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  1. I think I had this book. Does anyone else remember the book where the coyote looking thing eats the moon? Or something like that, I think I still have it, I’ll scan it and send it in sometime.

      • Yeah, its probably german. Here in dutch country, pa, we have a lot of wierd names for towns, mostly originating with the Amish and mennonite that settled here and spread the dutch language.

        Talk about inbreeding… you can see it in these peoples faces… its bad… I read they have to swap families from ohio just to have genetic variation. They are being born with mutations and genetic disorders, it’s kinda sad because they’re nice people.

        • That would probably explain all the disgusting looking chicks down south. I don’t know why Texas1 is constantly denying that fact. I think its because he is a result of this activity, and he is probably feeling very ashamed of it. Don’t worry Texas1 no one is blaming you, just dont follow the family tradition.

  2. Do you mean the story of “Kolobok” ? In the end the fox eats Kolobok, a small round loaf of bread that sort of looks like a moon…

      • Do you actually speak russian? I got to be honest, I spend so much time in Britain I actually start to forget russian myself 🙂

              • Yeah, it is an interesting article. I thik every country wants to become a superpower like the US. Its just that not all have the resources to do so, whether it is intellectual military, financial or in fact “Natural” as russian does now.

                But to be Honest with you I think that the days of the Bag Bad US are numbered as well as EU’s. If China carries on as it is doing now, in future it will be the most powerful and influential superpower in the world. And I’m sure that Russia, India, Brazil, and other counties from South America, Far east and even perhaps europe, will want to form a strategic military alliance with China, or pehaps enven a Union like the EU. Only when this Union or Alliance is formed, we could have a positive effect on the Aggressive US.

                I hope that day comes soon, before US has the chance to distabilize and destroy the whole world. Who knows what’s going to happen when that crazy government will instal the US missile system…

                • Physics or Biology?….. students are graduating high school not knowing how to read or write… thats sad. It’s no secret American education is lacking and falling behind the rest of the world. Just look at the recent H1-B visa thing.. there aren’t enough skilled workers to fill jobs and not enough visa’s to pull skilled workers from other countries.

                  What most people don’t realize about RFID is all the backend services that needs to make it work. The tech for RFID is there, but what about building the massive databases that will store and manipulate all the information coming in? It’s a massive undertaking that will take years to actually materialize. And it’s monotonous work, so why not outsource it?

                  I didn’t read the article, but I agree with you that tech jobs are gonna be outsourced, and it will be because americans lack the education.

        • I speak russian with the vocab of maybe a 12 year old. I speak it regularly with my parents, but my thoughts are in English. I also read and write Russian with difficulty, but can get by. Maybe I should’ve finished reading my ABC book when I moved to America, I think I still have it. I was young when we moved… maybe 4… lived in Italy for a year and then started grade school in America.

          • That’s interesting, because I spend most of childhood and teenhood in Russia. However, my father decided that I had to learn English from a very young age, and he would speak to me both in English and Russian from the age of four. He even tried to teach me some Hebrew but I was having none of it. 🙂 However now, I have been living in UK for three years finishing my final year in Uni and my Russian grammar is slipping very fast.

            • Do you think to yourself in English or Russian? Or both?

              If English, that could explain why your russian grammer is slipping, not enough linguistic brain power for both. It always amazes me how some people speak several totally different languages with ease. It’s also a proven fact that bilingual people are smarter.

              My mother is part jewish, so we were sponsored by A jewish lady when we came to america. I got free tuition to a jewish school for my first couple years of grade school. They also tried to teach us Hebrew, but the only thing I remember is that you read it from right to left. If you read the article I posted above it compares the hebrew and russian languages. This is also probably why I don’t hate jews like everyone else on here, even though my mother is not full blood.

              • No I still think in Russian, however I do sometimes have dreams in English, which is also an indication of ones preferred language.
                BTW, now I’m really interested in discovering my Jewish roots. But it is quite difficult because much of our Traditions, Culture, Religion and general way of life has been lost and neglected during the soviet times, and not much of it remains now. I recently visited Odessa with my father, also a place were he was born, and we had a look at some remaining archives on our family. Frankly we didn’t find anything that my father didn’t already know. The archives only go about three or four generations back, and the time before is lost forever. Quite sad, but I didn’t give up yet.

                Where was your mother born?

            • btw, your english is better than most people born in America and England, impressive since you spent your teens in russia.

  3. Кстати, статистики ради.
    А каков тут процент людей, реально не понимающих по-русски?
    Всегда интересовала, а этот пост (для них-то сия азбука не большой прикол, а просто картинки машин со странными зазогулинами букв рядом) поднял мой интерес до недосигаемый высот.

  4. Can anyone tell me where the phrase in the ABC book “mum washed the frame” originated?
    And possibly what the frame is that is being spoken of?

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