16 thoughts on “Another Russian Tank Recovered”

  1. I think i saw these photos a long time ago.. they also had images of the engine compartment, which was also in perfect shape.

  2. I believe that’s a T-34, one of history’s greatest tanks, and well worth rescuing from that lake. It kicked ass at the Battle of Kursk and played a major part in saving your country.

    • t-34 / 57 produced mainly during 1943; some might mistake it for t-34 / 76 however it has unique shape of the turret : this one was not referred to as Mickey Mouse by germans; its main purpose was a tank hunter : surprisingly its Zis-4 57 m gun was more suitable that its 76.2 m weapon but small projectile could not carry enough punch; this tank gave birth to t-43 & t-44 group but a very small numbers were produced;

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  4. that’s not a T-34, its a Kirovets KV-1 Heavy Tank,
    Type Heavy tank
    Place of origin Soviet Union
    Service history
    In service 1939–45
    Used by Soviet Union
    Wars World War II
    Production history
    Designer Zh. Kotin, TsKB-2
    Designed 1938–39
    Manufacturer Kirov Factory, ChTZ
    Produced 1939–43
    Number built about 5,219
    Variants KV-2, KV-8 flamethrower, KV-85
    Specifications (KV-1 Model 1941)
    Weight 45 tonnes
    Length 6.75 m
    Width 3.32 m
    Height 2.71 m
    Crew 5
    Armour Hull 75mm Rear: 70mm Bottom: 40mm; Superstructure (glacis) 40mm (driver) 75mm Top: 40mm; Turret (front): 70mm (side) 70mm Top/Bottom turret: 40mm; Gun Mantlet: 90mm
    armament 76.2 mm model F-34 gun
    armament 4×DT machine guns
    Engine 12-cylinder diesel model V-2
    600 hp (450 kW)
    Power/weight 13 hp/tonne
    Suspension Torsion bar
    range 335 km
    Speed 35 km/h


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