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  1. Its a cool thing to do , but does it have a purpose, i mean in a dog fight you´ll end up as a sitting duck, same goes for ground fire,not a hard target to hit with AA-fire.

    Anyone knows?

    • On the air, maybe not very useful, but airplanes with thrust vectoring dont require long driveways to take off, if any.

      • The thrust vectoring is mainly for short take off and landing, and also survivability. The first stunt the pilot pulled in this video is what’s referred to as a “Deep Stall” – it’s normally unrecoverable – the airplane crashes into the ground tail first. Same with the flat spin attempted next. Thrust vectoring allows the aircraft to divert airflow across surfaces that would normally not have air flowing over them. – one step away from hover cars.

    • I’ve seen demo videos that show how the su-37 can do a flip, face backwards while still moving forwards and fire a missile rearward and then gracefully flip back to the direction they’re moving. I’ve also seen demo’s that show how the su-37 can angle it’s nose downwards while keeping a level elevation, flying forward, so it can strafe targets on the ground. It’s ability to move slowly in the air is a big plus in a dogfight as well, because greater variations in speed between you and your opponent can work to your advantage if you’re a slow mover. If you’re opponent is mopving at at great speed and can’t slow quickly, they could easily end up passing you and ending up in your crosshairs.

  2. that’s not a SU-30. SU-30 is an alternative description for the SU-27UB (double seater). See the canard wings? It’s a SU-37.

    By the way for those of you who want to fly with one: check http://www.migflug.com/e


    • Yep, it’s an SU-37. The su-30 has “2d” vertical thrust vectoring. The su-37 has omnidirectional vectoring which can move independently.

  3. its sad that there is few pilots in the world who really can utilise all the advantages of the thurst-vectoring technolgy

  4. that’s awesome, i think to that technology is extremely useful in escaping air-to-air or surface-to-air missiles by out maneuvering the sub/super-sonic missiles with low speed maneuvering. And as far as AA is concerned, just kick on the afterburner and you can travel worry free

  5. This is again sooo Russian – building a hyper-super jet fighter, being proud of it, but at the same time not being able to manufacture a frying pan that won’t stick or a shower cabin that won’t fall apart.

    Or a car that can stand the competition with European and Asian manufacturers. Maybe Putin’s guards will eventually drive a local brand then instead of Mercedes and BMW. Would be good marketing.

    • Very true!
      Russia was the first to put a person to space, but had food, toilet paper, etc. shortages. I once heard a USSR trading company ran out of money to pay for domestic items from the US; they paid them back by trading scientific/electronic instruments that were worth thousands in the US, but readily available in the USSR. Example:

      The frying pan statement is true, the USSR-made ones I have are all made from aluminum. However I like these better than non-stick ones, because they are resistant to scratching.

      >Maybe Putin’s guards will eventually drive a local brand
      In fact, I believe they do, but as always, all officials have separate products and facilities they use. Believe it or not, there is a separate Russian car manufacturer that custom-makes cars for high-ranking officials in Russia (nothing compared to a Lada). Furthermore officials have separate hospitals and sanatoriums with “special” treatment.

      • I would recommend against cooking in aluminum cookware. Aluminum is very unhealthy – check this link :


        The best frying pans according to cooks and pro’s are made from cast iron. A good work-out too: try tossing pancakes with these heavy monsters !!

        If you’re afraid of scratching your non-stick teflon-coated pan, use wooden kitchen-utensils. Problem solved !!

        About Putin’s guards : as we saw on a previous post on EnglishRussia, most of them drive german brands.

        • I thought you meant Putin and high=ranking officials. Guards, yes, they drive imported cars. I never knew about that aluminum thing.

      • As an American electrical engineer, it is always interesting for me to see Soviet era electronics. It is amazing how big a difference there was in electronics technology between east and west. New scopes in the late 80s in the US were pretty much all going digital, but the circuits inside this scope are all analog tuned circuits, which is representative of early-mid 70s technology before medium and large scale integration of digital circuits. I only see one integrated circuit in all the pictures. They had great planes, but electronics wise, Russia was really far behind.

        • Russia had very good electronics in all the military stuff. Not worse than Americans’.

          As for domestic products – Russian ones were 5-7 years behind.

        • A good example Paul, would be the Mig 25.
          Instead of making these with all the new flash equipment that was sensitive to EMP and electronic counter measures, The Russians used old style vacumm tubing. This was seen as a brilliant move to reverse engineer to counter new measures.
          This scared the pants off the NATO air forces as the MIG 25 was effectivly immune to all ECM, EMP and due to its speed (Mach 3), most AA systems…
          As they say regarding Russian equipment, it either works brilliantly for ever, or not at all!!

    • Maybe Russian cars and mass consumption goods are not good, leave for Japanese to do their best. But a one can be sure that in 3 decades those Japanese, Germans and Americans will be secured and defended by Russian technologies.

  6. You will never see an american pilot do this.The bear has once again been waken from the dead and his economic collapse.They have oil reserve,gold,silver,etc and we have the paper money from federal reserve zionist ASHKENAZI jews and the biggest debt in human history.We are finish.Glory to Jesus.

  7. I have on question there is a lot of stress on the airframe while doing these types of maneuvers. I have worked on F-15 from A to the Strike Eagle E model. They all have one thing in common, As you added more weight you added more stress on the titanium and aluminum bulkheads and ribs. The E model is the worse because they added a air to ground strike to an air to air mission aircraft. Carrying 2000 pound bombs has put incredible stresses on this jet. When air hits a flat surface the life expectancy is cut by years. I would hate to see the replacement time stats it has to been 5 to 7 years. The airframe would only stand so much over and over. It is a sitting duck. Our missiles don’t normally miss their mark. It would be hard to do some of that and not get a heat trail. There is other ways to knock down a jet fighter other then heat. We had a pilot in an F-15E knock down a helicopter with a guided ground missile because he was out of Air to Air missiles. He put the crosshair on the copter and held them on it and down it went. I really don’t think that jet can change and move out to a certain degree faster than a helicopter can. Instead of a seeker just use a guided missile and he is out of the sky.

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