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    • Steal from Nazis! Steal from Fascists! Steal from Estonians!

      To steal from a Nazi fascists (Estonians) is not a crime, but an act of justice! I support those brave people!

      Steal from Nazis! Steal from Fascists! Steal from Estonians!

      • AGAIN! Where the hell have you taken this word “Nazi” from? stonia has nothing to do with Nazis and you are just following the Russian media and authorities that are trying to call us with any offensive words.


        just if you’re interested – news in Russian about a synagogue open in Estonia. You can see our president and PM there with Jewish hats. Also, high officials of Israel, as well as the Jewish representatives of Estonia and Russia say that the Jews don’t have to be afraid of anything in Estonia. If you don’t believe them in this question, who do you believe then?

    • Whoops – Armani not “Armany”

      You know, living in a Russian god forsaken rural village I’v never even seen Armani and that would probably explain why I can’t spell even it 🙁

      • But we have store even in small city of Klin. There you can buy high quality clothing which is made in Belarus. LOL

  1. Brothers and sisters! I just want to let you know! you are welcome anywhere anytime, whatever country you are in. God bless you, wretched and hopeless people! You are the most wanted people in almost every country in the world.

  2. That’s it! Boris, I want you to circulate some fliers in your village that direct your village folk to surrender to Texas immediately. I’m waging war on you commie clowns and I need you to be my vehicle of change.

  3. To steal from a Nazi fascists (Estonians) is not a crime, but an act of justice! I support those brave people!

    Steal from Nazis! Steal from Fascists! Steal from Estonians!

  4. They think that they had a right to loot, actually they looted alot more!
    Thats why they got beaten by police and now they whine, that police used too much force…
    LOL imo they need to get beaten once more!

    and wtf about fascists??
    you are criminals!

  5. what total low life half monkey russian scum. Smiles of genuine happiness to rob two bottles of coke from a shop. Are things really that bad. If I was a cop and I saw someone coming out of a shop window carrying that stuff I would beat them unconscious. No excuses for being a scum robber low life.

  6. Those people must be so proud of themselves. So many smiles. WAHOO… look at me, I rob coke bottle. HAHA life is so good. These people need to be beat back to the 1960s.

  7. Я у дэвушка юной бил ночью в гостях.
    Утром еду дамой я на тачка сваей.
    Как всэгда забиваю дэжюрный косяк,
    Чтоби ехать мне било чуть-чуть веселей.
    Ай, косяк мой, косяк! Косячок анаши!
    Я адын дакурил, забиваю другой,
    Вдруг сержант из ГАИ тармазит мой машин:
    Памаги, дарагой! Памаги, дарагой!
    Гаварит – палмался савсем наш матор!
    Датащи до поста, а иначе – каюк!
    Атвечаю – канешна, какой разгавор?
    Прицепляйте к мой Вольво ви свой развалюх!
    И они прицепились ко мне, ишаки!
    Пятьдесят километров мой Вольво пошел.
    И уже перестал я считать косяки.
    Ай, кумар харашо! Ай, кумар харашо!!!
    И когда у мине замутился мазги,
    Я о дэвушка вспомнил, о мой красате!
    Оглянулся назад – о, Аллах, памаги!
    Вай, менты на хвасте! Вай, менты на хвасте!!!
    Я прибавил газку, но они не отстал.
    Значит – точно за мною пагоня спишат!
    И я скорость уже догоняю до ста.
    И с сабой у мине килограмм анаша!!!
    А они все за мной, вай, какой паразит!
    Неужели у них больше мощность движка ?
    И уже в микрофон мне кричат – ТАРМАЗИ!!!
    И включают мигалка (на ста сорока).
    Все к абочина жмутся у нас на пути.
    Я сто семдесят выжал и понял – баран!
    Так же ведь никогда мне от них не уйти,
    Я папробую их заматать по дворам!
    И шарахался в стороны с визгом народ,
    Вай, какие вадитель в милиций пашли!
    Раз пятьсот не вписались они в паварот,
    Все падъезды, заборы и урны снесли.
    И отстали они на четвертом часу.
    Вай, каво захатэли дагнать по дворам?
    Я косяк забиваю, машин тармажу,
    Вихажу из салона сменить номера.
    Вдруг смотрю – что такое?
    Как будто би хвост у машина моей вирастал из зада.
    Присмотрелся получше – да это же трос!
    Ржавый бампер на нем, вай, какая беда!!!
    И надолго прощай, мой радимый кишлак.
    Здравствуй, северный город, проклятый Инта!
    Здравствуй черствый сухарь и халодный барак.
    Вот и дэлай дабро этим подлым МЕНТАМ!!!!

  8. Владимир Владимирович™ взял карандаш синего цвета и старательно закрасил им Эстонию. Поверх синего Владимир Владимирович™ написал желтыми буквами: “Финский залив”.

  9. What happened to the original, unedited post? It was much funnier and had the best Russia style Bart Simpson ever! Does anyone have a hi-res image or vector (ai, eps) of the Rushki Bart that looks evil, dangerous and has only two teeth? I want it!

      • Boris, is that you? Come on, don’t be embarassed of being Russian. You don’t have to play those silly games by hiding under texas1’s moniker. Now, be a good boy and apologize. Or you know what uncle Volodya will do to you if you have been naughty, he’ll spank you with a leather belt of his so you won’t be able to sit for a day or two.

  10. The hypocrisy around the statue issue is ridiculous. Russians themselves have neglected and dishonoured military monuments, graves and statues. For example, a Finnish graveyard in Karelia was made into a dump! Talk about respecting the fallen soldiers. What about those slain in the persecutions of Stalin? Where are the statues honouring their memory?

    It is clear (Moscow) Kremlin is just using the situation to mislead and brainwash the citizens to allow, for example, another hard-handed leader to rise to power. Thanks to strictly controlled freedom of speech and shackled press this tactics surely proves to be productive.

    Don’t fall into this feint.

    • this message board gets better daily!

      If you dont like it, i suppose there is some gay website’s you might be interested in, please post photo’s of russian women 🙂

    • People hate America because they fear us.They overcome this fear because they want to suck on our economic tit..be comforted by our military presence..or indulge in the free for all culture that drives much of the worlds style,art,technology,invention and progress.

  11. Steal from Sarah! Steal from Boris! Steal from people hired by russian government to put such a posts!

    To steal from russian embassy members (Sarah and Boris) is not a crime, but an act of justice! I support all the brave people who want to do that!

    Steal from Putin! Steal from imperialistic Russia! Steal from communists!

  12. At first I thought what a bunch of hooligans until I saw the guy carrying the mannequin leg. That is a classic!

    • You know Texas1, you and me are good metaphors for the current Russian-US relations. Russia is doing all it can to be friends with US, and the US troughs it back in its face with hateful rhetoric and propaganda, just like you are doing now.

      Why are you such a hateful person?

      • I hope the west can see what russians and Jewish minorities have to endure on daily basis in Baltic countires!

        How long will the West turn a blind eye on the way these countries repress minorities?

    • Why am I even replying to this comment? Every one can clearly see what sort of person you are.

      With such comment you are not only showing that you are dumb and uncivilised redneck, – you are also showing that you are HATEFULL RACIST NAZI who hates Jews, Russians, Arabs and the whole world except your redneck village.




  14. I work with Texas1. You all should see this guy. You will die laughing. I’ll try to take a picture when he is not looking.

    • Boris, it will take you quite a long time to ride your camel out of your village and eventually reach America. I won’t expect another post for a good 5 years or so.

  15. Good comment Boris, I agree with everything you have said. I think we also need to assess what is Putins Foreign policy right now? Nothing happened on May 9th In Tallinn? Why? No riots, no trouble? It didn’t happen because Ethnic Russians do not have a problem in Estonia. They are not violent bad people, but perhaps have not been integrated properly into the new Estonia. No education is available for them in Russian Language and they become left behind, uneducated, unemployed, and frustrated. The riots in April was a way for them to vent that frustration, but they were encouraged by Nashi and Putin. This is certain. Russia (Putin) is flexing its muscle now by cutting off Gas/Coal/Oil supplys into Europe. Russian aircraft also flew within miles of British airspace last week during a UK Naval exercise. All of these acts are designed for a reason. Further Russian challenges to the existing European order are likely to ensue if European governments and institutions tolerate, as seems mostly to be the case thus far, the assault on Estonia. Putin seems to have the idea to challenge the European Union — this constitutes the first serious attempt to reverse the post-1991 status quo in Europe. Moscow’s first goal is to dilute or negate Estonia’s sovereignty. Russian high-level authorities pressured Estonia to revoke the sovereign decision of its democratically elected parliament (to relocate the Bronze Soldier) and are now denouncing Estonia for noncompliance with that demand. They have also called openly for a change of government in Estonia. The Kremlin’s IT units have hacked the Estonian government’s computer systems — an unprecedented act in international relations. Russian state television channels seek to inflame inter-ethnic relations in Estonia while lionizing local Russian rioters as “political” protesters. Kremlin-created rowdy organizations besieged Estonia’s Moscow embassy in yet another negation of that country’s sovereignty.
    Apart from the inflammatory TV broadcasts, all the other methods are being implemented for the first time since 1991. Their sudden combined deployment against Estonia suggests that the Kremlin may be testing here a strategy of political entry into the sovereign spaces of other states, so as to erode their sovereignty.
    A full-fledged strategy in this regard will use control over energy supplies as a tool. For now, Russia has imposed temporary restrictions on railroad transport as well as petroleum products and coal deliveries to Estonia (BNS, May 3). The second prong of Russia’s campaign aims to fragment the European Union by neutralizing EU support for a threatened member country in the East. Moscow hopes to demonstrate that Estonia (or some other new member country next time around) will receive only limited support from EU authorities and major West European governments, if Russia initiates a confrontation with such an insubordinate country.
    The Kremlin seeks to create a perception of the EU divided into first-class (old) and second-class (new) member countries in terms of the EU’s security and economic priorities. Such a perception could, if created, lead to tacit acceptance of special Russian interests with regard to the EU’s new member countries.
    Related to this goal is Moscow’s systematic use of the term “fascism” to mislabel democratic Estonia. Such usage is part of classical Soviet political-warfare techniques (undoubtedly studied by the KGB alumni who are now in charge of Russia) to singularize a designated opponent while attacking it, so as to inhibit general solidarity with that targeted opponent.
    The third aspect of Moscow’s offensive aims to mobilize Russian “compatriots” in Estonia on the basis of residual Soviet values — in this case the Soviet “liberation” of the Baltic states from “fascism.” Furthermore, Moscow now seeks for the first time since 1991 to justify that “liberation” and stigmatize the opposite viewpoint at the international level.
    The Bronze Soldier’s relocation from downtown Tallinn is not only a pretext for assailing Estonia. By defending this Soviet symbol and the whole legacy associated with it, the Kremlin rejects coming to terms with Russia’s recent history of communist crimes against its own and neighboring nations.
    To resist such coming to terms at home, Russian authorities apparently feel that they must resist that process in neighboring countries as well. By stirring up enmity within Russia against Estonia over the Bronze Soldier, the Kremlin seeks to immunize the public against any Russian form of Vergangenheits-Bewaeltigung (Germany’s post-Nazi comprehension of its history) so as to avoid internal challenges to the Soviet-successor ruling elite.
    The European Union collectively and its current German presidency in particular, do not seem to have thought through the implications of Moscow’s strategy in this crisis thus far. Instead of dealing with Russia’s assault on Estonia as an EU problem, most member governments and most authorities in Brussels treat the crisis as a bilateral Russia-Estonia problem.
    The EU has chosen to concentrate its efforts on a derivative aspect of the crisis — namely, the siege of Estonia’s embassy in Moscow with multiple breaches of the Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations. However, the EU has thus far avoided involvement with the core issues at stake in this crisis: Russian bullying of an EU member country, Estonia’s right to sovereign immunity, and EU political solidarity. The EU’s High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security policy, Javier Solana, did address these issues in a supportive telephone call to Tallinn early in the crisis, but this turned out to be a rare exception (BNS, April 29). Other Brussels authorities have declined to speak up on those issues, as have most of the EU’s member governments other than those in the Baltic Sea region.
    Germany, current holder of the EU presidency, has positioned itself equidistantly between Tallinn and Moscow on the core political issues. In a spirit of moral and political relativism, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Minister of Foreign Affairs Frank Walter Steinmeier have urged “both sides” in equal measure to show “moderation.”
    Meanwhile, Berlin brokered a “compromise” solution to the siege of the Estonian embassy in Moscow. There the situation came to a head on May 2 when activists of the Kremlin-sponsored organization Nashi tried to jostle Estonia’s Ambassador Marina Kaljurand, who was rescued by her bodyguards. On May 3, Steinmeier and Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov agreed among themselves that Kaljurand would return to Tallinn “on leave” while Russian authorities would lift the siege at the Embassy (DPA, May 4). Rowdy demonstrators followed Kaljurand all the way to the airport where they staged another “unauthorized” demonstration against Estonia.

    • Do you work for CIA??

      This is exactly the point people, – information like the one above is designed to BRAINWASH PEOPLE into thinking that russia is somehow a threat!!

      Well, at least no one is disputing that US Missile Shield is aimed at Russia. That’s progress 🙂

  16. You said that you agree with Boris on everything, but then you list quite a few examples of Kremlin behaviour that show that installing the missile shield components (or something similar) is, in fact a good idea. Don’t you see the contradiction?

  17. Texas1 or Bullwinkle is a HATEFULL RACIST, who hates Jews, Arabs, Russians, etc.

    If you have any intelligence people, do not let this CIA propoganda machine brainwash or provoke you into hateing one another.

    Stop Nationalism, love other cultures, Races, and live as one!!! 🙂

    I love you people of Estonia!!!!

    • You are not the real Bullwinkle! Your dirty commie tricks don’t work here! Estonians, please realize that Boris does not like you. Boris likes to look at sick pictures and is a disturbed person. He calls people who like Estonians racist even though he is the biggest racist. Boris, you are an evil bigot!

  18. iditie na h… w tuman goluboj. tam washije miesto. deshiovaja vodka i krazha, eto wy na samom dele i wash wozhd shpion.

      • You want a new cold war, and yet you expect me to carry on debating with you.

        You are silly little boy who is looking for fight, and who isn’t yet grown up enough to understnd what peace actually is.

        I shall carry on my debated with you, when you have grown up a bit.

  19. Hi guys,

    First of all – Can anyone tell me please why you all think these people are all Russians? Secondly, looting happens anywhere in the world. It’s nasty yet it exist.

    New Orleans, exactly. I do remember those pictures of American looters.

    I mean why do you claim it is the Russian quality – to loot? A buncha teens, that’s it.

  20. if you want to see these apes on video, go right ahead…


    russian media isn’t really interested in the truth anyway

  21. OK OK I understand them stealing Armani clothes in one of the pics but to steal Sprite, pickle jars and candy bars!? WTF thats just ghetto too the max…

  22. A letter from mother of the “enemy of nation”

    My son Mark Siryk has been arrested. The day whaen it happened he was walking to school,
    he was detained, handcuffed and driwen away. He was not on the square when there were disturbances.
    He is just a boy that didn’t want the Bronze Soldier to be taken away. He did not summon anybody
    to violence and massacres, he believed in justice, believed in EU and democratical Estonia.

    In one day they made him almost the enemy of nation. They made a search in our house, confiscated all the
    notebooks, computer, bank cards without explaining the reason. First they told me that he was detained
    for 48 hours, but later they let know that the arrest will last half of year.

    All this in the year when Mark finishes the school! Why? No one can explain why is the arrest,
    handcuffs and half of year in prison. These arrangement could be applicable to a very dangerous crimer,
    but not to a boy who wanted to organize picket at the monument.

    I don’t know what can be done with him there by the people who had a lump in childrens’ throat at
    daylight, beaten people that were down or sitting with batons and feet. I believe that in the conditions
    of the prison it is possible to beat out any statements and find an evidence of Moscow’s hands or anything else.

    What will my son be thinking about Estonia? And what will think tens, hundreds of boys and girls in this
    country, that were grabbed at day, pulled out from the crowd and whose faces were pressed to tha asfalt by feet?

    And what I, the mother of the boy, will think? But unlike with him, I understand very good that someone needs
    a sensation about an unveil of a conspiracy, in order to find an excuse of what had happened on the streets of
    Tallinn. And now it is very convenient for them to lay the blame on children.

    My son is in the disaster, we were placed on the edge of a material catastrophe. We will have judgements and
    advocates ahead. Mark must be free again. And I hope that honest-minded people will help and support us because
    we are not able to survive this nightmare alone.

    Our e-mail is sosmarkfree@gmail.com; tel +372 564 77727 .

    Irina Siryk

    (from russian press)

    • Security Police of Estonia made a statement that Siryk was arrested because he was member of “Nashi” movement and not only, he was named a head commander of Estonian part of “Nashi” movement. “Nashi” movement was the one that organized all the noise around Estonia’s embassy in Moscow and made ambassador to leave Russia because of security reasons.

      Also, Security Police of Estonia tracked down that he was the one who started to send out SMS messages to many Russians friends with a promise to pay 80EEK per hour for staying around The Soldier.

      “Nashi” is not just a bunch of young kids playing politics in Russia, they are well organized organization with about 36 000 members that is supported with money from Kremlin.


    UN – do not ignore atrocities committed by Baltic Governments!

    Good people of America are with you, my Russian friends!

    Thank you for all your kindness, hospitality and love.

  24. This is the kind of abuse minorities in estonia have to put up with every day + blatant discriminations and physical harassment. In Estonia Russian are sentenced for crimes they didn’t commit just because they are russian.

    How lond can this suffering go on? And how lond can the hippocrates in the EU keep their eyes closed on these autrosities? Estonia, just becasue CIA is using estonian history (good or bad) as an opportunity to spread hatred towards russia, I hope you agree with me, that ordinary ethnic russians do not deserve to be oppressed in such a way just bececuse of constant state sponsored nazi propaganda.

    Soviet union is dead. And I hope it will never comeback because of all suffering it brought, not only to people of estonia, but also to russians and Jews themselves.

    I cannt believe that some estonians are so cruel and ignorant. I cant belive that after they have been oppressed, they are now opressing ethnic russian who also suffered under Soviet regime.

    People of Estonia, do not listen to your hateful nazi CIA controlled Government and media. Why can’t we show these hateful people, that despite all their attempts to brainwash us into hating one another, we could still be friends?

    I love you good people of Estonia, and I truly pity that you have to live in a Nazi sate!

  25. On the other hand, not all people can resist Estonian Nazi propoganda. Person abouve, is obviously just another pawn in the hands of this CIA puppet government. Quite surprised they haven’t uncovered secret torture CIA prisons in Estonia as they did in other east europian governments.

    Incidentaly, there was a debate lately about which organization was more oppressive KGB or CIA. I think we all now know that pure evil and cruelty of CIA is nothing compared with KGB or even NKVD.

    Anyway, I haven’t given up on estonian people yet. I still hope there are some, that see nationalism as the biggest obstacle to world peace.

    Live as one brothers and sisters! One world one love 🙂

    • “I think we all now know that pure evil and cruelty of CIA is nothing compared with KGB or even NKVD”.

      Let me ask you.

      Who is “you all” and what is that what you know?

      Why do you think that NKVD which did run the huge GULAG “corrective labor” camp system for decades, including the Arctic death camps and uranium mines, is less evil than CIA?

      Maybe I missed something. Please tell me, I really want to know, brother! 🙂

      One world one love! Peace on you! 🙂

  26. Stumbled across some videos which you probably have seen anyway:

    Also this is curios. Possibly one of the leaders of “peaceful protesters”, who is visiting Brussels to tell how oppressed poor “Russian minority” is, caught during demolition of the showcase (click video to play). Before that he was photographed with half-empty beer box in his hands which he claimed to have found on a street.

    P.S. It is not a “Russian minority” after all who are causing all this trouble. It is Soviet-minded Russian-speaking youth of various origin, mainly offsprings of Soviet immigrants, Communist party officials and military, living with a dream of Great USSR and even Grater Russia. Leftist – Russian nationalist extremists. Possibly a term “Nazional-Socialists” would fit them best.

  27. well, I have been to Estonia and I have friends there, and they say that Estonia government are just fools who did not achieve anything by all that “Soldier act”.
    I don’t envy estonian at all, I love Russian and I am proud of living here.
    By the way, most of those Russian/estonian teenagers they are Estonian citizens!!! So that is how Estonia manages to stop national conflicts within the country. Nothing to envy so far, dear Estonians!

    • nothing to shame about. The defended Latvia from Soviet invaders. read about Soviet terror in first occupation before Nazis occupation. The latvians knew what brutal “saviors from Nazi regime” are coming and thats why thei fought under German flags.

      Mass deportations in Latvia took place on June 13 and June 14, 1941, estimated at 15 600 men, women, and children, and including 20% of Latvia’s last legal government. Approximately 35 000 total (1.8% of Latvia’s population) were deported during the first Soviet occupation.

      The trains were escorted by a NKVD officer and military convoy. Packed into barred cattle cars, with holes in the floor for sanitation, the deportees were taken to Siberia. Many died before even reaching their final destination because of harsh conditions. Many more perished their first winter.

  28. i just like watch russian news it is better than soapopera. Well actually no one abuse me here in estonia. it is good to be here without any citizenship, many rights and no duties. Well some things might be better but i can handle them.

    It is so wierd that anyone belives that here is much hate and abusion against russians. Think and answer why we dont leave here. If life is horrible, full of hate, filled with poorness i never stay such place for long time.

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  30. I sincerely hope that more ordinary Europeans will see Estonia for what it truly is – a fascist state inside the EU, and will help its minorities overcome repression and prosecution in which ever way they can. As for Western media, it is clearly Cold War for them – Why should they care about the Russians that they try to demonise so much? These people are the true victims of the New Cold War.

  31. Äîáðûé äåíü, áûëî î÷åíüïîçíàâàòåëüíî òåáÿ ïî÷èòàòü. òîëüêî âîò îäíîíå î÷åíü õîðîøî Ñïàìåðû äîñòàëè, ó ìåíÿ ó ñàìîãî åñòü ñòðàíè÷êà òàê è íà ïðåìîäåðàöèþ ñòàâèòü âñå ñîîáùåíèÿíå äåëî, à âîò êàïò÷ó íèêàê íå ìîãó óñòàíîâèòü, íå ïîëó÷àåòñÿ…

  32. Заметил такую тенденцию, что в блогах появилось много не адекватных комментариев, не могу понять, это что кто то спамит так? А зачем, чтоб падлу комуто сделать))) Имхо глупо…

  33. Здравствуй, чесно сказать не ожидал от вас такого бреда))) посмотрел твои предыдущие записи, они были более содержательными. Прости за прямоту=)

  34. estonians f u c k russians up in the a s s in estonia

    russians are slaves here – untermenchen, they do dirty work

    estonians have better salaries and life – f u c k you russian animals!

  35. I stumbled on this website accidentally and found a lot of pictures about Estonia. Which is nice…

    But I read a large part of the argue in the comments and I must say one thing. I am estonian, with some russian blood. My grandmother is russian, but she also speaks perfect estonian. And one thing she has taught me, is that russians as a nation have been suffering for 700 ears.

    The Soviet Union – a power, which I greatly despise – killed a lot of people. But it killed russians the most. The same thing can be observed with russian governments/monarchs – they make russians suffer. And russians are used to that. They are used to hard rule and not many of them support democracy and a liberal government. But that doesn’t make the people bad or full of hatred. It’s the propaganda, what tries to find a foreign enemy.

    So you have to keep two things apart: the Russian state and the Russian people. In some countries, these things are not so different – like western countries. But for Russia, it’s the truth.

  36. Половина этих “русских” полукровки, а вторая дегенераты и скам, я сам из России, но я бы помог эстонцам пизд*ть это убожество, и в задницу этот памятник, коммуняк туда никто не звал.

  37. Do you even know anything at all about Estonia? Only part about what you said that is true is the fact that Estonia is a small country.

    The world has no problem with us. We contribute to NATO and our military specialists are regarded very highly by the US. We are also the most important part of NATOs new cyber war division, because Estonia is the only country to have been under such an attack (from Russia of course). Our scientist are also very apreciated in the world. A lot of people outside Estonia also claim that Estonian girls are the most beautiful in the world.

    I could keep going, but theres no point, you dont care anyway. 😀 You just want to spread your neo-communist propaganda slander (or maybe it is just ignorance on your part, then do some research on Estonia) The only ones who have a problem with us are Russian imperialists who want Estonia back. There seem to be a lot of them here commenting too.

    The high majority of looters were russians, it’s a fact. Most of them didn’t even care about the bronze soldier. This was all orchestrated higher up and that’s also a fact. Keep spreading propaganda against us, we don’t care. We know WE are the ones who are right. We know most of the world will know we are right. Nothing you can say will move us 🙂

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