Volga Car, Stalin Edition [15 pics]

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Now we’ve got more details about this Volga Stalin edition. It’s found to be only a from a Russian car Volga – 21. All other parts, suspension, engine, gearbox etc – all come from Porsche Cayenne Bi Turbo, with engine that has more than 770 hp. It has been told that it’s been assembled in Germany and the cost is around $1M. The owner, you can see him on the pics in a bright T-shirt and red boots he is the CEO of the Russian largest cellular phones retailer, known for his strange taste.

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photos from migalki.com

19 thoughts on “Volga Car, Stalin Edition [15 pics]”

  1. Nationalism is the last resort for criminals to look decent.

    Apart from that, nice car, I like the retro look a lot, but awful taste in decoration.

  2. Speaking of taste, look at the guy in the picture. Is that a costume or did he actually go to the store and pick those clothes out because he thought they looked cool?

    Woosh, I’m not gay but I could definitely help that dude with some fashion advice. FAO, how about starting a queer eye for the odd guy mission in Russia. This guy clearly needs some help! Call the fashion police please.

  3. i prefer lenin than stalin(although i’m supposed to hate them along with russians for good no matter what), not to mention that lenin is a bald old man whereas stalin looks quite ok, let along his bloodyness.

  4. If he loves uncle Stalin so much why doesn’t he see that if it wasn’t for people like this Russian “director” he wouldn’t have to use a german car to make russian one be worth a glance at… ?

  5. Stalin when it came in terms with hitler stalin killed more people, Why the hell would you want to show off the man who killed 10 million russians?


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