Shooting-Range: Target – NYC

shooting range with nyc target

This is a shooting-range cabin in some small Russian town. Look what they have painted on its walls. Two tall WTC-alike buildings and a plane – before the hit and after. Why is that so? Don’t they feel any compassion to American sister-nation? And it’s Russia not Iran. Or maybe the secret sense is to shoot out the terrorists on the plane?

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  1. WTC was destroyed by special services of american government! American government don’t really care about its citizens.

    • If such conspiracy plot has been executed, the CIA could’ve easily recruited some fundamentalistic muslims for the job. Obviously, the CIA would’ve provided money, passports, etc, but not directly. I am sure that an agency like CIA has informants that can deliver the CIA-funded stuff to the terrorists. In other words, CIA would’ve just made the possible to happen.

      This is exactly the problem in many recent wars and alike. Some American agency has provided assistance to one side of the war or fight in the past and then some other agency (or department of defense) has to deal with the problems later..
      Examples: As far as i know, USA provided help for afghanistans in the 80s and helped iraq in the war with iran..
      ( afghanistans later turned into talebans and iraqis attacked kuwait later )

  2. For “most educated people” there is an article
    It doesn’t says who did it, but it helps people to analyze by himselfs what is going on

  3. And I also strictly recommend to watch as much as you can on this page:

    • Rather interesting point indeed. 🙂
      Putting an international celebrity criminal to jail would be bad publicity.. Keep on smiling

  4. “Prison”??? “peaceful political demonstrations”, WTF??

    Please explain yourself..

    What an empty and groundless rhetoric. Actually, quite typical of the US propoganda..

  5. Usa bombed their own Towers so they could start a ww3 without starting a ww3….if you understand.

    And for americans to blame…because their too busy giving critics on Russia and the rest of the world, that they can’t see whats happening in their own country.Thats the capitalism system, saying good doggy untill you’ve find a stick.

    • Finding flaws on someone else is universal, not just a capitalistic thing.. It’s much easier for the politics to blame other countries for various things and at the same time, turn the public eye away from the real problems.

      In my opinion, there are bigger problems in Russia than the location of a war memorial in another country for example.

  6. And why can’t the almighty CIA find Bin Laden….?
    Because if they find him….the game for usa will be over..and they’l have to find a new excuse to attack country’s.

  7. fromukrainewithlove,

    obviously literacy is not held in high regards in your village. and intelligence is not stressed.

  8. fromukrainewithlove,

    if ukraine hates america so much, then why are all of the women trying to hook up with american men over the internet?
    it must suck to live there. do you guys really recycle feces corn and peanuts each morning to use for the evening meal. thats kind of nasty dont you think. after america saved you guys from the nazis (lend lease, food, weapons, vehicles, equipment, and the second front, you didnt really believe that garbage u learned in school about the red army beating the germans. the krauts kicked ur ass little dude.) i would think that the standard of living could have at least elevated a little.

    • UkraineWithLove is Right, USSR won the second world war against the Germans, USA won the war against Japan, but only because they used the Atomic bomb——There was not such misery in Ukraine in soviet times, misery really started when American agent G.Sorros went there to destroy the local economy to permit AmericanMultinationals to enter and control the country and sponsor the orange “revolution” in a tricked American way “democracy” Gore had 530,000 more votes than Bush the despot and his TexanMafia (CheneyHalliburton) took control

  9. While Usa was lending the USSR weapons, the USSR was Lending the world Soviet lives. And now (western)people say that Usa won the war…and USSR lost this many lives because it was weak. We were the ones that fighted for our motherland. Usa was the one who fought for infleunce, all the nations that got Marshall help are now dependent on Usa economy.Usa attacks Iraq with excuse that it had nuclear bombs…now USA won’t leave Iraq till they have enough oil.
    Even when the UN said NO(so the whole world said no) to the attack on Iraq, Usa attacked and now they try to figure out why the world isn’t happy with the invasion.So they boycott Frensh wine…nice ally.

    But i have no problem with hispanic, black, asian, jewish, and eastern europe’s Americans.

    • So.. where do you think the american people came from? Just out of nowhere 220 years ago?

      That’s right, because of the immigration.. like your wife.

      You mentioned koreans eat with wooden sticks, that’s their tradition. The american tradition is to eat hamburgers with bare hands? Sounds just like the human civilization 220 years after the monkey-phase.

    • Who is talking about Human rights here, a republican maybe, Rumsfeld standardized torture and Bush legalized it. Guantanamo base was built for that years ago,there was never a journalist or a lawyer admitted there, Saddam was working for the Goddam Warmonger USA for years to maintain war against Iran UN inspectors found all the armament destroyed, The TexanMafia of BushCheneyRumsfeldHalliburton Invaded Irak to get Oil and destroy the agreements that Saddam had about it with China,Germany,France and Russia, of course you did not know that typical Uneducated Ignorant American Bozo, UN (a democratic world organization should decide if a war is neccessary, not USA run by a despot, Gore had 530,000 more votes than Bush proving that US is not a democracy but a dictatorship

    • a bit naive this guy, reconstruction funds from America sent to Afghanistan went to the warlords to grow opium, now the largest producer and exporter on the planet(only a girl school and a police station were built in Kabul, for propaganda)———The drug is mainly exported to two countries to destabilize them being China and Russia. Do you really think that money for reconstruction of Irak will help them. USA (mostly when republicans are in power) send the Army to protect the AmericanMultinationals exploitation of the local people and steal their resources, did it for years with south america keeping voluntarily the populations in poverty and misery destroying social systems, all the countries of the world are sending money to the USA like the countries of the RomanEmpire did

  10. The events of Sept. 11, 2001 are part of worldwide popular culture now, so it’s not surprising that it would be painted on a building like that. I see nothing from the painting that either praises the hijackers, or claims solidarity with the victims; it’s just a painting. It means no more than a photograph of those events.

  11. 9/11 was an inside job, done by NEOCONs who have taken control of the USA in a silent coup. All of us intelligent Americans, yes there are still a few of us, don’t believe any of the official BS. These NEOCON criminals must be stopped or everyone in the world will become their slaves.

    Read this scientific paper:

    Read the truth, tell everyone:

    Go to Google Video and search for “Terrorstorm” and watch the video. Then search for BBC video “Dead In The Water” and watch.

  12. Hello, Russian friends. Not sure why there is so much American-bashing going on here, but as a New Yorker who witnessed the events of 9/11, I can tell you that it was not an inside job. There are plenty of bad people in American politics (just like there are bad people in politics everywhere) including our president George Bush. But I can assure you… this was an act of foreign terrorism. America’s past and current foreign policies may have indirectly led to the creation of Al-Queda and other terrorist groups… but no American decided to destroy the WTC. If you belive otherwise… fine, thats your right. But if you think about it for a little while, I’m sure you’ll eventually realize that the inside-job theory is far less likely than an attack by foreign terrorists.

  13. *sigh*

    Some of the comments on here really dash my hopes that there will ever be peace in this world. So much mistrust and outright hatred.

    At least the main article referred to us as a “sister-nation”. That gives me some hope.

  14. which educated American if some exists among republicans,NOT TWO BUT THREE buildings collapsed on 9/11 the third lower one was not touched by an airplane but collapsed the same way, even the architects who designed these buildings said that if hit at the higher level by an airplane in flames, the buildings could not crumble VERTICALLY into dusts down to their foundations like happened, and the heat of a fire goes UP not down, in one of the videos run in slow motion we could see clearly the inside explosions every four levers while crumbling, it was a controlled demolition like all architects and insurance specialists knows how it happened. The “terrorist” pilots had their training in the US and no fighter plane intercepted the passenger planes when they got away from their routes. The TexanMafia(CheneyHalliburton)organized the coup for a reason for war creating an enemy

  15. This is just another way for Russia to say, that thier goal is the overthrow or destruction of the United States. Nothing has changed there, Putin is only a more subtle Stalin

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