Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

If to continue the topic of Google Earth and satellite images, we found this story. A group of Russians decided to say “Hi!” to all other Google Earth lovers around the world in their own, very Russian way. They wrote the word that is most popular in Russia and in the same time it is the most curse word. You won’t hear it from TV or radio, won’t read it in any newspaper or won’t meet it in a movie – it’s always censored out, but all the Russian fences, public bathrooms etc have it. Many Russians use it, it’s almost as popular as “f”-word in USA, maybe even more popular in Russia. You can learn more about it in this Wiki article.

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

Say Hi to Space

This is the result as seen from Yahoo maps. You can see it yourself at Yahoo.

Say Hi to Space

And this is the shot of the same location from Google Earth. It hasn’t updated yet the recent photos with the handwork on them.

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    • Texas, actually most of the world thinks the US is uncivilized. We brits personally think that while russia has 1000 years of history and culture…with their writers composers and ballet….the US and the hamburger don’t quite match up….that and the whole want to take over the world thing.

      • Now, lets see what the Great US has given to the world:

        War after war, deaths of millions of insolent woman and children, Terrorism, assault on civil liberties, repression of independent states and their people (such as Cuba, Venezuela, Puerto-Rico, etc), Propaganda, Global Warming, support for cruel dictatorships (such as Batista, Branco, Chiang Kai-Shek, etc), meddling in the affairs of independent states, provocation for the new Cold war (missile defence system), Guantanamo, torcher, assassinations etc, etc…

        Oh yes, I forgot.. Consistent brainwashing. You are the
        typical example..

                • Umm..yes we have your country to thank for persecuting people to the point they fled to find a better place…thanks a ton!

                • Actually the USA would exist except we would speak French or Spanish. Remember the British weren’t the only ones to claim America. Remember reading about the French Indian War? Might have been different if the French won. It’s good to know a little history. And the USA is still an upstanding county overall. Show me a powerful country without corruption why don’t you?

        • Now substitute countries you mentioned for these:
          Wars: Korean, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Chechnya
          Repression of states: Baltic Countries, Moldova, Central Asia, Caucasian Countries, Angola, Chechnya, etc
          Support of tyrants: North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba – etc.

          Then think of KGB and GRU – or FSK and FSB.

          And you get what? Right – Soviet Union/Russia.

          Not saying one is better than another. Just saying that they all suck.

          BTW – you probably never been to Puerto Rico – but I’ve lived there and they are perfectly content to be US Citizens with the rights of an Overseas Territory. At least economically and politically they are much better off than most peoples of the Carrebian.

          • Well, since you don’t even know the difference between Soviet Union and Russia, – I have absolutely nothing to say to you.

            • I think you don’t realize that Russian Federation officially became heir to Soviet Union when it officially took on all of Soviet debts and collects debts owed to us by other countries.


              Also Russian reaction to the idiocy that is going on in Estonia right now – clearly shows that Russia considers itself the heir to Soviet Past as well.

              • Obviously a redneck like you wouldn’t see any difference..

                In fact, I don’t think you see anything past your trailer park in Texas.

                You are my little monkey Texas1 🙂

        • “Insolent” woman and children?
          You do realize that insolent does not mean the same thing as innocent, right?

        • I dont know who you are but your views of America are great. i am American and I live in the former Soviet Union. I will be married here. I have some of my best friends here. I think that no one is perfect and neither is any country. We all have mistakes we must admit to that we dont want to. Russia and the US working together could solve the problems of most truly uncivilized countries, bring to mind the fact that more deaths happen in one day from bad drinking water than any war that we will be seeing. Dropping these ideas and opening our heart to understanding can bring us close my “tavaroshy”

        • Hey the us can mess with Venezuelan president (Chavez) as much as they want, he is making this country miserable while selling propaganda that he opposes US and he is great because of that, US is not the cause that 20 people die because of violent crimes in the capital city only every day..

      • Poor quality,is that a joke? take weapons for instance get the point? no? blond? Between, all that US did is supplied whole world with cheap toilets where you can have a snack.

      • Smooth Texas

        The Britsh (& Germans, in response) actually bought U the black art we now know as propaganda, but the US do get the credit (by way of the son of an Austrian immigrant) for it’s suit wearing brother P.R.

        & refreshly, the British also gave us concerntration camps…during the Boer War

        And not only populated the US with white puritans (like the 17th century version of a religious extremist) but also helped build it into the properous nation U C today on the backs of it’s fair share of the roughly 12 million strong african slave trade (with a little help from the dutch, well actually..a lot of help from the dutch)

        Rule Britannia! ;^)

      • Good job! Pipette! i know his quality between the fat legs1 You are ready to work with no open doors. Bush is proud!

      • The first thing is the russians were not the first internet brides.. Other countries started the trend.
        The people that are bad mouthing the U.S.A. Well I guess your country can pay the money they owe the U.S.A. The U.S. still does a lot for the world. The citizens give more money to overseas charitable activities than most other countries combined. Bush will be out of office (thank God)less than 2 years. To the people that cut down Russia, go meet the people before you insult them. They are some of the most open and honest people I have ever met. You are going to talk about corruption… that is everywhere even in England and the U.S., the russians are just more open about it.

    • The same could be said about you. However, lets take a look at the typical Russian. What makes a Russian a Russian. Yes, they were born in Russia. They have opted to maintain their tradition of being lazy, being alcoholics, promoting violence, being unproductive, having closed minds and allowing their government to limit their freedom. Now that is truly pathetic!

        • You are Pathetic Texas1. Everyone knows that “TroubleMaker” and “Adolph Putin” is you!!!

          LOL, you got not support and you have to pretend to be other people to support your own argument..

          You are so sad!!!

      • “They have opted to maintain their tradition of being lazy, being alcoholics, promoting violence, being unproductive, having closed minds and allowing their government to limit their freedom. Now that is truly pathetic!”

        – Strange how that sounds EXACTLY like the USA. =/

    • 90% of the technical advances that “America” made were stolen from 100% of other countries around the world. Big rockets (like the ones that propell the astronauts into space) and nuclear technology (both Military and Civillian) are classic prime examples.

      BOTH of those were taken from the Germans at the end of the 2nd World War.

      Needless to say, the “Americans” claim them both as their own… how narrow minded and selfish can you get?

    • It could be the genesis of the word is Polish. I don’t set my mind on it but it’s rather possible to check in historical materials.
      Polish word ‘chój’ (this same pronuncation as in Russian, like English word medley: ‘who–y’) derives probably from ‘chojak’ which means ‘spruce’ (young coniferous tree).

      • pretty funny…the word is pronounced as goei
        In Dutch goei means good….as goeie jongen nice kid or goeie dag nice day etc…

        So if a dutchman goes to Russia he should be carreflly what he says;)

        • A perfectly normal Dutch male name would be ‘Job de Goei’ In Russia if this guy would introduce himself he probably would get beaten up straight away…

  1. Boris,

    Did you see the way those two girls were slapping you and Borah around? Kala and Liisa were making you two look goofy. I felt so sorry for you but at the same time I was laughing really hard.

  2. So let’s analyze this.

    You are calling me a Nazi as well as all Estonians. To me it sounds like you are the Nazi! I have said many times that I am not a Nazi. It also sounds like you are in self denial. Seeing how you like to blow up and can’t keep your temper, perhaps you need the psychologist.

    • You can say that you are not a Nazi or Anti-Semit as many times as you like, however, you comments would prove otherwise.

      I could say that I am black, but it doesn’t make it true.. lol

  3. Only on the internets can you find such hate, god i love overly zelous americans and eveyone who hates them. just stay out of my country

    • Who wants to go to your stink hole? Most are trying to get out! The smart girls want to be Internet brides. That says so much for Russia.

      • Why is it that American men pay incredible amounts of money to buy a wife? The fact that the market exists at all is pathethic for you and your brothers. Our women don’t want American men, they want American dollars.

  4. Why are these guys doing this. What is the fun. I don’t get it. Maybe I’m too old.

    They look grown-up, are not kids anymore. But they behave like 15 year old adolescents.

  5. Старый боян.
    это около меня сделано.
    Сделали в году 2005-2006, как раз когда гуглмэп набирал обороты.

  6. Гы Мега ЛОЛ.
    Видел я всякое, но чтоб уже в космос отправлять.
    Мужикам огромная уважуха за такую весчь.

  7. да и вы русские не лучше, поверь. Вы же идоиты которые поддерживают путина.

    россия смотрит на мир таким образаом-

    Великая Россия
    Балтийсская россия
    чеченская россия
    Евроазийсская россия


    А самое смешное то, что сегодняшняя россия даже не россия – а московщина. Смотри по истории – Екатерине второй пришлось заставить Московитов назвать себя русскими так как для них, такое было не привычно. Вот и она издала указ.

  8. Hehe, I wounder when is the next google earth update for that area. Post it again when it will be shot from space.

  9. So what are all these lies that everybody is talking about? What have americans been to about? If americans suck so bad, how come half the world wants to go to america?

      • your comment shows he is spot on right. maybe you were being facetious?

        Russia is a basket case. It will never have a revolution like in Georgia or Ukraine or even Kyrgyzstan.

        Most all Russians think like you, love Putin and refuse to feel accountable for the kind of government they have.

        Russians think like people who only want to blame someone else for their problems.

        Eventually China will rape your country and take over your entire Far East. Think it can’t happen? There are Chinese who feel about the Russian Far East exactly n the same way some Russians think about Crimea. That is, they invent reasons to believe they have a historical right to it.

        Yes, I am from Ukraine. You know the political turmoil we are going through right now? It is 90 percent due to politicians from the east of Ukraine ;laying on the fellings of Russians whose families were sent to the Donbass after WWII.

        Personally, I’d love to see Ukraine be rid of donetsk and Luhansk regions. Good riddance. The only problem is that Crimea would probably leave, too. I don’t have a problem with that per se, but I would feel really bad for the ethnic Crimean Tatars who live there and whom the ethnic Russian population there hates.

        Honestly, political commentators are talking more and more about Ukraine splitting up and the Crimean Tatars are the only real reason I see not to. You just can’t turn your back on an entire ethnic group and leave them at the hands of Russian nationalists.

        • When I look at Russia I see a lot of good changes in the past 10 years. I also see the enormous potential that it has in the next 10 years. When you two look at it, you see nothing but bad and a future that only worse. Yeah, its not perfect, it has many faults, but I’m proud of what we are and where we came from. You obviously aren’t, this is where we differ. Ukraine is Russian, I don’t care what anyone says. We need to stick up for eachother. When Ukraine does a revolution to please the west it hurts us true Russians, we get stabbed in the back. The west doesn’t care about Ukraine like Russia does, so why side with it? For a farce democracy? Blind freedom? In 10 years Ukraine will be begging Russia to take it back, because all you really need is a strong economy, and it’ll be in Moscow. Show some nationality, show some pride, show some honor, don’t jump ship just because someone tells you its the right thing to do. So when a Russian talks about all Russians by saying words like inferiority complex and lack of introspective skills, its like picking up a rifle and fighting with the enemy.

          • D

            I don’t know how old you are, but I guess quite young, judging from your remarks. I try to do business in Russia, it is so hard to get even the most simple things in motion that after a while you are VERY tempted to give up and make some money elsewere.

            No-one trusts another, a very basic and undermining given in Russia. And it makes things very hard. Very hard to change too.

            Bureaucracy in Brezhnev’s ‘s time : 700.000 civil servants. Nowadays : 1.5 million. And don’t forget that Russia had a far BIGGER population back then. Things are not improving, things are getting more difficult.

            The government is acting like they have to prove something to the outside world. Prestige !! [read : stemming from inferiority complex] Proudly Putin announces that Russia is in the top 10 of countries with the highest national product. At the same time most people are having a very hard time to make a living because they have too small an income, prices are too high and in general no-one cares about them.

            The infrastructure is horrible, milk is made from milk powder [= actually intended for cattle] Russia is importing almost everything [because they seem to be unable or unwilling to make stuff themselves ?]. A super jet fighter – but no decent cookware or a shower cabin that won’t fall apart.

            Medical service, education, infrastructure, the police force, the army – it’s all declining. And these are the basics for a healthy society !! If you have a job in one of those professions : you cannot support a family then.

            My sister-in-law was in the hospital [Moscow] for an operation last week. After the operation she was just left to be. No-one bothered to tell her about what’s next, etc. She eventually had to BRIBE the doctor [ $ 100 ] to hear something. The wrong advices btw – she found out later when double checking [second nature to most Russians already]. My lawyer went to the dentist on monday. A private clinic in Moscow. He got infected with hepatitis and is now in hospital. They were not using clean or disposable needles for injections. Unimaginable. The situation is worse than in Sovjet times.

            To be born a Russian is not an accomplishment, my friend. Nationalism is a very easy form of pride, the last resort if you have nothing in yourself to be proud of. Create something – be productive for yourself and / or your fellow citizens. This silly blabbering about pride and honor… blech.. will get you nowhere.

            If you don’t like my remarks, then DO something to prove me wrong. Put your money where your mouth is. See it as motivation.

            Point me out what improved for the common Russian.

            • I am 24 years old. I have family that lives in Russia that I talk to all the time. The situation IS improving. When I was young I remember bread lines and food rations, empty store shelfs, the stuff everyone sees on tv about the collapse, try and tell me its getting worse than that. I may not be old enough to remember the peak of soviet power, but I sure remember the collapse, something we are still recovering from. Sorry that they don’t magically make situations like America overnight, but personally I don’t blame. All that you mention is still aftershock of the collapse, and making an entrance into the top 10 IS an accomplishment. If my age makes me ignorant, then I hope I never get old and filled with hate the same way as you.

            • Saying that I have nothing to be proud of because I’m proud of my people is way off. It is you who has nothing to be proud of because your are a true pessimist.

    • What is that suppose to mean? What about all the ones that you don’t let in but still jump the border? And YOU personally have nothing to do with letting them in.

  10. The internet was inverted in Europe by CERN and the computer was invented by Charles Babbage from UK. America are the new Nazi’s they only ‘assimulate’ like the borg, destroy and then rewrite the history to fool its enslaven subjects…

    Greetings from the Police state of the UK to Russia and the rest of the truly free world …..

  11. What’s wrong with giving your kids a little vodka to stay warm? Would you rather see your kid freezing to death?

  12. The U.S. army used to give whiskey and smallpox infested blankets to native Americans, not to keep them warm, but to eradicate them. I remember elk hunting when I was 12 as well, I remember my uncle gave me some whiskey to warm me up. It worked. That probably doesn’t count though, because we’re Americans (Like giving crack or meth to your kids is worse than alcohol). BTW, there is no doubt about is, the U.S. is the primary source of the emmisions that are causing global warming. We share the largest part of the blame and if you think otherwise, than you’re an ignorant.

    • Only vietnamese immigrants and illegal mexicans don’t pay taxes. All other immigrants pay taxes as normal. Tarrifs are for goods, nothing to do with immigration.

  13. if the USA is SOOOOOOO bad then why do they call it the “AMERICAN DREAM”? why not the Russian or British dream??? or maybe the Mexican Dream??? why do SO many people want to live here?? if it’s that bad stay THERE – no problem with that!!!


  14. Seriously all this Country vs. Country debate started why? Texas1 “How very Russian. To think, Russians still wonder why the rest of the world views them as uncivilized.” WTF I’m American and I found their actions hilarious

    Funny not uncivilized

    Seriously have you no sense of humor

  15. Hmm…
    Hi all,
    I wonder if i’m the only one who noticed that the letters on pictures of people drawing the ‘magic word’ are K3 and copyright sign 0 and thus sumething completely different from the XYIJ ? Besides, Yahoo map is a flash… so I guess this article is fake from very begining 🙂

    Please forgive me my english, I’m eskimo from Petrozavodsk

  16. Esk: maybe you are right- to be sure we need the address..

    About US vs. Russia- what the difference ->
    same people – same problems
    – maybe in US more socialism now (Unions are “killing” capitalists) 🙁
    In both places: good and bad, educated people and not , etc

  17. 10% of the population controls 70% of the wealth, with the top 1% controlling about 40%. 60% of the population controls less than 5% of the wealth.

  18. And in greek, khui means something like peculiar strong habit. For example “his khui is wash his car every second day”.

    And for some, their khyi is sucking their khyi…i began to like this word :-)))

  19. в топку тупых покровителей гамбургеров, которые считают булку с котлетой своей национальной идеей! америкосы смешны и жалки! безмозглые ограниченные жирдяи думают, что у нас медведи с балалайками пьют с нами водку на красной площади, хе! в печь!!!

  20. Oh and by the way Americans copy Russians too. Since the break up of Soviet Union American government has taken the oppertunity to acquire Russian military technology by illegally bying it off bandits. Those etechnologies would meen that Americans would get advantages in terms of upgrading their equipment. Americans very much benefit from partnership with Russia in terms of space technology too.

    Think about it, if there would be no cold war, there would most likely be none of this rubbish such as ipods, cd-players. At some time there were computers in Soviet Union that were more powerfull than American ones but the Russian economy fell down during the collapse of the Soviet Union and there were very few industries that surviwed.

  21. Well… having read all the comments above, I have found it all most amusing . In fact, a laugh a minute . I think that the computer shorthand “lol” stands for either “lots of laughs” or “laugh out loud ” . For me , it was the latter . Keep squabling ; like the children you are.

    However, thank – you America for providing the means for us to continue fighting the Gerries when the rest of Europe had caved in. Thank – you Russia for providing the distraction to Hitler in his mis-guided replay of Napoleon’s “1812 Overture ” (Just shows what happens when you don’t look at the lessons that history supplies !) which enabled this pathetically ill-prepared country to regain its breath before continuing its efforts to keep the world free of Tyrants. Mind you…
    there’s been a lot more since then and, it has to be said, it always seems to fall to the Yanks or the Brits to take any action .

    Views from an “Ancient Brit”

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