Boycott of Wine

russian wine 1

Russian government has declared a boycott for wine from Moldova, so they confiscated all the Molodova wine in Moscow and put in one place and then used tractors to destroy it. But tractor is not so perfect in this job so there was left a lot of leftovers which attracted locals for some free wine. Pics and videos are below. Even policemen were interested in bottle or two of some illegal wine.

russian wine 2

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23 thoughts on “Boycott of Wine”

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      • Definition of a Eurotrash: Anyone who would ever consume wine made in Russia. Yak! The French actually did something right for a change.

        • It seems like you are letting your multi-personality disorder get the best of you. Please stick to your medications and shock therapy. It seems like on somedays you consider the “Big Glorious Russian Empire” to consist of everything past, present, and imaginary. I guess you are being dominated by your “Little Russia is only Moscow” personality. Ugh! I just don’t know which one to reply to anymore. 🙂

          • Texas1 WTF are you talking about? Honestly man, get out of Texas as soon as possible before the few brain cells you have left will die out completely!!

            Just trying to help 🙂

        • Yes, but your definition of Russia changes on a daily basis. For example, on some days, you consider all of the republics as being a part of Russia and then on other days you blow up and say they aren’t a part of Russia. It’s kind of like your mood swings and your rants about non-Russian influenced media and then your praise towards Pravda. Hilarious!

  1. Great video! I have tried Georgian and Moldavian wine on a few ocasions and at some stage even thought it botgh were really good. However, after trying Australian wine (in the range of $5-10, realised that Georgian and Moldovian resources should have been long diverted to manufacturing something else. How all these people could even smell that wine?

  2. I think its wonderful that they got a chance to get all the free wine…what a wonderful least it didnt go to waste…

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