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  1. Americans took advantage of his head!

    He was good man in a way, but disgusting Berezovski & Co were real EVIL behind him. And Americans wanted it like that. So they could destroy Russia and take her wealth away to their slimey hands!

      • Actually, he has a point.

        Yeltsin had some serious flaws and being naive was one of them.

        It wasn’t necessarily Berezovski who used him, but…

        He was just a simple straightforward Russian man who couldn’t cope with the outside world too well, but still, did something good for his country as well. As well as mistakes such as Chechnya. A very controversial personality.

        • This is what Berzovsky said on Yeltcin’s death:

          “He (Yeltcin) was a unique and RUSSIAN in his soul, his impulsiveness and his INTELLECT”.

          I am sure even a dumb redneck like you, can work out what an insult this must be to Russian people. LOL 😉

      • Off course you must say that! Off course you and your “country” will miss him. He made it sooo easy for disgusting Americans to suck the life out of Russia!


  2. I wasn’t arguing about the character of Boris Yeltsin. I know he had some serious issues. My point was that America isn’t the cause of all evil in the world today as some seem to think. 🙂

  3. He didn’t seem like pure evil, like our leaders here in America. He certainly wasn’t perfect, but he was sure fun to watch. And what Rico said is true, America isn’t the root of all evil, the opulant circle of power that rules America is the root of all evil. RIP Boris.

    • Man, I could not agre with you more!!
      Politics is a dirty business!!

      It’s based on lies, manipulation, hypocrisy, and murder.
      Pliticians use the majority to benefit themselves rather than the public!! (in any country)

      I just hope dumb rednecks (and some russians) might actually understand that sometime!!!

  4. not “passed out” but “passed away”
    you pass out from drinking too much, which is also true about Yeltsin, but the other day he did, sadly, pass away.

  5. He is nothing more than a russian version of our Bush. Although, I would have a difficult time imagining him to be dumber than Bush…. lol

  6. Yeltsin wasn’t the best thing that happened to Russia…
    Because of him money got to a few men….while Russia and former USSR was living in poverty…

    Now times are changing..

    I think he did alright fot the age of 73 for an alcholic

    R.I.P B.Jeltsin

  7. Не понимаю, зачем они объявили траур. Не вижу ничего трагического для страны в том, что умер старый алкоголик. Отдельная тема – последствия его правления. Пьяница и распиздяй, президент – позор нации.
    Excuse that not in English, but Russian is much more usable at this case.


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