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    • Magazine. Learn your terminology.
      A clip is what was used in bolt action rifles and in some other guns like the c96. Common error, unfortunately.

  1. They have been selling that for several years now. As far as I remember, the price was rather steep — maybe $200. It is quite interesting though and would make a fun gift. Although, so do $30 bottles that look like matryoshka dolls.

  2. we have ak47 shirts


  3. Yes, if I remember correctly, Mikhail Kalashnikov was annoyed that he couldn’t make any money off his invention after the fall of the Soviet Union (whereas the American inventor of the M-16 made millions), so a British company gave him the idea of marketing a vodka in a gun-shaped bottle. Although I heard the gun-shaped bottle didnt sell very well (at least in the UK), and they instead began selling it in regular bottles.

    Collectors item.

  4. этой водке уже лет 100 не меньше.цена на неё если не ошибаюсь что-то около 300 бакарей.

  5. yeah i have this russian ak-47 made by ismash and i can’t find any large round clips 4 it does anybody know were i can find 1 at?

    • Hello,

      I was in St. Petersbutg Russia a couple years back and purchased this AK-47 Vodka bottle with the case. After 2 years of vowing not to open the bottle we finally did a couple months ago. I have the empty bottle, case, book and serial dog tag. I am willing to sell it for 100 bucks if you want it. I paid almost 400 in US dollars for it at the time so I just threw away 300 dollars in VODKA.

      Let me know..Greg

  6. Hi, where can I get a hold of one of these fancy bottles? My husband wants it to go with his collection of firearms. Doesn’t have to have the vodka in it – we are not big drinkers – just really want the bottle! Can you help? Thanks

  7. there is a coffe shop in skipton north yourkshire the russian shop that sells them my husband wants one is there a web-site anyone?

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