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    • You are correct. Here are their British counterparts:




    • Look at the pictures abouve 😉

      They have similar characteristics to British chaves, Such as: sports clothes, caps, tattoos, etc, but they are generally more vulgar and drunk 🙂

  1. Well, the people portraited here don’t seem to be the best Russia can offer… But thank you anyhow for putting the photos

  2. Find three differences compared to these vandals from Estonia:


    Well, Estonian Russians have much better clothes.

    • Yeah, especially here:
      (the picture in black and white, people killed in Pskov by estonian nazi).
      Sorry for the web-page in russian, but your democratic western press will never publish it.

    • First stop, liquor store. What else ?

      Nationalism has and still is creating clashes and conflicts throughout history and countless people were killed because of that.

      What good has it ever brought anybody ? Apart from political power and all that s connected to it ?

      To be born in a specific country or as a member of a specific race or sex is by no means an accomplishment. So why act like it is ? “Insult my country and you insult me” IMO an outdated concept which will not bring anything good. I’m all for individualism – people are the architects of their own live and should be made aware of that. It will motivate and stimulate them.

      • Amen, anytime you start classifying people whether based on nationality, religion, race, or sex, you start getting an us vs. them mentality. Patriotism brings nothing of value.

      • So you suggest we live in a one nation, one race world? Kinda like Hitler wanted? You can’t ignore the different nations, cultures, and races. Nobody had a choice as to what race and nation they are born into. It has nothing to do with accomplishments, its self identity, it’s being able to relate to something. What made you turn againts your heritage? Is it because you want to be something else? Are you not proud of who you are and where you come from?

        • Ok, so you relate to people who are the same height as you the same way you would relate to people born in your city or town? I take heritage a little more seriously than that. I grew up around Americans, almost all my good friends are Americans, and even life long friends can never relate to me on certain ideas and ways of thinking, only other russians can. We act, think, and look alike. The soul of a Russian man can never be understood by others. This is what I relate to. These people are my self identity. Thats not to say I don’t have accomplishments that I am proud of. I have many, but I will not get into on a forum about Russia, thats not the subject here. I can say almost the same thing about you…. you are proud of nothing … and hate everything. Take your own advice, stop criticizing and do something about it.

          Do not stick up for Hitler. He was an evil man who wanted to take over the world and exterminate all but one race.

          • How dare you critisize me, you think you’re better than me?

            Just kidding, you and me are on two different wavelengths, no point in discussing anything with eachother, we speak in different tongues…… you probably aren’t Russian.

            • I’m writing from the UK (/NATO? not – I’m from Camberwell!) (not relevant really), but I have to say I think maxD is one of the most eloquent writers I have seen on any response-blog (nato or otherwise).
              We are who we make ourselves.
              D – you are so missing the point. I really cannot add more to maxD’s comments — he has said everything I could hope to say.

      • What an excellent comment!!! Nationalism, has no place in a morden society which thrives on integration, immigration, multiculturalism, and globalization.

        Love eachother and live as one!!!

        PS: That is not to say that cultural and national differences and state sovernty should be ignored. We must find an appropriate balance 🙂

        • They were considered 2nd world only as members of the SU. Now they don’t belond in ether categorie. They are somewhere in between 2nd and developed developed worlds.

      • I don’t usually feed trolls like you, but have you ever been to Estonia? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Estonia is mostly considered a civilized nation and a 1st world country by now, full member of EU and NATO; not really comparable to the huge cesspool that is Russia.

        • Calm down! The first !!! Between wood-cutters and swine-herds! But I have to say that in tzarist Russia the Estonians could also worked as a governers in small fasenders/ For their IQ it was the ceilling

    • tuvasta.politsei.ee is not available from outside Estonia — apparently because they were DOSsed by the Kremlin IT department. Btw, yeah, now they all walk in Hugo Boss 😉

  3. cruel they are =))
    Do you realy think these faces are common????? =))
    have a look 😉 what is common in russia


  4. Do you mean pic #8?

    That’s Iggy Pop’s dad, Pop Pop.

    You shoulda seen him back in the beatnik days… he could really bongo.

    • I think you have it all confused. It’s the Americans that enjoy having sex with sheep. Don’t hide your personal fetish. I am sure your West Virginia cousins bang Dolly as we speak.

      • Didn’t we already go over this. America’s rural south is the inbred capital of the world.


        Your sisters (also your wives)

        Your family

        Your messiah

        I should just start RussianTexas.com to show Russians what most Americans are really like.

        • oops

          You again


          Your sisters (also your wives)


  5. “mooks” are the same everywhere.

    All they need are shamrock tattoos and they’d be from Boston, unemployed, standing on the corners all day in “Southie” wasting time.

    Or Brooklyn, or London, or Toronto, or . . . .

  6. lol it’s funny i was going to say Boston too, maybe some of you will realize that there are people like this everywhere and that we are the odd ones for noticing.

    • In order that you have asked. And in general, what for a habit such? To see one-two photos with drunk and bald Russian and to think, what all Russian such?!

    • This is considered a sign of manliness among gopniki, popularized by skinheads but now also popular among common gang bangers.

  7. ГРОПНИКИ!!!

    dat iz well shameful tho dos bruvs aint chavs lyk propa english chavs init do dey hav whyt liytnin in rossia tho

  8. Very funny guys, but many peoples in many countries are drink, drunk, drug and making sex with animals. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XJF-1hAGSI Have a nice day.

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