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  1. Late night on the Fox News Channel there is a funny show that is hosted by several gay guys and usually two cute girls. The other night they were talking about the extraordinary bad taste that Russians have. In particular, they were poking fun at wealthy Russians and had humorous examples. This very easily could have been one.

    • Actually, Texas1 – you are the one with the bad taste.
      Why – cause this car is actually tastefully done and is in line with the time ff the car’s production. Not nessesseraly done for a New Russian – could be just a car enthusiast, jut like the guys who made the volga roadster.
      Now go and hide in your corner of shame, honey. (last sentence is intentionally gay – cause that might be the only language you understand -e specially considering the program you watch)

      P.S.- Disclaimer:
      For the record – most New Russians – have really bad taste, in my opinion.

      • In many ways, Russians have similar tastes to the Mexicans. However, if this car was in Mexico it would have had mother Mary painted on it.

        • Mexicans have the better taste than conspicious Americans.
          I see Mexican fish “Ceviche” style prepared on the Russian TV before, by the New Russian host – it looked good, does that make me Russian-Mexican untermensch?

        • It’s funny how people fail to get the joke because of their lack of sense of humor, consider the joke to be serious and then say it’s “bad taste”. It’s not bad taste, it’s just that you have a bad sense of humor. Stalin car is an obvious joke akin to making a car with happy Osama faces painted on it or naming a school “George W. Bush prodigy school”. In case of Mary which you mention it would have been made out of awe, whilst here it’s just to make people laugh when they see this cool car.
          Sad thing, how people get the jokes only when they’re on the level of throwing pie in the face.

    • Those hair styles haven’t been around in over 20 years. Besides, they were popular in Russia too. I remember some band you guys had called Gorky Park. Those guys all had mullets.

      • oh. . . I still occasionally see “mullets” around, you’d be surprised, me and my friends have a “punch buggy” style game with regards to mullets, and I live in New England. . . I’m sure there are plenty of mullets throughout the south and midwest.

        There’s no accounting for taste– what’s “hot” now will later be passe’ and ultimately in poor taste. And that’s not even accounting for differences in culture: Fox& Friends can mock Russians, but then what about silly Japanese styles? What are the kids in Argentina wearing nowadays? I’m sure people in other countries mock U.S. popular styles all the time. Nobody has a monopoly on “taste.”

        As for Gorky Park– they were around in the late 80’s, when many Americans were still wearing mullets, so what.

        The problem with Stalin is that although he was a horrible and brutal dictator, he was also a US ally in WW2, and was in power for the great Allied/Russian victory, so he is ultimately a mix of both bad and good.

  2. Say what you want about Stalin. . . but those are some nice rims!

    The old Soviet art style is just so great looking, propaganda or not.

  3. That is some excellent airbrush work. The artist is a master at illustration. The car appears to be in concourse codition. There is nothing wrong with Russian “taste”. I have seen many examples of superb art and design here on englishrussia. Always uniquely Russian. Some people have taste only in their mouths, but that is not the case with the owner of this Volga.

    • Come on man, who would drive around with a picture of Stalin on their car? That’s ridiculous. Hmm hmm. Real cool. I can just see the folks at Lada getting all excited and ready to crank production up. Better slap that paint job on their nw cars before the Japanese catch onto this marketing marvel.

      • I would drive around in this car. Is it as bad as the rednecks that drive around in their raised pickups with confederate flags all over it? I mean come on, slavery is over and the U.S. is one nation, get over it. Bad taste? American’s have the worst taste in style anywhere ever. You have extremely bad taste, i’ve seen your picture in the forums, so you have no room to judge anyone elses style. And please don’t compare my people to Mexicans. We are nothing like them and I don’t know what similarities you might think you see, but it’s like comparing australians to african’s, not even in the same ballpark.

        • the similarities he sees between russians and mexicans are probably little more than “they don’t live in america and they’re poor”

          typical american

  4. Evgeny Chichvarkin will drive this car! It was made for him, as I know from Migalki.Com.
    Chichvarkin is the owner of Evroset company (cellular phones retailer).
    The car was made in Germany by Porsche engineers, it has a carbon body which looks like Volga’s body (but a little bit wider and longer) and equipment from Porsche Cayenne.
    Engine has 370 horse powers, in future it will be replaced with 770 HP one.
    The car is amazing, I would rather buy it than Ferrari or Lambo, if I had enough money.
    One of the guys at Migalki.com said he has video as well as foto, maybe soon the video will be posted at Youtube.

    • If this isnt an original old classic,and was made to look like an old car, then this is a posers car

      in america, for a car to be truly a classic, all the parts are old, original and from the original factory, even down to the bolts.

      this car would be laughed at by purists, in America

  5. In case anybody is interested in the taste of the new Russians and the Russian interior design go to http://www.lui.ru and start browsing. The homes of the rich Russians. Better keep your sunglasses [to withstand the shine and color] and a bottle of aspirines ready. Pimp my home crossbred with MTV Cribs. Russian style.

  6. Anyone driving around in a car with Stalin on it should be deeply embarrassed! Stalin was a troubled psychopat who killed millions of people for no reason. And that takes any taste right out of it.

  7. @ Liisa (and previous posters):

    The jury is not out yet, but they estimate Stalin killed up to 30 million people, among them 7 mil. Ukrainians that were starved to death.

    So yes, he is not exactly an hero – although nobody would dare to dirve around in a car with Hitler’s face on it….

    But then, isn’t this the best way to ‘punish’ Stalin and his communist buddies? Downgraded to art on a car, driving around in a capitalist city – he would turn in his grave and every hardliner will grind his teeth – their great hero used for decoration – how low can you get 🙂

  8. Come on guys!!!It’ russian history!! I agree Stalin isn’t angel, but our grand fathers beleived that he was the greatest! The guy has money and just having fan!! Dont take everything so serious!!RELAX!

  9. I think the car is interesting, someone put alot of effort into it. Now me being a russian immigrant to the United States, I do find the car a little over the top but it is really a piece of art on wheels. No one says that Stalin was a great leader of the country and alot of people look at him as a dictator. He did kill about as many Russian people as Hitler did during the war and alot of them were Jewish, which is what I am. He did turen the country around after the WWII. Alot of prople in that country still look at him as a hero.

  10. This car was originally “volga 21” but it was rebuild on a porshe cayen platform it has 700 bhp and the price was 2mil USD. It was a birthday present for one Russian businessmen

  11. These comments make me feel sick. I wonder if you guys actually know what Stalin did.
    He had found Russia working with wooden ploughs and leaved her equipped with atomic piles. That is what West can’t forgive.

  12. It is stylization under car Volga of 1945.
    Actually it Porche Cayenne, the body is made from carbone.
    The image is put by srtasses Svarovsky.
    The car cost 1 million $.

  13. It’s unbelievable, transform Porsche Cayene to Old Volga)))).

    I Recal about Gaz 21 coupe based on BMW

    i’m Born And live In Russia so Very Bad Speak English)

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