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  1. Believe it or not, there is a statue of Lenin in Seattle.


    BTW. If not Russian what language is the song in?

    • The song is in Hungarian. Unfortunately we have a lot of “thanks” to him, his idea opressed us for more than 40 years…

          • As far as I know, nazi Germans killed hundreds of thousand of hungarians and hungarian jew. Sovets liberated you and occupied your territory by its troopr. and that’s all. i don’t see any opression here.

            • Of cource they did. But come-on, you can’t say that Stalin was not oppressive..
              He might have been better than Hitler, but he was stil a Despot!

                • I’m not sure what the exact numbers are, but I doubt Hungarians were given any special treatment.

                  Stalin had one of the most brutal regimes in History. If you were to hang his picture upside-down in that time, – you would probably be sent to Siberia.

                  There is a very good film about that time in Russia. It is called: “Deti Arbata” or “Children of Arbat street”.

                  Watch it, its based on all the factual events of that time.

                  • I saw that film. Excellent representation of that time.
                    But I think it might be too long for some. Must be something like 15 hours..

                  • That was just a military occupation. Stalin wasn’t repressing Hungarians. So stop complaining about what didn’t happen to you. Soon people all over the world will start complaining that Soviets occupied them. LOL.

                    If you think I’m wrong, provide me with some links to statistics about “humiliation of Hungarian people by the Soviets”. I couldn’t find any…

  2. Thank you Lenin!!!

    If it hadn’t been for the gold in your train, suppported by the west, you wouldn’t have been successful. Thank you for helping the West and THANK YOU for making millions upon millions of Russians the most ignorant people on Earth!

    • Maybe some russians are a bit ignorant…

      But at least they didn’t choose Bush for a second term!!
      That’s just how intelligent average americans are.. lol

    • He might have been racist but he wasn’t from the KKK.

      And have you been to China or Russia? Most people are poor and they will stay that way. Because the rich don’t want them to succeed. And again, all I said was that INTERNATIONAL BANKERS supplied LENIN MONEY for the revolution. Had it not been for that money he wouldn’t been successful. Just follow the money and see who the real rulers of that country were. NOT LENIN. And the reason as to why the WEST hates STALIN was because he wasn’t in debt to those bankers so he ignored them and did his own thing. It is why they assassinated him and then the Soviet experiment continued after Stalin’s death.

      • I agree, US did partly finance the October revolution as they currently finance colour revolutions.

        But US didn’t hate Stalin because he didn’t pay back the money lol. They hated him because he didn’t follow the initial idea behind the October revolution; -which was the “Global Socialist Revolution”.

        • Yeah, hatred towards Stalin usually is because he failed in global socialist revolution, not because during his reign tens of millions died, more than half of which in concentration camps, et cetera. LOL.

          • it is still very obscure what would US benefit from global socialist revolution. USA has enough trouble with china, cuba, north korea and venezuela already. not to mention USSR at its peak.

            it’s probably some unexplainable conspiracy theorists’ logic.

            • I will tell. The US’s elite. Needed Europe at war. B/c European nations were the only ones that could have stoppped the American empire. Destroy the European powers like they did, then rebuild the continent and whilst at this. Have a second super power that would be there so the American elite can convince the public that there is a REAL threat. While at this the government goes and gets more involved in other nation’s business convincing the public that they are fighting for freedom and the other side is totalitarian and evil. This causes hatred towards the American government which in turn causes terrorism. So than here again goes the American Empire expanding itself and at the same time bossing the American people and turning them into subordinate zombies who are afraid of their own government.

            • Cuba, China – WTF?? What time are we talking about here??

              And its not one of those crazy conspiracy theories, its a known and well documented fact. October revolution was partly financed by US and a few other allies!!

              I got a feeling you are just disagreeing with me for the sake of it. Every comment I make you seem to oppose it..

                • germany sponsored the october revolution – that is a proven fact, they shipped Lenin to russia on a german train through finland. why are you russians are always so paranoid?


          • Yesh he did and you are undereducated. Your government tells you lies and you believe it because you are brainwashed. I can’t do anything to change your mind. The numbers came from the Kremlin after the fall of the USSR. Your use to hearing people who were educated by the USSR. They told them lies and thats that.

            And yes the US kills people but at least not its own.

            • You are quite an interesting person, and that’s why I sort of like in werd way.
              Most people, on this site ether hate Russia and support US, or Hate US and support Russia, (I like both but depends in which aspect), and you seem to really hate Russia and US at the same time. Hmm…

            • well NKVD+KGB archives proved to be good enough, or again it’s the jewish american spies’ evil plot?

              lots of little red clowns attend this little site, but their jokes are getting boring by second.

          • It was not tens of millions, there were about 2 million total in prisons and only 454,000 were even political prisoners!

            • “This alleged phenomenon in RuNet was first described in 2003 by journalist Anna Polyanskaya” – quotation from the article you gave me.

              A piece of advice… PUT ON SOME GLASSES.

      • I don’t know, maybe the reason we hate Stalin is the 23 million he people he killed and hustled off to gulags?

        Just a thought.

    • yeah, Lenin’s ideas brought eternal happiness to the fat people of North Korea and cultural renaissance to the people of China. Not to mention that China seems to abandon those “energetic” ideas step by step and becoming more and more capitalist day by day. LOLz0r.

      • oh, nearly forgot, the marx-lenin ideas brought such vitality and longevity to the people of Cambodia they cannot be thankful enough until this day.

        • You are forget, Khmer Rouge got CIA support – and Marx-Lenin didn’t kill 3 million Korean, UN did. Check your fakt! If anything China prove Lenin ideas correct and build prosperity on planned economy foundations. Ignorant American, you eat and read junk!

          • See who stoop to insults and nationalism before fakt?
            USA lacks culture, it is doomed to fall.
            USA has arrogance, no means to qualify it.
            USA is suffering defeat in Iraq, and will bow for Russian oil.
            Ignorant blowhards, I think too many Americans are!:) 😉

              • Online Videos by Veoh.com
                Hope u are enjoying this, comrade, “Long War”! Cowboy, Up!

              • Enjoying the “Long War” yet comrade?
                Say what u will about Russian people, but this must be worst performed modern war on highest scale than Chechnya or USSR in Afghanistan.

                Says much about famous American strength, famous USA bungling.
                Cowboy, Up! 😉

                • worst performed war?
                  beginning of Barbarosa shown 3,000,000 CoBet soldiers dead during 4 months.
                  Is, of course, all-time world record for poor performance in war.

            • Glory in Russian culture




              • Russian and American capitalist class make Foie Gras from all peoples and culture with such filth – you prove nothing, USA, Mexico, Polish, probably even Vatican City have such filth.
                USA is burying herself, and Lenin’s idea stands strong on period of imperialist and filth. Even more needed in Russia today, than USA where Pat Robertson and Donald Imus, Trump, are the contributes to the world.
                Rot in it.

  3. I’m sure Hitler smiled amiably and spoke heatedly as well.
    Not to mention his ironic, keen but intelligent eyes.
    And he loved children too.

  4. Yep, its Hungarian. Lenin was probably the most harmful political personality of the XX.th century, supported by the German Empire (probably an agent of it). He brought suffering to millions of people by launching a red wheel that got out of his control. Died of syphilis as a broken prisoner of Comrade Koba. Red criminal.

    • Don’t think its worth entering a conversation with a marxist-leninist university educated, fanatic dirty-mouth. Hard to face the facts, especially if you have never seen objective sources. And what if its “just” 800.000??? Probably you guys never heard of holodomor, and the millions of families, crippled by the red beast.

      • you, my dear victim of abortion, anal rape and soviet regime, probably believe anything which is pro-russian, or at least anti-american. goddamn nazi.

        • Dear American degenerate, victim of retrograde low-grade education. I believe facts after studying multiple sources and different points of view. I don’t believe individual rotten scum like you who tend to lie, distort facts and those people who accuse other people of sins and that think that they themselves are saint.

          • American seems almost like a compliment from you 😀

            Here, see links below for your humane regime which *ONLY* killed 800,000:

            see list of references BELOW the article

            again, see list of references BELOW the article

            again, see list of references BELOW the article

            again, see list of references BELOW the article

            plenty of .ru sites as well.

            it killed ONLY 800 000 kulaks in 8 years (1932-1940), according to SOVIET archives. it doesn’t count the political ones, the “kulaks” massacred before 1932 and after 1940, and the millions who died in Siberia, my ignorant opponent.

            and of course holodomor, yeah, sure, don’t believe the ukrainians themselves, instead call it US propaganda. if you had any sense of analysis you probably would figure out why so many died, but I guess you aren’t capable of it. (hint: collectivization)

            this just for starters why you are a dumb nazi. but of course, to you the trip to GULAG camp was something like trip to lake Tahoe, or of course, the ones sent there deserved it. every million of ’em.

  5. ooh, nice, another russian nazi site. I especially liked the topic about hitler’s birthday.

    I’m having a serious suspicion that Hitler was in fact Russian, because both local nacionalsocialists and nationalbolsheviks seem to adore him.

    • Hitler was Austrian.
      I also ask myself why he is popular among certain Russians at all.Didn´t he want to kill all Russians in order to create a “Germanic Empire” on russian territory?
      A simple-minded compatriot of Karl Marx (not of Hitler who was Austrian….) is wondering about it.

      • well, the true motives of WW2 are yet to be uncovered, but I doubt it’ll take place in my lifetime. because the general idea of russian chauvinists like Gavriil or Boris Abramov here is that every was russia participates in is justified, moral, necessary, inevitable; russian (or red) army is the most glorious, powerful, humane etc; russians are a “special” nation to whom do not apply the same rules as to other humans (especially in the rotten-to-the-core western society); if something goes wrong – blame the jews, especially berezovsky, the illest enemy, or americans, who come in second worst, or ex-soviet countries who are trying to make their lives better without russia’s protecting wing, or the four seasons, whomever except themselves. what can you expect from those, words like “i’m sorry i did something wrong”? nah, they’re the kind of guys who make a sexual cruel joke, lie about facts (or give “facts” from local nazi forum), make russian forums seem like they’re all hardcore patriots and fans of putin.

        yes, I know Hitler was Austrian. my remark of him being Russian was sarcastic.

        • thanks mate, you did an excellent job in proving my point 🙂 could you please give me your contact number, because I’m planning coming to russia in the summer and visit you at Muhosransk, I’ll buy you a nice Staryi Melnik 😀

        • Ha ha, you are truly a fool..

          You pathetic patriots make me lough…HA HA!!!!!!!

          The fanniest thing is, that you didn’t even realise that I was on you side until you started insulting me 😉 LOL

          • oh yeah, some few topics ago you kept bashing me basically on the same topic, and now you’re suddenly “on my side”, what a gorgeous reincarnation 😀

            anyway take care man, whenever I feel sportive again, I’ll return. ciao!

        • WW II wasn’t only self-defense for Russia. Don’t forget that Russia together with Germany attacked Poland, Russians were at that same side with nazi. It changed after almost 2 years (22.06.1941) when Hitler attacked Russia.

        • Hck, stop speculating on words and twisting the sense by converting one meaning into another. Nobody says that Russian/Soviets are saint and so on.

          The only people I blame here are ignorant arrogant comrades like you, who enjoy blaming USSR/Russia while at the same forgetting that their own country is faaar from being saint as well.

          • Ever heard of Molotov-Ribbentrop pact? Ever heard of mutual military aid between Nazi Germany and the soviets. And probably dont know about the fact, that soviet military equipment was crossing border to Nazi Germany as of June 21, 1941 (!!).

            • your idols Lenin and Stalin are directly responsible for the massacre of tens of millions, far worse than Hitler, who is a schoolboy in comparison with them. yeah, judging by your logic Hitler also killed “only” ten thousand jews, the rest is american propaganda.

              you people make me sick.

  6. Lenin was an insane man – similar to Hitler. A typical set of complexes – unsuccesfull, sexually deprived (just imagine touching Nadezhda Krupska even with a pole – you would run to wash your hands), very aggressive in his writing, which ignored reality and completely lacking any sense of compasion or critical thought about his own actions. The fact that his last years he was ridden with last stage of syphilis in which our brain gets destroyed, clearly suggests that it was a man who was psychologically not fit to rule anything. I cant imagine 90 years later there are people that would take him seriously…

    Perhaps the greatest pitty I have for russians is not all what they had to go through, but the fact they never learn from it. The communist experiment was one of the largest disasters and horrors our civilizations has ever witnessed, yet today’s russians are the same hurt, hateful and paranoid bunch as those that helped it start. You will never learn i guess…

    • Many had syphilis at the time, not as widespread as in America now, but not such the STD.
      And Lenin call Nadia his “little fishy”, rumour she die as a virgin ;). Inessa Armand, comrade.
      Jokings aside, America shows hate for itself AND the world every day internationally. The horrors of American mass-murders, direct AND in-direct of XX century and no wonder? U wander why WE have hate to spare on USA goverment (NOT people!)
      We throw ur pity back in ur face, pity ur own sorry state.

      • Completely agree with PB. Most Russians suffer of comlexes dating back to medieval times (which lasted until 1865 in their case), and somehow lack a sense of self reflection (and they pursue those who dont). Writing this as a russophile, with a Russian wife, and a child holding Russian citizenship too. Red crimes are incomparable with those of today’s western governments, and are unforgiveable, unjustifiable.

        • Just as easy I can claim, with American friend, that there exist unresolved issue with slavery of the Blacks and the racism in every direction!
          Russian have no self-reflection, HA! From Polish mouth, or Georgian, I understand such claims – but from Americans I only have laughters!!!
          Who atom bombed civilians and continue to reduce arabs countries to civil war and dissintigration? USA!

          • Now my friend, I have no affiliation with the USA whatsoever, and in many respects oppose its policies, and social structure. Got to tell you that I lived about a year both in us and in Russia, and 20 under communism, so, as opposed to you, I know what I am talking about. End of story.

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