How Air Conditioner Should Be Mounted

mounting Air condinioner in russia 1

If you live at a high floor and got an urge to mount an air conditioner yourself, trying to save on installation costs – here is a Russian experience on how it can be done easily. All you need is a tough friend who will hold your legs while you’ll be half way out from your window.

mounting Air condinioner in russia 2

mounting Air condinioner in russia 3

mounting Air condinioner in russia 4

mounting Air condinioner in russia 5

mounting Air condinioner in russia 6

mounting Air condinioner in russia 7

mounting Air condinioner in russia 8

mounting Air condinioner in russia 9

mounting Air condinioner in russia 10

mounting Air condinioner in russia 11

And just another example proving how popular this method is:

mounting Air condinioner in russia 12

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    • How is it that you can get away with a questions like this? If anyone else asked it some Russian would start yelling about how you don’t know geography and that parts of Russia are warm.

      • Actually Texas, I have been living in Krasnodar(not that you might know where it is) for some time, and considering how southern it is, I realy did not see the need for an air conditioner>

        Hope that answers your question 🙂

  1. I lived most of my life in Spain (I’m from Barcelona) and I know pretty well Russia: these photos were taken in Spain (probably several years ago), for sure. Because of the kind of pavement on the street, kind of buiding, plate numbers on that Nissan Vanette, no russian cars parked around, shutters (¿blinds?) at the windows, green awnings in several balconies, easy fence around the buiding, and so on.

  2. esto no es Russia.puede ser que es España pero yo primera vez veo en España ventanas hasi.

    si es España los traballadors son rumanos:D

    это румыны в Испании жгут!!!!!

  3. Looks like they have black plastic trash bags for curtains. That’s absolute genius. No wonder their flat is warm. Black absorbs radiant heat…duh

  4. The pics come from Spain.

    They runs many years ago in mailboxes as a joke…but real. They also was published in few local papers as funny.

    The firs car in the left its a Renault 21 (first version) and the second one its a Seat Málaga, not bad car but it didn’t worth to export to Russia. Those bricks are also spanish ones,now we have more bricks that euros…we are becomming the country of the bricks.

    The plastic “courtains” it is a “toldo” it have the form of a shell to cover the window in order to get more shadow into the flat…we have so sun in Summer as you snow in Winter.

    (And it’s probably that the workers were rumanian or in that time from Yugoslavia)

  5. I’m from Spain, and I’m complitely sure that the pics were taken in my country. Look those cars.. a r-21, a Nissan Vannete. The bricks of the building and the pavement… I live in a neighborhood that looks in the same way, and I’m 30 years old. I can say that the pics were taken in a residential area near Madrid, like Leganes, Mostoles, Alcorcon, etc. The workers are the “tipical” inmigrants from east europe… they arent interested in laws and behaviour rules… they do all that they want.

    Madrid in summer has temps up to 45ºCz, so they spend their first salary to buy that AA equipment. Look the other windows… spanish dont need AA to survive Madrid’s August

  6. you are delirious! The weather is so nice. I am going to make picture from Estonian embassy. It is still standing there! Don’t spend much time near computers-me, as grandmam say this1!Spanish!Russian! Quelle difference! Go and enjoy life! let Sam-goat-Texas to sit near! He has no ussue-no family,no children plus small pitiful pipette between fat legs!We,people of the earth, sympathize with you in your sorrow

  7. The last picture should be;

    Not jpeg no. 11 (the exact same as the one above it.

    Don’t people review their work?

  8. It’s not Russia, at least judging from the style of construction. More like spain or latin america. Nevertheless it’s funny, and I’ve seen it done in real life. And… you do need AC in some parts of Russia. Especially in the center of the continent. There are parts of Siberia for example where you might have temperatures of -40C in the winter and +40C in the summer. What interests me as a constructor though is how do they get the air in in this installation? There are no pipes running in, and there’s no hole in the wall behind.

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  11. we have a 5 year old General Electic air conditioner at home, GE makes some of the finest air conditioners out ther.’“


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