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  1. In Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine (and i geuss more cities) we have a bunker under the ground…in case of nuclear war all the people of the city can live for 20 years in the bunker…without getting out.

      • Thanks to the great soviet government, majority of russian Jews have lost all their traditions, dogmas and consequently ability to speak Hebrew. Quite sad really. But I do want to learn it again, it’s just finding the time to do so.

        What languages do you speak anyway? I bet it’s just english?

        • Wrong bet.

          5 and a half languages.

          But maybe you could move to Estonia, they opened a new synagogue a few days ago in Tallinn, alongside a kosher restaurant ๐Ÿ™‚ I am gonna try that out for sure.

          • You think youโ€™ve done Jewish comunity a great favor for allowing the First ever synagogue to be build after the Holocaust? – YOU HAVE NOT! Jewish comunity will NEVER forget all the atrocities committed by Estonia, until the perpetrators are brought to justice and there will be a public apology from the Estonian government! Its funny how all the “Soviet Criminlas” have been brought to “Justice”, but NOT ONE Nazi criminal has appeared before the judge!

            • Here we go again, my hysterical “Jewish” friend.
              I’m even too lazy to argue with you, mr .gov.ru (it is as pointless as running against the brick wall repeatedly), but now that Russia has almost restored the economical relations with Estonia, shouldn’t you be more quiet or you didn’t get the memo from Ministry of Foreign Affairs that it’s Georgia you should be concentrated upon ๐Ÿ™‚

              oh, and the topic is “Undergrounds of Odessa”.

              ps. once again you proved brilliantly you have nothing to do with Jewish community and are as Jewish as I am, lol

              troll alert

              • You know, sometimes I realy wish I could be a Gentile, so that I could take all the sick anti-Semitism and Racism produced on the sight with a pinch of salt. However, I cannot ignore comment like “the Holocaust never happened” made by redwhite&blue.

                BTW I donโ€™t think Texas1 made that comment, I think you did! There are not many countries in the world were people have such hateful and extreme views, but Estonia and some other Baltic States are probably the only exceptions.

                All that anger, you must have some sexual problems. Go find a girl or a boy, whatever you like, and all the anger will just float away…….

                • LOL

                  you are getting more ridiculous day by day

                  okay, I could cope with the gay/anal/sexual jokes, which is very common among internet trolls like yourself, but this isn’t even funny anymore

                  all I did was invite you to a kosher restaurant and a synagogue and suddenly you come up with me denying holocaust somewhere and blind hatred, yadda yadda yadda ๐Ÿ˜€

                  then again, trolling has never made much sense

              • Hmm…”Chaim”, – that means life in Hebrew. Are you Jewish?

                PS: I agree, I am too impulsive. Guess my Slavic side is stronger then I previously thought. And yes, this guy is a one of those brainwashed Nazis, just look at his previous comments ๐Ÿ™‚

                  • as for the synagogue in Tallinn, it was opened by the Estonian government. Also the Jewish community chiefs from Estonia and Russia were there, as well as the Israeli Prime minister, Shimon Peres. Peres said there is no Anti-Semitism in Estonia, the Jews have nothing to be afraid of. If you don’t trust him in this question, whom do you trust then?

                    • Correct, jews themselves do not notice they are being discriminated in the baltic countries… so, russians need to tell it

                    • In February 2005 the Ministry of Defense distributed a movie to Estonian schools, which praised Estonian volunteers to the SS during World War II and claimed that the Nazi occupation saved Estonia from the Soviets. No mention was made of the SS murder of Jews or of the transportation of thousands of Jews to camps in Estonia.

                      On 9 February 2005 the newspaper Kesknadal of the mainstream Centrist Party, a member of the government coalition, published an article by former Nazi legionnaire, I. Saar entitled, “History Cannot Be Sold at Auction,” criticizing the Estonian government’s decision from September 2004 to dismantle a memorial in the city of Lihula honoring Estonian SS soldiers.

                      On 16 July 2005 about 1,500 former Estonian SS collaborators held a rally in Tartu, attended by Rein Lang, minister of justice (Reform Party).

                      In mid-August a group of Holocaust researchers from Germany visiting Estonia discovered that the memorial to Holocaust victims in Klooga had been desecrated. The memorial marks the place where 2,000 Jews were shot to death and burnt on 19 September 1944. A local Jew told the visitors that the desecration had occurred in summer 2004 but the perpetrators had not been caught and the memorial was never repaired.

                      In early August the trial of Olev Khannula for incitement of hatred began in the city of Tallinn. In 2003 he wrote “Jews to the oven” on the Internet forum of the Delfi news site. The prosecutor said that the trial would serve as a precedent, establishing a clear line between freedom of speech and incitement of ethnic hatred.

                      Shall I go on?

  2. That is where Jews lived before they moved in Israel and America. Those apartments are called komunalka and were built specially for Jews.

    • You have too much freedom these days Sarah. Shut your mouth, otherwise I’ll put something in it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. In Ukraine and Russia, catacomb (used in the local languages’ plural katakomby) also refers to the network of abandoned caves and tunnels earlier used to mine stone, especially limestone. Such catacombs are situated in Crimea and the Black Sea coast of these two countries. The most famous are catacombs beneath Odessa and Ajimushkay, Crimea, Ukraine. In the early days of Christianity, believers conducted secret worship services in these burial caves for safety and reverence for the dead. Later, they served as bases for Soviet World War II guerrillas (see also Great Patriotic War). Ajimushkay catacombs hosted about 10.000 fighters and refugees. Many of them died and were buried there, and memorials and museums were later established (it is now a territory of Kerch city).

    • I would love to go exploring with people in them.

      you do that around Detroit and you run the risk of running into:

      a dead body

      a crackhead

      Due to the high water table there really isnt any deep tunnels

      • I wouldn’t say there are many artificial underground points of interest in the US. However you can find lots of amazing natural ones. I’d recommend to visit Kentucky and Hawaii. Although I haven’t seen the others yet…

      • LOL! That was so pathetic it totally made my day ๐Ÿ™‚

        On a positive note, Texas1 finally realized that no one likes him. Maybe now he will stop all his hateful comments towards other countries, races and religions. Maybe he will also grow up a bit, stop believing his precious neocons and learn some tolerance.

        • Comment below applies to you too with the addition of the “liberals hate America” rant. You are angry because you realize that your heros are just petty criminals but you continue to cheer them on. The people shouldering your shame
          are The Marines walking the streets of Bagdad while you sit at home attacking “liberals”.

        • Yes, it must be very difficult for you. Simple version; You want to be good, you just don’t know how.


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