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  1. I love crows, they’re without a doubt, my favorite bird. In North America, the Pacific NW crows are all black though. I never knew there were white-backed crows, though.

  2. That is not an ordinary crow, but a hooded crow. They are larger, and way more aggressive.


  3. You must be talking about black rooks, aren’t you? The regular crows are always light-gray.. at least in Russia 🙂
    And they are very cute, yes.

    • No, Pacific NW crows are black. They’re very mischievous and highly intelligent and are known to be one of the few animals capable of making tools.

      • Believe it or not but crows are the only animals with an expanding brain. That is, their brain can actually grow when they learn more.

        Do a search on the net and you will find excellent examples of how smart they are. Like in Japan, crows are known to crush nuts by having cars run them over. In order not to be run over themselves, the crows do it at a pedestrians crossing with a traffic light. Drop the nut, car cracks the nut, crow waits for the green light and then starts eating.. You have to see this video to believe it..

        In Holland a similar behaviour was seen: they used a ferry platform to crack their nuts. Drop the nuts on the platform just before the ferry arrives, cars leave the ferry, nuts get cracked, crows enter..

        amazing animals.

        • Yes, they are amazing. I’ve seen videos on youtube of crows that were given a piece of wire and some food in a hard to reach place, like the bottom of a test tube. They’ll pick it up and fashion a hook and dip it in the tube and fish it out.

          Crows in my area will gather clams and mollusks and then take them to a flat rock. They know exactly just how high to fly to drop the shell and break it open. Scientists in the area have confirmed this (It’s no wonder they’re moving on to cars). They’ve been doing this repeatedly for eons I suppose, in front of our local bully bird, the seagull. The seagull just never learns.

          It seems that the crows will fill every available niche. They’re at the beach, in the woods, robbing farms, hanging out in the drive through. There’s never a shortage of crows up to something interesting around here.

          Native Americans in my area hold common mythology that Raven was the creator, and plays the part of a trixter; and that crow was his smaller cousin, tricked out of his singing voice by raven and forced to suffer in the camps of men for all eternity.

          I also like that a flock of crows is refered to in English as a ‘murder’, while a flock of ravens is a ‘conspiracy’. Very fitting. I wonder if this is so in other languages such as Russian as well.

          Where I live, each morning you can see them all over the region, flying west towards the water, spreading like some little hoarde of bandits. In the evening, they’ll fly back east into the woods and when not breeding, congregate all together in one location. I’ve followed them to some spots before, it’s quite an experience to be surrounded by thousands of playfull crows in their own home.

          I love the crows.

  4. That bird isn’t a crow. It’s a magpie. Crow feathers are always of single colour.

    And the rat is clearly sick and/or dying. They are far faster and have better reflexes. It’s usually would be fast enough to ride that bird. And wild rats bite violently, being quite fearless as well. It would prodably kill the curious birdie.

  5. Its a hard knock life….in Russia, even for animals.

    The best and fearless dogs come from Russia(Siberia).
    When a puppy is born, the russians give it as little as possible food…and let it sleep outside.If it survives…then its a strong dog.

    • Thats what they do in Texas with children… – And yet we balme Texas1 for his hate to towards other people 🙁

      • Who’s knows texas1 can be George Bush himself!!!!

        I heard G.Bush isn’t very smart.(he read only one book in his life nice president USA!!!whahaha)

  6. Хорош мозги компостировать

    Ворона – серо-черная, ворон полностью черный че тут спорить то?

  7. Just another proof that Russians are tougher than Americans. Even our Crows have balls. You keep living in the bubble you call American Democracy, while we prepare ourselves for the battle in our 3rd World Heaven.

  8. I hope everyone got the birds right, Right?
    Here is how the so called “common” crow is distinguished.

    “Hooded Crow is so similar in structure and habits to the Carrion Crow that for many years they were considered by most authorities to be merely geographical races of one species. However, since 2002, the Hooded Crow has been elevated to full species status (Parkin 2003).”

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrion_Crow United States
    Corvus corone corone

  9. Вау!! Ворона против крысы!! Ухты! как интересно… такого не где в мире не увидишь =)))

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    I am not sure where I had read it before, but anyway, it is a linguistically excellent statement, and it goes kind of like this: “If only it were possible to ban invention that bottled up memory so it never got stale and faded.” Oh wait—off the top of my head—I think the quotation came from my Lower Merion High School yearbook.


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