, of course, but like English idiomatic expression or so on).

  2. I dont see those fountains being “underwater”….on the water thats a different story….sad that the city i was born and raised spends money on such b/s…beautiful to look at i agree, but the money could and should be used elswhere….

      • I hope not..Pitergof was the place to be at during the sumeer in my days….take the rocket and you are there..but with global warming, big mags, and mr cowboy tryin to sweep
        through middle east thats a big possibility.

  3. Looks like the gay division of the Russian Submarine Corps are setting off synchronized tie-dyed explosives as a display of technical aptitude. Boris, were you present during the exercises?

    • This has nothing to do with our culture and heritage that visitors want to see. Lets offer live sex with animal shows and demonstrate the glory of inbreeding all over St. Petersburg.

      • You are Pathetic hck! This guy will stop at nothing to get his Nazi message across. Get a life hck.

        Viva Estonia!!

  4. Sweet! I was in St. Petersburg this past summer! We took a boat ride on the Neva River!

    The sky was all weird because we were so far north. It never completely got dark even at 1 o’clock in the morning…. we experienced The White Nights.

    Freaking crazy place that Russia is…

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        • What kind of car? That would be cool if you bought a new tank! I would like to see that. Will you share your pictures by uploading them on this site?

          Have a good day.

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  6. Take me to this city!
    I even went to the staniot but there were no tickets.
    What a human?! I live in Moscow and just can’t go to St. Petersburg!..


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