38 thoughts on “Kiss Police”

          • Boris Abramov/Sarah Abramov/Finish Alcaholics Online/A billion other personas, You are a very interesting person. I think all regular readers of this blog agree with me when I say, you have a very strange fixation for this site. You leave atleast 10 comments for each new post. Most of them are like this one here. An entire conversation with yourself. Is it funny? Maybe, in a wierd way, but also sad. But the question I want to ask you- why do you do this?

    • Lol, just dont forget to pluck its feathers before you kiss it Sarah….but then again usually that will lead to loss of sex drive in poor cock

    • Looks like prehistoric photoshop…
      East German military kiss on the Kremlin back ground.
      Typical Hollywood klyukva.

      • American girls are better lovers..oh i get it…its cause they keep it in a family right? Thats hows its done back in Texas? No?

        • Do we have to go through this again? Toss out your government controlled media rags and read something from the free world.

          Incest is rampant in Russia, not in the US.

          In addition, having sex with animals is legal in Russia and not in the US.

          Can you start drawing some conclusions yet?

      • I live in Valley Ranch/Las Colinas and I can guarantee you that we have some of the healthiest and most beautiful people in the United States. In fact, I would put our women up against any communist slob chick any day of the week.

        • Ok man, calm down. We all love Texas, especially its dumb population. Thay are so thik and slow – its hilarious.. lol 🙂

        • If it’s Las Colinas near Dallas then I’ve been there. I’ve also been to St Petersburg and Moscow. I must say that there were really beautiful girls in both countries. There are lots of beautiful girls in Texas because Mexico is really near and it’s easy to have some latino blood mixed. Girls in Russia are much different from Texas ones, they have slavic looks, lots of temperament. I love them both 🙂

          It’s me, poor Estonian speaking.

          • You are right about the temperament of Russian girls. They might be somewhat attractive but they have awful personalities, bad tempers and poor manners. Since they had to go through a crumbling education system, most aren’t as smart as western girls.

            To put it another way, there is more than one reason for why there are so many alcoholic men in Russia.

        • Do I have to remind you that there are only two things in Texas…. steers and queers …. and since your not a cow, that leaves only one choice.

          • To Texas1 and TexasTriangle…..of course they are…no child would talk bad about his mother/cousin…Happy Breeding..

            But then again they did prodice Bush and as much as i disagree with the war in Iraq, I gots to give credit to that man for being a man and not backing down under pressure like Blair just did.

            and on the last note…..Ralphie May…texas1 u should know who he is…one of the funniest crackers alive…

  1. Not all Americans are like ‘Texas1’, most of us are quite competant. I think its fine to kiss in public, just not sex in public. I don’t want to see that when I walk down the street.

  2. I don’t beleve Boris has made these comments. This has to be an impostor. I assume it’s some Nazi like “hck” or Texas1.

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