Shark in St. Petersburg

Shark in St. Petersburg 1

In the sweet waters of Neva river in St. Petersburg they have found a 2 meter long (7 feet) shark. It’s a first time the shark is found somewhere near St. Petersburg or generally in North-West of Russia.

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    Better buy property in Russia or move to Russia before global warming will change Europe and America to desert!

      • Ahh ……now I remember. However, they are not really that dangerous.

        Some time ago I was diving in Isla Mujeres near Cancun (Texas1 should know where I mean) with my diving instructor, and about 20-30 meters away from where we were we saw a huge (at least it seemed huge to me) Tiger Shark zigzagging its way towards us. Then for some reason the diving instructor grabbed my hand, from which I assumed he was even more scared than I was. I however, didn’t respond to that show of affection and swam to the boat as fast as possible.

        Needless to say, I survived this ordeal. However, I later discovered that he was grabbing my hand to make us (i.e. the pray) appear bigger, in order to discourage the shark from attacking us. I also discovered that by swimming away so fast, I not only put myself in great danger but also my diving instructor. – Sorry….

        From this day, I have not been diving in Tropical waters since.

        • Yep, I went diving on that same trip. The woman Island. Ha ha Hey, do you remember your boat drivers? The ones we had were absolutely hysterical.

          • There were many boat trips. I got the one from Punta Sam and we went diving near the lighthouse in the north, not in the Garrafon Park itself though. Mind you, it was not that good. Too much human influence has left the reef in a bad state, and all that rubbish… 🙁

            If you want realy good divng, go to Cayo Coco in Cuba. Lack of developed diving, has left the reefs virtually untouched by humains and the difference is amazing 🙂 However, I think because of embargo it will be difficalt for you to go there. So, the next best thing is probably Maldives. But if you go from the US – its going to hit your hit your pockets hard!

            We should become friends now that we have a common interest 😉

              • i actually have a summer beach house in Cancun

                we live in Houston year round until summer comes, then we usually spend about 1 month and a half down there, we go diving almost every other day when we are down there, its so much fun….a lot better than trying to dive in the murcky waters of Galveston

                • Beach house in caribbean – NICE!!

                  Hey Texas, I wanna go to Hawaii for Christmas. Having never been before, I was wondering if you could tell me which island is the best for diving and if you know some good places where I can free dive from the shore, that is ofcource if you been to Hawaii before 🙂

                  • Yes, I’ve been to Hawaii but it’s not nice in the winter because it is kind of cold. I would recommend Puerto Vallarta because they have a beautiful Christmas festival, lots of cute girls and awsome scenery. Do you mountain bike too? If so, they have got great terrain for that too.

                    • I had a look on Internet and Puerto Vallarta is not that popular with European tourists, thus, it would be hard to find tickets for appropriate times + I sort of had my eye on Hawaii for a while now and my friends want to go there. So, if you know some hidden places for good diving and snorkeling off the shore in Hawaii, it would be very helpful.

                      Thanks Texas 🙂

                    • I’ll ask around for you. Honestly though, Hawaii wouldn’t be my first choice for that time of year. You might want to get some feedback from other people. Maybe you could try some other destinations in Central or South America. What about Brazil?

                      Whenever I go down to Puerto Vallarta, I always see lots of Canadians. For some reason, Cancun does seem to draw more French, Germans and Russians.

                      BTW, if you go to Puerto Vallarta in December you might see some whales. I’m not talking about fat American girls either.

                    • hmmm…for the winter i would recommend South Africa, they have some really nice clear waters down there and ive heard from some of my buddies how nice the urf is down there

                      hawaii would be nice for summer or spring time, its get a little chilly in the winter…but hell your from russia so what does it matter to you 😛

                    • My thoughts exactly. If I’m going to sit in a plane that long then it had better be for some warm weather.

                    • South Africa – never mind the AIDS but all the sharks man, are you mad?

                      No, my father used to work in S.A. and it was not that nice 🙁

                      Anyways, thanks guys.

                    • No I,m not really into mountain biking, but I would defentlly like to see more of South America. I’ve been to Reo a while ago now, but there were no real diving oportunities opportunities, but the Chicas were veeeeeery nice 😉

                    • They are the most beautiful in the world. SO how much would it cost from Washington? um err cough-cough England?

                    • I don’t remember. I went there in 1999 with my Brother and we flew from Moscow. I was only 15, so I didn’t get to know those chicas as well as I hoped 🙁 But girls in Cancun we quite nice to. Mind you, I saw more european faced then mexican, but I still got to know quite a few Latinas very well 🙂

                  • BTW, are you sure that you don’t live in Washington? It would make sense especially if you are so interested in Hawaii. I know airfare is cheap from there because half my family is out there.

                  • no, my beach house isnt a timeshare, its a thing weve had with our family for the longest time, we each pitch in a couple hundred to keep it up and running and anyone in our family can go whenever thye want….as long as they pay 😀

                    im not so sure about you going for the one reason of me not ever meeting you face-to-face before haha sorry about that :-/

                    • Pretty nice. Is it close to the water? I was looking at buying a condo in Puerto Vallarta. It might be a good investment if the Mexican government would drop their 99 year ownership laws for outsiders.

        • as a more-less expert in sharks i can confidently say that bull sharks ARE dangerous. They are totally unpredictable, can snap at you in a second. Bull sharks tolerate fresh water thats why they are menace to people who think they can safely swim in rivers despite these rivers are connected with an ocean. (it gets pretty bad in India).

          Dangerous Sharks:

          Great White – Tiger
          Bull – Hammerhead – Oceanic Whitetip – Maco

  2. This is what puzzels me. Primary natural resources are running out and Russia doesn’t seem to care. Shurlly now that they have some petrodollars, they could invest in some renewable energy as majority of European nations are now doing.

  3. The cause might a sharp decline in the fish that they sharks normally eat and as a result they are having to swim into places where they would not usually hunt.

    • Exactly, this will imbalance the habitat (though I’m not sure what particular species sharks usually eat). Then people will complain that sharks are killing us.

  4. Looks like a bull shark. they are capable of swimming in fresh water. They sometimes are found in the Mississippi River, they are also found in a land lock fresh water lake in Nicauragua and another land lock lake in New Guinea.

  5. About Climate in Europe: I’m spanish and this year we had about 1 week of real winter, everytime is hotter. That’s a problem because this year the birds didn’t need to emigrate to another countries and a lot of bears didn’t sleep all the winter (not cold enough).
    Well now about the shark: OMFG!! COOL!! I love sharks and this one is actually cool and big. I love this teeth (I love it but far away of me XD hahaha)

  6. Maybe someone took the shark from aquarium or somewhere else and dumped it in the river as a prank?

    Global warming is government propaganda.


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