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  1. Weapons for private ownership are illegal in Russia…with a crime rate that high, I wonder what will happen when they change the laws?

    • If they change the law in Russia, it will be like in America, where schoolchildren kill each other with guns.

      • Yeah, because in Germany, a nation with rather…extreme gun control laws (you can’t even get a night vision scope for your hunting rifle there), things like that never happen…

      • That didn’t used to happen in until recent history. The thing that changed was weapons were banned from schools, and high school shooting teams were disbanned… All in the name of safety for the children.

        But as it turns out a school where weapons are banned just so happens to be the perfect target for someone that wishes to kill masses of people.

        The way that the shooting stops, is that you call 911 for someone else to come save you with thier guns. Therefore you don’t have to do your own dirty work, and touch those evil guns. Let someone else be in charge of your safety, while you hide under a desk waiting to be killed.

  2. living here is not such a nightmare, if you can imageine your life without taxis(only illegal ones)and with much more corruption. i don’t think that it’s SO HARD. even so hard that you compare life here to post-apocalyptic rpgs.

    • This comment made me laugh SO hard because of the life w/o taxis. I live in the US and am a dispatcher for a taxi company owned by a Russian emmigrant. Almost all of the taxi drivers are also Russian emmigrants. I wonder if no taxis there made them a more appealing profession here.

      • it’s good that i made you laugh. yesterday i’ve bought 4 grams of gashish and lsd from a random illegal taxi guy from azeirbaijan. as i knew later, he was high all the way). almost all of them involved in a criminal business, it’s so typical.

  3. Haha. I am Russian but I moved to the united states because, sadly, the crime rate is high if you live in the countryside like I did. In the bigger cities, guns can’t be found except on law enforcement.

  4. emotional hoho
    Well maybe in Moscow-country things aren’t that bad.
    But if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find out that the picture makes sense.
    In fact, you’d better put on power armor and take gauss minigun.

  5. Hey you dump nationalist, who posted this picture. This is a special suit when you fight in chemical war. The photographer took this picture on one of the exercises in Russian Army, they call it poligon that means an army exercise base that no one can go into, its closed for public. So pipe down with these lies and instead, say something good about other nations around you. If you want to know how Russia really looks like then visit following website. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxC-1M2pRIs

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