German Nazi and Soviets Were Friends

german and soviet soldiers were friends

Right before the WW2 often you could meet German Nazi and Soviet officers chatting together in Europe like friends on different parades and military events. Even when the whole Europe was occupied by the Nazis they were in friendly relations with Russians. They say that the German attack on the Soviet Union was a big surprise to Mr. Stalin and he didn’t want to believe first hours after the attack started that it had happened, didn’t give any order to counter-attack, he was waiting this would stop as some big error from German side.

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    This is a backplate of pocket altimeter. The engraving says: “Комраду Валере от Геры (Г.Г.) Липецк 1926” (“To Comrade Valera from Gera(G.G.) Lipezk 1926”)

    Guess who is Valera and who is Gera?
    “Valera” is Valery Pavlovich Chkalov, most famous soviet aircraft test pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, and the one to fly from Moscow to US over north pole in 63 hours. He`s buried inside the Kremlin Wall.

    “Gera” (Гера in russian) is a Hermann Wilhelm Goering (Герман Геринг, Г.Г.), y`know him, yea?

    Moar, lol:

  2. I believe Stalin was so stunned because he had signed a no-attack agreement with Hitler before the war. Actually, Hitler had done this only so he wouldn’t have to be concerned about the Soviets in the first stage of the war. When Hitler felt he was able to take the war to a next level, he attacked the Soviet-Union by surprise. As we all know, this was a very big mistake to make, and it’s thought to have been the “beginning of the end” for the Germans.

    • >”Stalin was so stunned because he had signed
      >a no-attack agreement with Hitler before the war”

      Typicaly for national socialist or communist propaganda.

      “No-attack” agreement which did set a first goal for together german-soviet attack. The attack on Poland 8 days after the german-soviet “no-attack” agreement.
      As history did show it was the bigining of II WW.

      • Yes, poor Poland… Just annexed part of Czechoslovakia after Munich agreement with Hitler… and was annexed itself!!!


        There is always a bigger fish :))

        • Yeah, of course the Soviets were the liberators of Europe and bringers of peace and prosperity

        • >> In 1919-1921 Poland did fight in the death war against Soviet Russia.

          You mean in 1919-1921 Polland attempted to conquer more territories while Russia was weak and actually succeded?

  3. “Nazi and Soviet officers chatting together in Europe like friends on different parades and military events”

    Parades? No,no,no … In Poland, after dividing it

  4. Oops, those photographs actually were taken when Nazis and Soviets paraded jointly in Brest-Litovsk 23.09.1939, and elsewhere.

  5. Why does everyone assume that all German soldiers were “Nazis”? That’s like saying everyone in Iraq is a terrorist.
    The Nazi Party was a political organization, and though it became the ruling party, most of the population of the german armed forces were not part of the nazi party.
    Only special units, Gestapo, certain SS units, Propaganda units ect., were created after the Nazi party took over.
    You guys need to brush up on your military history.
    Not all Germans were or still are Nazis.

    • Hey D,

      You missed the point completly. Like I said, most Germans were not members of the Nazi party.
      Also, if you read a lot of history books, you will find that most of the German soldiers, not the Nazis, knew that they were fighting a losing cause and really did not want to fight for Hitler or any other political leader.
      They did as any other soldier from any othe country did, they followed orders. Even though they knew they were doomed.
      I agree with your comment about those who fight for Jihad are terrorist. But not everyone living in Iraq or Iran or Afganistan is a member of Jihad or should be labelled as a terrorist.
      Try to stick to the point. You can’t just generalize everyone. Not all people are evil.
      Get it?

      • Hey D and William,

        I am sorry but you gave a wrong explanation of Jihad. Jihad means struggle and it could be for poverty, freedom or liberty. However these days most of the EU and American people consider Jihad killing people. However this is not the truth. I am a Muslim and I know it very well what Jihad means. One part of Jihad is when somebody tries to take over your freedom you start a fight against him. This is same what red army did against Germans. In Islam if some Muslim country is under attack then it is mandatory for other Muslims living in other parts of the world to go and help their brothers. Please don’t take Jihad as terrorism. Everyone has a right to live a free life. However if you are stereotype then I have no other explanation.


  6. There’s a small difference: the Germans were mostly conscripted (drafted) into the military, and “jihadis” are volunteers.
    When I was in soviet army, I had the red star on my cap and such- does this make me a communist?
    Also, for those who forgot/never knew this: Soviet Russia was sending supplies to Germans right up to the beginning of war.

    • Kgbist,
      Your right. Just because you wore a red star on your hat does not mean you belonged to the communist party.
      I worked in St. Petersburg for almost one year and I got to speak to many old russian veterans.
      One of the most interesting men was a survivor of the 900 day seige of St. Petersburg. He had many chilling stories to tell about the people that perished in his city.
      They echo your comment. Just because they faught for Russia and wore a red star did not mean they were communist party members.

  7. William is correct, according to a book i read “soldat” the german army didnt even use the nazi salute till the 1944, after a member of the military tried to assassinate him. dont act smart if you dont know any more than a fifth grader

  8. Hitler made nothing but mistakes after his earlier successes in Western Europe. The planned invasion of Russia started about 6 weeks later than the German Army wanted due to the heavy resistance they experienced in Greece. Even if the invasion had started on time I think they would have failed as so many others who have tried to invade Russia have failed.

    It seems rather pointless for germany to have attacked the soviet union, but I imagine they were after the oil supplies in the caucaus mountians area. Oil was the one thing Germany and Japan did not have and I believe was one of the major causes of the war.


  9. Stalin knew they would attack eventually but didn’t believe they would attack so soon.

    Of course there are pictures like this, the Soviet Union clandestinely trained and helped rearm German forces during the 1930s while it was outlawed under the Treaty of Versailles.

  10. “Welcome to my parlor, said the spider to the fly.”


    That pretty much sums up the whole Nazi/Russian relationship.

  11. Germany was doomed yet before the WW2 started. So that was just a matter of time when it would be devoured by Commi machine. Good for Germans they struck first, otherwise the rest of the free world would have learned what it’s like to live in Gulags.

    • Whoa! Remember England and France declared war on Germany on Poland’s behalf. We came to your aid in your hour of need. The Soviet takeover of Poland wasn’t the fault of Churchill and Roosevelt. Pro-soviet communist political organisations had strong support within Poland, and England and the USA weren’t inclined to interfere.

      It’s true some Polish mathemeticians broke an early german cypher, but the breaking of the later enigma codes was done at Bletchley Park, mostly due to the work of Alan Turing. (Not without assistance from mathemeticians of other nationalities).

      Every RAF squadron was outstanding. It’s true the Polish squadrons fought well. They all did.

      Nobody’s denying the contribution made by the Polish in the defeat of fascism, any more than the contribution made by anyone else who gave so much to rid the world of it. Get the chip off your shoulder. Your version of history is perhaps also a little biased.

  12. the nazis were the most powerful army in ww2 they would of won it if they hadnt attacked the soviet union they should of won

  13. Germany would have won but for one overwhelming situation.There were 27,..count em,..27,..
    different countries fighting them all at one time.Plus their supplies had been cut off during the battles in Russia. A few people here are right in that they should have won the war.Hitler did not want to fight the English since he felt their culture was so close to that of hte Germany culture.People had to get their fingers into the pie,and it just got bigger and bigger.

  14. What a stupid name for an article.

    It is also very far from any truth.

    Only stupid Stalin thought that he could believe Nazis and demon hitler. That is why it took 10 days for him to plan anything remotely similar to defense of the USSR. Stalin was a stupid moron and also undercover Okhrana agent who was stuck by chance in the high ranks of Bolshevik movement. That is also the reason why he killed almost each and every one of Old Bolsheviks and even poisoned Lenins wife. Also the reason of killing of so many Red Army best officers who would not kiss his ass but fought only for the USSRs benefit.

    Stalin was the worst ting that could happen to USSR and he was just a Georgian criminal nothing more.

    Also how could ANY NORMAL SOVIET CITIZEN OR SOLDIER consider some nazi a friend?????? By the very meaning nazis very demented followers of hitlers policy and beliefs of Slavic people being a third class subhumans uncapable of accomplishing anything worthy. Are you telling me that Soviets willingly subverted themselves to being pawns to stupid Nazis???????

    What a dumb article.


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