Siberian Crystal Scraper

Russian Crystal Scyscraper in Siberia 1

We had already some photos of UFO building Russian developers plan to build in Moscow and the tower shaped like AK-47 in city of Izhevsk.

This time there is a plan of one of Siberian Governors to build a 400 feet skyscraper right in the middle of nowhere, deep inside Siberian woods which would be in form of a big diamond crystal. They have already found investors and the project is soon to be started.

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Russian Budget Racing

russian budget race 1

Car racing is an expensive sports, everybody knows that. You need to spend thousands dollars after each round to repair and tune up your racing car. Racing teams rely on rich supporters.

But people in smaller Russian cities can’t afford this, does it mean they are deprived of the possibility to race? These guys from Yekaterinburg, Russia make their races in their own way, on a small playground in the middle of the neighborhood, surrounded by living blocks.

Another strange fact about this race that according to the photos most of the viewers are military and/or policemen.

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Protect Your Car

russian gear lock 1

In Russia there is a popular opinion that you can’t trust the serial versions of car alarm and protective systems – they have common ways of unlocking or people who install them can sell the information to car thieves, so some prefer to use custom made stuff like this one gear shift stick lock.

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