Russian Northern Cars

Cars from Russian North 1

Deep inside Russian Siberia people can’t use normal cars that you can see in your everyday life. They use something else.

The first car on the photo above is “URAL” the most widely used lorry in that area.

Cars from Russian North 2

Here you can see that Russian road police finds job for themselves even there. The policeman checks papers of this driver.

Cars from Russian North 3

All the cars have full time all wheel drive. But often it’s not enough.

Cars from Russian North 4

Here is a Russian Northern truck carrying some another heavy machinery.

Cars from Russian North 5

And this one is painted in stylish yellow.

Cars from Russian North 6

That’s a Russian Northern biker.

Cars from Russian North 7

It’s six wheel drive.

Cars from Russian North 8

Sometimes they take a normal regular city car and put it to full wheel drive base, like they have done with this “Gazel” car.

Cars from Russian North 9

This one is not yellow.

Cars from Russian North 10

And sometimes there are cars without wheels at all.

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  4. Great post. It would be better if you disabled comments.

    I, too, would like to know who makes that 6 wheeled vehicle.

    • If I recall correctly, the tracked vehicles are known in the west as BMP1’s or BMR’s. They were originally light armoured personnel carriers, but were later adapted for communications or ambulance tasks. Clearly, the ones pictured have been modified even further.
      The precise identification of the yellow vehicle model is somewhat clouded by the similarity of its’ tracks and wheels to the well-known PT76 amphibious light tank, the chassis of which was the basis for several armoured vehicles in the Soviet era.

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    Loved the pictures! Loud applause for all those Russian rednecks! Do not allow your legislators to save you from your vehicles. Learn from our mistakes. Best regards.

  7. 2 DJ
    yes, this Gazel is not 4 wheel drive, but exist a 4 wheel drive Gazel`s modification.

    yellow and grey vehicles like a tanks is GTT.

    six-wheel vehicle is ТРЭКОЛ-39294 (trackol-39294)

    akishev_m молодец! мой английиский не позволяет донести это до них.

  8. If that’s the case I don’t think I wanna live in Northern Russia…the place is always wet and look at all the cars, very unusual.


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