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  1. United States has the same thing, only instead of tents we have trailers, and the people that live in them are called “white trash”. What are these hut-people called in Russia?

    • Those houses are very rare. Only mongol look alike people use them in South of East Siberia. They dont have any special name. Those people prefer to live in their traditional houses. Not just because they are cheap.

      • Many white hut peoples in Moscow. Because huts are mobile, I never get tired of living on the same street. I like it much more than my old flat. Now when I get drunk and need to pee, I can just open my door and go.

    • Yurts are popular with hippies and you can also rent them in certain campgrounds. Sherif is an ignorant to compare people living in a yurt with some beer-guzzling NASCAR reject and their trailor.

  2. Yo slap a 40″ plasma tv and a hot tub and you will totally be pimpin!

    Get one of those Russian Hummers to pull it and you will be popin bottles all over Siberia!

  3. AFAIK this houses named jurt, yurta — nomad’s tent – these days are being used for funerals, etc. as a tradition… OR in the remote/high mountains pastures…

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    • Puuuleezzz! I’ll be like king tut and stock mine full of naked Russian girls. You two can stop over for a few brews though.

  4. Yurt is the origin of the English word ‘horde’. As the Mongols moved into Western Europe from the East, the West Europeans were terrified of the sweeping success of the Mongol warriors. Since the Yurts were a symbol of the army moving forward, the Westerners referred to the approaching Yurt which in their minds became the Horde.

  5. It’s too bad Cheetahs may become extinct because of the opulants that kept them as pets and forced inbreeding upon them.

    • Yes, I know all about the population bottle-neck. It was caused by opulants that kept cheetahs as pets and hunting animals. Now, members of their species are so genetically similiar that one could take a skin graft from a one cheetah and apply it to another with no rejection whatsoever. Try that with a housecat.

  6. I like these little things and they look extremely cheap and easy to build.

    I wonder if anyone has considered starting a project to house the homeless in these things?

  7. actually these “huts on wheels” your talking about originated during the Qin Empire in China many many years ago…

  8. Nothing wrong living in a yurt. Not to far from where I live there is an acreage with a yurt residence. As building costs and real estate became prohibitive, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a yurt community in Canada.

    • Learn to read: he said “in Canada”. As far as i know, trailer parks are way more common in the US. I guess the great canadian weather has something to do about it.

  9. Hey there! In Madrid we have the same problem, the houses are too expensive…..this yurtas are very nice, look at the inside paintings of the door.

    I really like your blog!! Iยดv started a blog with “minimal” russian language classes, and Iยดll post your blog into it for my listeners, is that ok?

  10. I remember reading in a college anthropology class many years ago that cultures with round houses also have a higher incidence of insanity. This same thing holds true for people who lived in round houses in the West or worked in a facility that had round walls. I do not know if this was ever disproven.

      • In Russia? Come on now, you know a well as I do “Inbreeding” is all the rage in rural south, especially Texas – you should know!

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                    • What are you talking about? The holocaust never happened. Don’t you read any Aryan newspapers? I’m sure you would know since you live in Russia. There are tons of neo-nazis there. Who are you preaching to btw? If memory serves me correctly, I haven’t said anything racist. Btw, Orthodox Jews have their fingers deep into Nazi Putins pockets. I suggest reading this weeks NYTimes article on it. In Soviet Russia, apology comes from you!

                    • No! I refuse to believe! I cannot believe that Texas1 could have so much hate towards Jewish people. Texas1, please tell me – you didn’t make these awful comments.

                    • Boris! I assure you that texas1 and I are not the same. Have faith, buddy! Let’s not start another cold war! I am not an anti-semite or a racist (don’t know about texas1 tho) I don’t know how anyone got that idea. Please don’t sully my good reputation by saying that I am texas1!!! God Bless!

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                    • Your jewish and in Russia? I thought they all came to America? Just about all the russians that I know here are jewish.

                    • there are Jews in Russia. However, a lot of them left for Israel after the Cold War. I see a lot of them immigrating to the US as well.

  11. Those are NOT huts. They are yurts. Yurts are were used in Kazakhstan by the nomadic peoples therein. They are also found in Mongolia and are known as gers.

    Yerts are awesome! I would like to live in a yert!

  12. Not to change the subject off of personal insults and vendettas, but do these people ever roll up their houses and put them in a washing machine?

    • due to the constant presence of vodka inside and near the huts, no cleaning is necessary. the fumes act as a sterilizing agent.

  13. Thats cool looking, if they throw in that anchient looking art style, yan live in it and feel the anchient history in what u r doing

    trailor parks in america is just ugly poverty

    • don’t badmouth america, you ignorant liberal. why don’t you and boris go join some estonian hippie commune. my trailor has directv and 3 easily accessible gunracks just in case i see my pinko steppin’ on my property. THE SOUTH HAS ARISEN!

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  14. OMG! *_* Very COOL and nice *_* My fathers have and caravan but I hate it, I prefer my little camp tend *_* Is the best!

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              Anyway, I have suggested to methods to show that this person isn’t me. So either provide some proof that it is me or stop blaming me.

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  15. well .. i cant i dont speak russian & so doesnt texas1 & most of us; by the way texas1 does look like eblan!!

  16. You sound like a rally naive little boy who watched far too much Fox news. You have never been in Russia, have you?

    Ok, why does Russia under Putin keeps “Falling and Falling”?
    As far as I’m concerned the avarage salary keeps on increasing and increasing, GDP per capital has increased dramatically form the Yeltsin years, foreign investments are increasing every day, russians are much happier under Putin then they ever were under Yeltsin, mafia and corruption of the 90’s haS virtually disappeared, Russians are enjoying foreign holidays, foreign cars, fashion, etc, russian people can start up enterprises without the fear of the mafia and the need to pay protection rackets. Also, if you have some initial capital there are great undiscovered business opportunities.

    Honestly man, if you go to Moscow or St.Petersburg you will see the bigest amount of luxury cars, apartments, designer shops you ever seen in any city of the world. Modern russia is not about Putin of fake western democracy, it’s about MONEY MONEY AND MORE MONEY! If you have a brain in moderen russia, you will go very far, and that’s what I like about this unique country.

    I suggest, you finish school, ask your dad for some money and go see what russia is realy like, and speak to some people before making totally groundless and childish comments.

    Don’t forget to finish your homework – its bedtime soon!

  17. I think it is Borris/Pacific NW/John from Kansas and FAO. He couldn’t find anything new and interesting to post so he decided to create this drama.

  18. You can distribute your photo tomorrow. You are tired and need some rest. Have you poured that shot yet?

  19. They are probably Yakut Turks of Sakha Republic, North-East Russia… These yurts were so common. Many Central Asiatic nomad nations (Turks, Mongolians and others) used them in past…

  20. Russian huts?? Who the hell provides all this information??
    Those are typical mongolian huts, used by most asian countries. I mean even look a the picture, they all look asian! God I hate this website..

  21. Hey guys those white homes called GER …its a world number 1 movin home. very comfertable easy to built and pack …warm and everything

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