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  1. THE sniper: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simo_H%C3%A4yh%C3%A4

    I have also got the impression that WWII mostly humiliated the Soviet Union, due to the “limited victory” against Finland. But then again, it was all Stalin’s fault.

    • Maska. Do you recon that the “limited victory” should have been “full victory” and that Finland should have been “liberated” as well, like baltics and eastern-europe did???

      • No. I was making trying to make a point. Like, you see, do you celebrate your (another quoted) “victory” of Vietnam war in the United States?

    • You American dog (Americoward)… We walked into Berlin and it was a victorious war for us. Now, as your country is drowning and going bankrupt.. soon you will feel the depth of humiliation.

      • Red army commited warcrimes by raping innocent women, children and very old ladies too. Not to forget all the murders. I know that Germans did that too, but the russians were much more worse.

    • The “Winter War” was war of og honor for the finns, because they save the independence from Soviet occuppation. I have read in some history books that it would only take the red army two weeks to take over the whole Finland. But the war lasted for 105 glorious days for the finns and the russians don´t want to mention it at all and if they happen to mention the Winter War, they only call it for a minor “Border Incident”. The russians of today don´t know that they fought against very poorly equipt finns in the Winter War or as they called it, “Border Incident”. They took only little land so they could bury all their dead soldiers. So said a red army general after the war. Russians say that they won the war, but they couldn´t take the whole Finland and Finland kept their independence fighting the biggest army, flying corp and the navy and the finns had almost nothing to defence with, but anyhow they won the war, even if they had to give away some of their land to the soviets. We in Finland is very thankful for our warvets who saved the country from Soviet rule and from the Bolshevik slavery. Thank you for all the fighting finnish warvets, you will be rememberd forever.

    • those are people from far east russia and siberia. They are born sniperes 🙂 they start hunting since they start walk.

    • they should have entitled it “Soviet Snipers” instead of “Russian Snipers”. . . or perhaps “Red Army Snipers.”

      but whatever. we’re all gonna die.

    • There are many mongoloid nations in Russia (in indigenous population). That’s a pity you didn’t know that.

      • They ARE Russians. Regardless of what features they might have. Tell me. Would you consider yourself another nationality after living under Russian rule for over three hundred years? I am not saying you don’t believe that they are not Russian. But there are some Russians who would consider them not. That is it. I don’t see why you can’t understand that.

        • Look, they are not Russians. Their ethnos is different. Simple as that.

          Jews are always Jews. Russians are always Russians. Tatars are Tatars and so on.

          • Ethnicity might be different. I will give you that. But what about a Venezuelan living in Moscow. third generation. What would you call him?

          • Jews in russia – are russian Jews. Chechens in russia – are russians chechens, etc, etc.

            Din’t you know that russia is a multicultural socity?
            Always has been, always will be!!

              • No. You are just out of the picture. The Russian concept of “nationality” differs from that of English. It has nothing to do with citizenship. It’s about ethnicity. In short – this word (e.g.”nationality”) is present in both Russian and English languages but its meaning is not the same. I hope I’ve explained it.

  2. Nice pictures. Russian soldiers were real heroes, while Americans were enjoying baseball games and waiting for the right time to land in Normandy.

    • a war makes no heroes! only victims

      nevertheless both, usa and russia could have been defeated by germany, and that should make both thinking…….

      • No, neither Russia or the USA could have been defeated in WWII. This is because of a simple fact: Germany lost. Once an event has passed, you can’t assign a probability that the event will occur or not.

    • Since we’re glorifying Russian soldiers again, I’d just like seize the opportunity to remind you of the Winter War. For all our Russian comrades, I give you a Russian Winter War documentary (no English subtitles): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WipJrWm1Qk

    • The Japanese like baseball. Russians where jeans (ugly jeans), and rock-n-roll well just about everyone. I’m sorry that you live in a country that has only a small amount of good taste.

      • your comment is correct, I DO live in a country with only a small amount of good taste, I live in the USA!!

        as Nelson Muntz would say “HA ha!”

        (clearly the first part of my comment above was sarcastic.)

        • You should get out of your trailer park more and see the city. You should also pick up a book on cultures and trends. That might help improve the accuracy of your posts.

    • If Japans wanted to attack Siberia they would do it in 1941. In fact, it would be better to Japan than attacking USA, UK, France on Pacific area. And it would be very big problems to USSR when Japan (as III Reich ally) attacked USSR in 1941.
      Just investigation information in late of 1942, that Japan didn’t want to attack USSR, made that Stalin call down Siberian Armies to Stalingrad and it was the end of German successes on the East.

      USSR did ‘thank’ Japan for non-agression behavior in 1941. After A bomb explosion in Hieroshima when Japans started to think abot capitulation, USSR declared the war with Japan.

    • In fact, Victory Fete is 8th May not 9th (capitulation of III Reich was 7th May 1945).
      Only the Stalin’s need to single out from west Alliants made that he directed to sing new act of german capitulation in 9th May 1945 (the first act was signed one day earlier).

  3. Did you know that soviet army used very special methods in sniper training during winter war…take one mongol peasant, give him sniper rifle, if he lives tomorrow then send him to training…=)

    • Germans used unconventional methods, too.
      In Finnland they chained Finnish snipers to the rock, in order to prevent any retreat of finnish soldier ally in 1944-1945.

      • Dear Ari,

        I admit that the only source (I nearly never claim antything when I have only one source of information) of the described German ‘ingeniousness’ was a Russian film which I saw few months ago.
        The film was really good – I don’t know how true it was.

        I’ve known from historical materials so many manifestations of German ‘ingeniousness’ during WWII that the chaining ally to the rock wasn’t for me ‘nothing special’ (rather little ‘funny’ than cruel). If it has any confirmation in historical materials so I appologize for fake propagation.

  4. Te first, top photo is of a Soviet Naval Infantry sniper. A unique picture. I have not seen a photo of one of those before, although I know that they must have existed.

  5. The woman sniper, second to the bottom, is Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko, a Ukrainian, and the USSR’s deadliest sniper, credited with 309 kills. There’s a long Wikipedia article about her.

  6. hmm…Darek, i think that movie is purely fictional, and by the way term & method “kukusha” is just soviet propaganda. Finnish snipers didn’t use trees as a sniping post..=)

  7. Белая Смерть

    505 confirmed kills against Soviet soldiers.


  8. Hey guys, the war is over. Stop being so shallow on both sides. Most of us are all anglo’s who’s anscestors migrated in a different direction. As if any of you had any choice in that or where you were born. The cold war was a by design, brought on by the international bankers to keep both sides in debt and bring us under their plan to merge the many different countries. i.e. – the European Union, African Union and soon to be Amero Union. Wake up and realize that by dividing us they can conquor. Simple Sun Tzu tactics. I would gladly suit up in my U.S. military uniform and fight side by side with my Russian brothers any day. They’re great soldiers with a proud history. As for when they were under a communist government, that’s just a name that we were taught to hate so they could keep us divided. We are basically a fascist government now. You think you have rights? They’re reading what you type and tapping your cell phone right now under the “patriot” act.

  9. Да, что ты понимаешь. Если бы дело обстояло именно так, как ты говоришь не выиграли бы войны. Ты даже не представляешь,какой ценой она досталась эта победа. Всё для фронта, всё для победы. И шли, если потроны кончались, в рукопашную шли, за каждый клочок земли. Коммунистического, коммунистического, да что ты можешь сказать против, кроме лозунгов то. Ничего. И без раницы какое правительство, выиграли люди. И наши ветераны, до сих пор самым главным считают праздник 9мая.

  10. OMG OMG OMG <3 i love you Mikhail Surkov!!! (WWII, 702 kills)
    I love you Ivan Sidorenko (500 kills)!!!! My favorite soviet sniper gun is the SD dragunov…

  11. Почитал некоторые сообщеня , и в очередной раз убедился, каквоспитываю ВАС, американцев и прочих, в ненависти к русским , вбивают вам в голову специальные шаблоны, скрывая от вас историю. Вы ведь даже не знаете ни-че-го. От этого наблюдать за вами смешно, но и грустно одновременно. Вы не мыслите, это плохо. Вас обрабатываю ещё жестче, чем нас при советской власти…
    Остаётся пожелать вам прибавления разума и открытых глаз.

    Ненависть ник чему хорошему вас не приведёт. 😉

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