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  1. Those pictures look like postcards that were sold in russia detaliling different russian cities.

    Doesnt matter still beautiful to look at. And remember.

  2. Great photos. It would be great to visit Moscow back then. No traffic, no corrupt cops, no MacDonalds and other western junk food;)

    • Maybe the traffic was edited out to create nicer pictures? You know, take two or more pictures of the same place, take scissors, cut out all the undesirable stuff, cars, drunkards, etc., glue pretty parts together and create a beautiful image. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Also, Russians used to make broader roads than Americans or Europeans so that it would be easier for army vehicles to use them. Same amount of cars on a bigger area -> looks like less traffic (though it won’t explain a complete lack of traffic).

  3. And no street advertisement! I love old photos like these cause the have a purity which is lost under modern buildings ,traffic and street advertisement. Maybe only the moscow subway still holds a part of it

  4. I’ve been to Odessa in 2005! I liked that very much! (Beside the disgusting bugs on the street, crawling everywhere..never seen so many..).
    I even had a girlfriend from Odesa…beautiful Ira..
    Are you from Odessa???

    • My father way born there. He has some photogaphs of Odessa 50 years ago, – beautiful!!

      I also have been there a few times ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey! I’m a Texan!

      I visited Russia this past summer. My sister lives and works in Moscow at the U.S. Embassy.

      I have tons and tons of pictures. Russia is probably the strangest and most interesting place I’ve ever been to!

      I’ll post links to my pictures later.

  5. I can testify that Moscow was in deterioration long before she was open to western influence. From end of 70s and all through 80s all was decay.

  6. Great pictures!
    It makes me feel it was good to live there at that time – of course the only way to live well in S.U. was being on the government.
    For the traffic, it’s nice to say that it was not so easy to get a particular car, I am right?

  7. I was just in Moscow and discovered some of the same nostalgic spirit these photos riff on thanks to a story by Vladimir Sorokin called “The Eros of Moscow.” He describes Moscow’s seven “erogenous zones” and includes a task to complete at each.
    We tried the tasks and now I’m translating the story into English.

  8. I arrived in Moscow in 1967 to join the University UDN (now RUDN). These pictures touched my heart, I remembered the most beutifull times I spent in Moscow.

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