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  1. American alcoholics are just as bad, plus we have lots of drug addicts too. From my office window a few months ago, I saw two hairy old junkie men having anal sex in a rat filled alley. Everyone passing by saw them. It was very disturbing, much more so than this love story.

    • Whats disturbing to me is that your office is near a “rat filled alley” what do you do for a living, garbage man supervisor?

    • Those ‘junkies’ must be in pretty good shape then – they can still get it up and have a libido !! In Russia it is a public ‘secret’ [very unpopular of course] that due to generations and generations of drinking, smoking and unhealthy lifestyle in general a lot of men can’t get it up anymore and/or simply don’t have a libido left. One cause of the demographic problem. Russian woman are pretty, passionate and in fact the backbone of society for centuries already. Now they are looking over the borders for foreigners to marry. Mail-order brides and all that. To secure their future and to have children.

      Russians on vacation: the man are rubbing shoulders in the liquor stores, the women are having fun with the locals. A disgrace. On Cyprus i.e. local females are worried : the amount of pretty, well educated and eager Russian women flooding into the country is so vast that the local females hardly stand a chance.

      On the street in the big cities in Russia you can see girls and women, dressed quite provocative, short skirts, high heels, the works. An attempt to arouse some sexual interest in the men. Most of the time the guys are just shuffling past, completely numbed or so it seems. An average Russian guy aged 35 is completely worn out, in general. 58 is the average lifespan of a Russian man. Lower than most African countries even. Sad. Again I say: who saves Russia ? This beautiful country deserves a better population.

      • alcohol is what kills russians as a nation, now its drugs too.

        “On the street in the big cities in Russia you can see girls and women, dressed quite provocative, short skirts, high heels, the works. An attempt to arouse some sexual interest in the men. Most of the time the guys are just shuffling past, completely numbed or so it seems.”

        well duh… these girls are pros, you have to pay mooo-neeey. of course if thats not what you are not intending you will walk past.

        • Ive been to Russia, in fact im in Russia right now… as for girls dressing attractively then its nothing abnormal, rather expected and is pleasing to the eye. But whistling at every pretty chick you see will not just quickly become boring because of the sheer amount of them, its rather uncool for a white man to do such as only black-ass monkies do that, who just came down from a mountain and have never seen so many chicks in one place that dont have a mustache.

          • Girls dress in general very feminine, that’s what I meant to say. They are not looking for sex, they’re putting themselves forward as a woman. What struck me is that most Russian men seem completely indifferent to this parade. In particular outside the city center, area’s like Dolgoprudny i.e., a suburb of Moscow. Endless rows of depressing apartment buildings, between them male and female pedestrians, the females [the younger ones, that is] attracting attention because they put themselves forward as outspoken FEMALES, while the men mainly attract attention because they seem so numb and indifferent. Scenes like on the pictures are common.

            Whistling I wouldn’t recommend, a nice compliment is always good. And old-fashioned gentleman-ship, like opening the door for a lady. Always a success.

      • Actually, they typically don’t last long. My brother is going to die soon as a result of being a heroin junkie (aids), he’ll be dead before hitting 35. His addiction destoyed my family. Life goes on…

        I’d love to come to Russia and experience some Russian women, btw (I don’t mean that in an offensive way). I’m not so fond of American women, they’re all to often, too fat and too mean and too self absorbed. American women don’t want a family, they just want babies and money. I don’t want to end up as some mean womans “babies daddy”.

        • If you marry a Russian woman and if you take her to the U.S., she will soon get used to American life. Face it: Russians, especially from the country side, need to make much more effort to attain a goal than an American. Where you would take the car to go to the supermarket, they would need to take public transport or a walk. Therefore, Russians live much healthier lives as Americans or even me, an European. Also note that due to years of government planning, Russian public infrastructure isn’t as well organized as most European or American cities.

  2. Yes, alcohol is a BIG problem in Russia. Yes Russian society is ill (after all the things that’ve happened to us,it’s not a surprise). But it would be GREAT if some people (like englishrussia,here)stopped having such a narrow and prejudiced point of view. The things you feed us on your blog have already been seen thousands of times. I don’t pretend they don’t exist: I say that Russia’s not just that!Show us something different, PLEASE.
    People say the cold war is over: to some extend,they’re wrong: the iron curtain still exists in the minds of some people… Looks like people from the West have been much better brain-washed than us.

  3. wrong.
    UK is nation of alcoholics and a little – Fance too.
    but culture of drink seriously different :-/
    just like living[without quotes], itself.

  4. Hiding this kind of tragedy will not make it go away, any more than the homeless camps in the US or the street people in the UK. The people who visit this site (hopefully) are aware that this is not the norm, but hiding it serves nobody.
    Just my two kopek!

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