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  1. every time i think Bush is a Fascist, Putin comes along and shows me how much worse things could be in the USA: thanks to the “dont ask, dont tell” policy, our troops no longer gang-rape civilians. (Well, at least not “gay” gang rape.)

    • yup. look, one of their leaders used to have his own party, thats their flag: http://www.nbp-info.ru/skins/images/flagsmal.jpg

  2. It was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration against Putin and his shady regime. However, the government decided to deny protesters their human rights and had military and police personnel waiting to stop the protesters before the march could begin. …BTW this isn’t American propaganda. This is how it was reported all over the world.

          • The Nazi’s were probably undercover government employees brought to cover up the the true message behind the demonstration and weaken the message.

            • What? Nazi very the main demonstrators, because they are Nazi Bolshevik Party. They officially collaborate with Harry Kasparov.

              • Even in America, the law protects groups as sinister as the Nazis. In fact, a very famous case was heard by our highest court that concerned a neo-Nazi group that wanted to march through a Jewish community just outside of Chicago.

            • Borah is right. The official name of the organization in question is National Bolshevik Party ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Bolshevik_Party). They intentionaly chose the name similar to Nazis (who were national socialists), and have similar to Nazis symbolics.

              While “the party is highly critical of the government of Vladimir Putin and considers state institutions […] to be corrupt and authoritarian”, it “believes in the creation of a grand empire that will include the whole of Europe and Russia to be governed under Russian dominance”. Nice folks, right? It’s really funny, that “free world” is so worried about these right-wing looneys.

              • Again, shouldn’t Nazi’s have the right to free expression? If you start limiting the freedom of speech then when will it stop?

                • Personaly I don’t want them to have that right. Actually, there is the law, forbiding propaganda directed to arouse national or religious enmity or discord. That’s exacly what they were doing.

                  Anyway why are you so obsessed with freedom? It looks like freedom is an American sacred cow, but I don’t feel any piety about it. Why in the name of freedom we should give these wannabe Hitlers and their Nazi ideas an opportunity to drag the country to destabilization and possible war? What’s next in their agends? Free concentration camps?

                  Actially I’m amazed that Kasparov who seems a sane person supports them. Because their ideas is a terrible mix, made of Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Marx works. It has certain rebellious romantics about it, but still…

    • AFAIK protest was unsanctioned, therefore *illegal*. it was peaceful until someone (perhaps even the government undercover agents) provoked the violence. still unclear why they would harass media reporters, despite apparent instructions to the riot police members *not to do that*. given that majority of police force are being recruited from far-away provinces it becomes less of a question why they think its OK not to follow these instructions – they just havent learnt to live with the rules to start with, so its just up to police chief to train his minions to follow the friggin orders.

    • These days, the only way the police would use tear gas is to break apart a large crowd that that is beating, killing and raping innocent , destroying homes and businesses and causing vasts amount of damage. Even then, tear gas might not be used due to public outcry. The police would only use something like tear gas as a very last resort. Honestly. They would more likely use high pressure water and maybe smoke bombs along with threats of using tear gas.

      • hehe, well, i always thought that American cops are not to be screwed with. Looks like liberalization is getting to them too 🙂

          • Good point about surveillance. I could go on about ID cards, CCTV cameras following your every move, satellite tracking, phone tappings and other assaults on civil liberties in the west, but that would take too long.

            My point is that, I would rather refrain form expressing my political opinion, rather than be living in a Police State (a.k.a. USA).

            • Woooo. You are jumping to conclusions and over reacting again. Maybe you’ve been exposed to too much Russian news. Where do I begin?

              First, large parts of the Patriot Act have already been reversed. It’s just a matter of months before the rest is reversed.

              Second, I wasn’t talking about CCTV. I was referring to camcorders and video cameras that are built into phones. If something major happens these days there is a good chance that there will be videos for the 5 O’clock news.

              Ok, since you brought CCTV up, then lets examine it. These units are only used in high security areas like an airport, courthouse and maybe a few other government offices. Businesses have CCTV to deter shoplifting, robberies and employee theft.

              Anyway, before a phone line is tapped in the US a court order must be made. That’s not so easy. My guess is that this type of eavesdropping is much more prominent in Russia where poisoning by radiation, eavesdropping, wiretaps, and everything else is well known to occur.

              Good God! You need to toss out your collection of tapes from our far right wacko political groups. You are getting more paranoid than a real redneck.

              It’s these types of statements that you make that leave people on here questioning if you have ever left your village in Russia.

              • I just love how you referred to US government as “WE” in in your previous statements. That’s exactlly how many people tell the difference between a “thinking person” and a “brainwashed fanatic patriot”.

                Normal people refer to “WE” as family memebrs not a Government that use majority to thier advantage…

                Come to think of it, people like you remind me of herd of sheep that were used and manipulated to implement October Revolution!!

                I really hope that YOU will get out of your redneck village, and go to russsia to see what its really like before basing your opinion on bias western media.

                • Boris,

                  Try to act like an adult. These simple minded responses do nothing for you. Try to lighten up a little. I think we can all be friends.

            • Very true, I stayed in LA for a summer and is cruel and police-state. At demonstrations police act like beasts, using baton and tazers. Especially on Blacks and Mexican, and homeless (mostly blacks) are illegal, but rule EVERYWHERE the night – dozens of helicopter, like one would think on Iraq!
              I prefer Militia beat Limonov thugs, then let them copy America and Gitler methods of goverment!

      • During the WTO riots, Seattle police used their entire supply of tear gas and pepper spray and had to fly out of state to get more. I watched first hand as police shot out the windows of business’s while shooting steel core rubber bullets at people. I watch police shoot tear gas rockets into crowds that caught peoples hair on fire. Cops were shooting peaceful protesters in the balls with 12 gage shotguns loaded with “riot” munitions. I saw cops go into peoples back yars where the were barbequeing (not even protesting), and tear gas them all. You really haven’t a clue, do you. They tried to use water cannons on us, but because it was winter, the Seattle fire department refused to cooperate out of safety concerns for the public. A concern the police did not share. You just have no clue.

  3. C’mon dude, nearly every country with a free press in the world reported on this as an act by the government to suppress free speech and protect Russia’s dictator. Look at news from South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Franch, Germany, Italy and so on.

    Ok, maybe they didn’t call him a dictator but the mere idea of suppressing free speech sparks ideas of a dictator. Wake up and smell the coffee. I guess that not everyone in Russia understands free speech. Here in the US, nearly anyone can protest anything without government interference. It’s not really all that important what a given group is protecting rather than having the right to protest without government interference.

    • I see your point, but do you really believe that freedom of speech exists? Even in USA media gives opinions that are dictated, may be not directly by Government (though we don’t know that for sure :)), but the public tastes and prejudices. They need to sell their newspapers after all.

      Do you believe the “free press” as you call it whould be as indignant as it is now, if it was the skinheads demonstration stoped by the police?
      I doubt it. Because human beings are selfish by nature and protect only their own interests, and in your group’s interests to support Russian opposition ’cause Putin way too independent from western opinion to your tastes.

      • I have no doubt that regular people still influence public policy. However, to be heard the regular person has to work very hard to make the case. In contrast, corporations have much more influence on politics and have the resources to make news and shape opinions.

        One example of a grass roots organization in America that is particularly strong is http://www.actforchange.com.

      • So Longrun,

        I’m not going to criticize your beliefs, but do you think that Russia is better off under a communist system or a capitalist system?

        Borah, for a moment be serious. What do you think? Better off with a communist system or a capitalist system?

        • Capitalist and communist systems are just economical systems. Democracy is different system of measures and values. There can be totalitarian capitalist system and totalitarian communist system, and democratic capitalist and democratic communist system.

            • You must also think that USSR was communist all these years?? LOL
              – Don’t worry its a common misconception among westerners..

              • Well, it certainly wasn’t Marxist if that’s what you mean. Do you know what I mean? Have you even heard of Karl Marx? Have you ever read his works? Probably not.

                • Don’t patronize me redneck.
                  Communism is a Utopian dream, where we are all equal.
                  It’s a place were everything is shared including Land, Products and Services.
                  It a place without money. All products, goods and servises are exchanged for one-another. Etc, etc, etc, etc.

                  (USSR was never under true comunits country. It was just an unsuccessful attempt at Socialism.)

                  This wonderfull dream of cource, could never become reality, becuse it goes against all human instincts.

                  Now, I will tel you my dream. Don’t take it too seriously it is not wholly factual:

                  In my dream I see, the BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, becoming true counterbalance to NATO. As the allies become stronger though economic growth, and attract new members form Far East and Americas, it would have more influence in the world, thereby attracting even more counties to join this peaceful alliance, rather than be a part of corrupt and aggressive NATO.

                  Becoming stronger, it would have more fanatical resources to influence and overthrow unfriendly governments like the US, though peaceful means.
                  This could be through NGO’s like the West is now trying to overthrow Russian government, or though similar colored revolutions.

                  After unfriendly western governments are overthrown, these countries could become members of the new alliance. Because the aggressive NATO would not exist any more, none major wars would exist and world piece would be close than ever.

                  This of course is just a dream but reemergence of China, India, Russia, etc, with common dislike for NATO, could prove to be a reality in the future!!!!

                  Maybe one day “N1 aggressor” (USA) would become a peaceful country. I just hope it happens soon….

        • I don’t see what communism has to do with that, but I’ll answer. 🙂
          I prefer capitalism MINUS American dream and American values, i.e. economical freedom without individualism and money obsession (Yeah, I know we all need money, but I found it digusting when kids answering the question about their dream say how rich tey want to be instead of saying what they want to do in their life. Now they think that money make a person).

          I also think that freedom as such is extremely overrated in modern Western society and it’s not the criterion on which other cultures should be judged. You swung too much to the one side of the scale. What happened with Aristotle’s “golden mean”, eh? Why do you think that freedom is so precious that you have right to push it down other nations throats by force, attaking other countries?

          • I don’t thing we tried to force capitalism down anyone’s throat. That was merely an excuse that came after no wmd’s were found. I think that the whole war had ties to corporations, the need for cheap oil and Israel’s ability to buy our politicians.

            Ok, so it sounds like you are somewhat of a Marxist. I think he had some brilliant ideas but has any country successfully his plan? No, Russia is not an example.

            There are only certain things that motivate people and money is one. Take that away and you have an unproductive society, that is hard to motivate and lacks innovation.

            • PS. I think you are right about some reasons of the Iraq war, but I’m not discussing that war now (or it’ll be a looong discussion). Just talking in general, you know. 😉

              • I don’t know what to make of and most Americans don’t know what to think of it either. Maybe they want to buy into the freedom thing so that they won’t have such a bad conscience.

  4. That’s the way to embrace democracy, support change and prepare for economic growth.

    So why do all of the Russians on this site criticize anyone who protests for freedom or against Putin? Do you really think you can get by with the status quo, being “buddy-buddy” with China, North Korea and rogue regimes elsewhere? Sorry, the Chinese can’t be trusted and any technology that you have worth steeling has already been stolen by them.

      • Ya, right. Everyone knows him over hear. He’s like a household brand name. There is Kleenex and then there is this Kasparov dude. I’ve personally seen him at junior’s ranch eating barbecue and riding in pickups.

        • I guess all of the other demonstrators are CIA agents too. We just happened to sneak all of our agents stationed from all over Europe and those in DC along with their wifes and children into Moscow or St. Petersburg to demonstrate. I guess you found us out. Gosh, we just don’t know how to keep anything secret anymore. I guess that all of the other countries that reported this story had there secret agents planted in Russia and ready to demonstrate too. You are so clever. I am worried that the rest of the world will never be able to catch up with your level of intelligence.

          Are you really that gullible?

          • “Other Russia” is financed mostly by by Boris Berezovsky (prob one of the most powerfull mafia figure in the world), however he has significant backing of CIA.

            You have to understand that US is interested in a weak and corrupt Russia as it was during the 90’s, when Russian natural reserves were sold for pennies to the west and people of Russia were starving. Yes there was real democracy and freedom of speech, but this democracy was reminiscent of the Wild West, where people with “metaphorical guns” and money had all the power and wealth. And that west was happy with that as long as it got a piece of the action.

            And, I do not know about democracy but current Russia has much more freedom of speech than US. Just look at what is now happening to Don Imus, just because he threatened to reveal the truth about 9.11, The supposedly ”free” US media is now demonising him on irrelevant issues. What’s next Guantanamo?

            • That’s not true. Rosie O’Donnell is on tv every morning and she has mentioned this on more tha one occasion. Also, look at the documentary called Terror Storm. Last Christmas it actually ranked within the top 100 sales on Amazon.com.

              Don Imus was fired because of some remarks that he made that were construed as being racist by certain minority and womens groups. He basically referred to some ugly female basketball players as “nappy headed hoes”. Besides, the government did not get involved with this. Basically advertisers said they would stop advertising on any network that carried his program. That’s what happens in a free economy.

              • They will use any excuse to keep people like him silent..

                Maybe soon he will commit a mysterious suicide (like David Kelly in UK), or perhaps he will somehow be linked with al qaeda, who knows…. His onlly chance now is to keep quiet.

                Here is a good view on his ordeal: http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/89728-0/

                BTW, “english.pravda.ru” is quite a reliable and independant source of information, which could used as a counterbalnce to the propaganda in the western media.

                I am not saying that Pravda is totally objective, but it could be used to form your objective opinion..

                Have a look at some articles on this site – might open your eyes a bit.

                • This was very much mind-blowing article:

                  And this:

                  I would be very afraid to form my opinion based on english.pravda.ru

                  • I did not say you have to form your opinion on this site. I said, – it would serve as a good counterbalnce to western media.

                    In order to have an objective opinion it is sometimes good to take contradictory opinions (sometimes extreme) and find the golden middle….

                    Counterbalance to such biased sources as: Fox News (right) and Washington Post (supposadly left)..

                    • Boris, sometimes you make some good points on this site. But honestly, Imis did not get fired because of anything related to 9-11. That is ridiculous. Seriously, do you live in America? If so, you would have seen Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton all over the news these past couple of days. Personally, I think they are trying to take attention away from the crazy black girl that falsely accused the Duke lacrosse team of rape.

                  • After reading their account on the whole Don Imus story, I think it is safe to say that English Pravda is the biggest piece of trash ever printed. Do humans really write that stuff or do they hire monkeys?

                  • I don’t get Boris. Occasionally he will spit something out that sounds reasonably intelligent and then he makes the most absurd statements. I can’t believe that he is a college student. It’s even tougher to believe that he is a college student in the UK.

                    The Russian guys who come to the US and have lots $$$ of money to spend want NOTHING to do with Russia. They spend their first 3 years looking for some bimbo white trash chick to marry so that they can stay here.

          • As a fellow American residing in Moscow for many years now, I have to say my dear “Texas1” you really weaken your comments with your grammatical errors. Your usage errors are so grave they reek of a common, lay person bordering on illiteracy. In reading all of your comments, it’s obvious you do not know the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their’, ‘here’ and ‘hear’, ‘think’ and ‘thing’, etc. Please, do us all a favor and stop masquerading as a profound erudite on this site and take a remediation course to improve your basic skills.

      • What about that joker that you guys have that claims to have the weather altering device and wants to go to war with the US to get Alaska back? Nobody calls him a trader.

  5. I am,

    I forgot to ask you. I’m not going to criticize your belief either. Do you think that Russia is better off under a communist style government or a capitalist style government? Also, do Russians really believe that that the US is behind these demonstrations?

    • Yes, USA finance Nazi Bolshevik Party and Kasparov through nongovernmental organizations.

      Garry Kasparov works directly on US. Check it:


      • It’s true. America pays to help bring down Putin. They pay homeless poeple to stand at the protests to make it appear like more poeple are protesting. But they don’t really want freedom and stability for the Russian people. They want them to collapse worse than the Soviet collapse so that they can step in and do what they please. Russians are too smart for this and can see right through American intentions and despise them for meddling in their business. Russians want to be free and democratic, but in the Russian way, not the American way. Like I said before, it’s not as easy as flipping a switch from Communism to Capitalism, there is a lot involved including the Russian mind state.

        • Alright, I am interested enough to read the article but right now, I have a hard time believing it. It would seem to me that a Russia with no government would be terrifying. It would be the last thing that we would want. There is still too much uncontrolled and unaccounted for nuclear materials that would be sold on the black market if the Kremlin just collapsed. Besides, what big business would benefit from it? The estimates that I have seen shows that you only have about 10 good years of oil production left. You could count your deposits that are difficult to refine, but I think Canada has larger supplies than that. In 10-20 years, hopefully we will all be relying on hydrogen anyway. That brings the question back to who would really benefit?

          • Russia has more oil reserves than anywhere else in the world, it’s just hard to get to it, but it gets easier by the year. But it’s not just about natural resources. It’s more about world politics. Russia has a major voice when it comes to international affairs especially in the middle east and China. And it’s voice usually opposes the U.S. It’s not that the U.S. would like to see Russia without a government, they just want a government that they can control and use to influence other parts of the world. Face it, the world is still basically split into two sides, one on the U.S., the other opposes the U.S. Which side do you think Russia is on? How do you think the U.S. percieves this?

            • Correction, Canada might have more than Russia and you don’t see us wanting to invade Canada do you? By the way, Russia only has about 10 years worth of oil left.

              • Boris, you have got to stop blowing up like this. Don’t be so quick to criticize. Take a moment and listen. You might learn something or be able to share something interesting. Ok, I was going off of the following information.

                1. The 2004 British Petroleum Statistical Review of World Energy gives the most optimistic projection predicting that global oil reserves will be gone in 2045, based on known reserves and current rates of consumption, called the R/P ratio.

                2. Optimists sometimes extend the 41 years by including ‘unconventional’ oil supplies, like the oil tar sands in Canada, even though getting at that oil sometimes causes more trouble than it’s worth. (This is why I made my statement about Canada.)

                3. According to Russia’s Natural Resources Manager,
                “Oil reserves are sufficient for the planned oil output until 2010 on the basis of analysis of the firms’ project documentation. But starting from 2010 and especially after 2010 (the country) might lack proven reserves.”

                Look, I’m not a geologist but the bottom line is that oil is going to run out. Before that happens there will be alternatives.

                  • Sure. Here are a few.



                    A couple of weeks ago, I was reading an article in the Fort Worth Star about hybrid cars. Anyway, the article had an impressive graph of the map of the world along with the projected lifespan of each country’s oild supplies. If I still have the newspaper, I’ll scan it and upload it for you if you are interested.

                • “Look, I’m not a geologist but the bottom line is that oil is going to run out. Before that happens there will be alternatives.”

                  probably will not, i personally think a wast majority of humanity will die out of hunger and associated illnesses, horses will again be used for transportation and distances will be measured in horseback riding hours.

              • For the last time THIS IS WHAT I SAID:
                “I am not saying that Pravda is totally objective” and “could used as a counterbalnce to the propaganda in the western media”

          • He are some more good articles about Kasparov: http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/15-04-2007/89760-kasparov-0

            And another objective opinion from Independant UK:

          • Some more interesting articles about Kasparov and the demonstration:

            And one form independent UK newspaper:

          • ive read a different review and it was claiming that the dooms day is coming at about year 2033, worldwide, due to depletion of resources, oil in particular. It shows some statistics how our (worlds) economy totally relies on oil to produce\extract other resources, even to produce synthetic fuels. it claims that all our nuclear, hydro, solar and other plants combined wont make a drop of a difference. then add increasing world’s population, salination of argiculturally-worthy land, lack of fresh water it makes the dooms day seem quite probable.

            the main point the author wants to make is that no matter what we do about synthetic fuels, we still need oil very much. another point is that everyone thinks “scientists will think of something” – well, they’ve been trying to think of something since the beginning of last century. havent come up with anything better then oil yet. so….

            • That’s kind of what I have been reading also. As far as automobiles go, hydrogen pellets will take a very long time to develop. The problem is that pellets require a vast amount of energy to compress and make. As a result, it not a cost effective solution at this time. However, electric vehicles are looking more promising as safety, reliability and cost issues get ironed out.

              As far as generation goes, we have lots of coal and new methods for converting the force of ocean waves into power and better ways of using solar and wind.

              • “As far as generation goes, we have lots of coal and new methods for converting the force of ocean waves into power and better ways of using solar and wind.”

                thats good! but still a drop in the ocean according to the article:

                (first number is for USA, second is for World)


                natural gas





                hydrothermal, wind


                total consumption

              • for the whole world. the article is written by an Ukrainian scientist. he wants to get a grant for knowledge preservation program. (printing pages and pressing them in glass then store in some structure like a pyramid for descendants)

        • They probably haven’t learned to adapt yet. For many years that’s all they could do I guess. It just seems so amazing that people in Russia have such a warped view even with the Internet and windows to the outside world.

          The people on this site have much different opinions than the sons and daughters of Russian mafia leaders that come over hear for college. While the people on this site seem somewhat brainwashed, the others who have ventured outside of Russia have a more realistic grasp on the world.

              • No they were the entrepreneurs of Yelzin’s russia. That was the time when people had to make “Phone Calls” and have conections with mafia to make money.

                Putin can be blamed for many things, but he has provided an environment where people can make good money without then need to do these things..

                As I mentioned previously, any democratic loses would be outweighed by financial benefits under Putin..

                Do you think people from U.A.E are really botherd about their authoritarian government?? ?? They have more money than ever!!! LOL

                  • all comes in relation. salaries in Russia are great now compared to what the used to be and its getting better and better, but they are worthless compared to what ppl get in Australia for example.

                  • Do you know, I found a very good statment in the Bible, that would be relevant to you.

                    Here it is: “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces”

                    Good day…

                    • I don’t know because you can’t seem to get your message across. When someone asks you for clarification you explode into a fit of anger. Just relax. You take everything as a personal attack and then you get really defensive. Nobody wants to fight on here or start World War III.

                    • I get my message across fine. You are just having problems understanding what is said.
                      But that’s ok, many Texans have this problem…

  6. I have to support “Texas 1” in this discussion.
    May be Putin is quite popular in Russia because the Russians have such bad memories from the Yeltzin years and think that Putin´s more authoritarian way of running the country is better,safer,economically more satisfying,whatever.
    Is Russia ready for a democracy of western style,does the mayority of the Russian people even wishes this or rather not ?

    • Russia does not need a democracy of a Western style. it has to come up with a blend of its own that takes into account all its unique features.

      • What is so bad about being a “demoracy of a western style” ?Do you fear losing your identity or does it hurt your pride being merely a “copy” of somebody else ?

        • No, it’s because we are not westerners and never will be. We don’t think or act in the same way. It’s like saying “The U.S. wants a democracy because the Russians have communism and they don’t want to copy them”. Thats just childish. Iraq will never be a western democracy, can you get that through your western brain? Not everyone wants to be like you.

          • Even the Chinese recognizes the importance of money as a motivating force and to become more westernized. It seems like you are stuck in your old ways and are afraid of change. I guess that much of your fear about democracy is understandable after emerging from communism.

            • Yes,Russia has a capitalist economy now.
              But why do people here reject democracy? And what is the alternative to it? Which non-democratic system in history of mankind was better for ordinary people than a democratic one?
              And,by the way,democracy was not “invented” by the americans but it goes back as far as to ancient Greece.

            • Borah, a few posts back you were telling us about the Mayor of St. Petersburg’s wife who has an iron grip on cement and construction. Isn’t that an example that defies one of the main principles of capitalism know an consumer sovereignty?

              • Mayor of St. Petersburg’s wife

                Wow! I didn’t know that Mayor of St. Petersburg is a lesbian! When did she get married?

                • Texas1, you really should stop insulting people every time you can’t reply to the comment. It makes you seem even more pathetic and childish than you really are..

                  I can see brain deficiency is a common problem among your species, but insults really will get you nowhere.

                  At least TRY to reply in adult manner or don’t reply at all…

          • You copied all of our technology in the past. Just take a look at your calculators and other electronics. You might as well copy our political system too.

        • its just doesnt work here. like you come to the US from the UK and try to plug your electric shaver but you cant – the voltage and plug are just different.

          • I can image that it will take time for people to get accustomed to it. It just surprises me that with the Internet and access to real news services that Russians would accept so much propaganda.

            • its not a feature of Russians to accept propaganda, its a feature of most humans, despite the country they live in. Australia feeds its own propaganda through the TV, Russia has its own, USA has plenty of its own through government and corporation controlled media. Only the small percentage of human population thinks independently, others are follow their leaders, tvs, other forms of control without question nor thought.

    • haha thats what i thought too! one hit of the “pacifier” and he will scream differently and his legs will stop getting in the door way 🙂

  7. But it’s not just western countries. You can find articles about this in newspapers from India to South Africa. In addition, it sounds like there is some government spin on this. The police attacked the rioters, not the other way around.

    Come on, even Karl Marx wrote against such behavior from the government. Look, it really is up to you. But you can do a case study on other countries that started having their basic liberties taken away. The end result is never very good.

  8. Riots on the streets of Moscow
    Hang the Puttin Hang the Puttin Hang the Puttin

    The billiar ex Russian in Britain calling for an over throw of the Putins government, bring it on Ruskis!!! Throw the bum out

      • Sorry Texas1, but I will have to agree with “I am”.
        Western media doesn’t tell lies, but it takes factual parts from the story that only supports their opinions instead of telling the whole truth.

        I will give you a good example. Do you know Paul Khlebnikov? You must do.
        He is an American journalist who worked in Russia for Forbes, who was shot in 2004.
        His death was wildly reported in western media along with criticism of the current political climate in Russia. Some even manages to imply that Putin was indirectly responsible for his death. Isn’t that at you read in the western papers?? I did.
        Anyway, the most important part of the whole story was not represented in western mass media. The fact that before his mysterious death he wrote a book alleging Boris Berezovsky to be one of the most powerful Mafia bosses in Russia, was not even mentioned, when there are clear leads linking Berezovsky to his death.
        The question is why?

        Would not that be a good headline: “Journalist found dead after alleging that Russian businessman was a Mafia boss” – especially in commercial terms (after all Litvenenco story is making millions)????
        So why was not this mentioned in western mass media???

        I will tell you why in simple terms:
        Berezovsky is doing all he can to topple Putin’s Government.
        If Putin was toppled that would benefit the western governments.
        Because “most” western governments control or at least pressure the media to be on their side, any criticism of Boris Berezovsky (the Godfather of the Kremlin) would not go down well with the government…

        However, criticising Putin is exactly what the west needs in order to manipulate public opinion, if potential invasion was ever possible….

        I really hope you are not a lost cause, and will se trough all the propaganda you are being fed day-by-day. (not to say that Russian propaganda doesn’t exist) !!!

        • Interesting comment,Boris !
          I always find it hard to really find out the truth behind the media news,not only in the case of Russia.
          But you know all this from western media as well,don´t you?

          • you just have to watch the same story from many different TV channels, read different newspaper articles and now internet blogs. preferably using sources from different countries and different political groups. only then you can collect the pile of lies and combine it into a truth 🙂

            bottom line – everyone lies, you just have to learn how to filter it.

        • Boris, we are not your enemy. I can say with absolute certainty that we have no interest in taking your oil supplies or waiving our fingers in your face. Why aren’t you accusing Zimbabwe or Uruguay for trying to cripple Putin? They wrote article about the demonstration too. Maybe they are planning an invasion. Maybe you should get really paranoid.

          Anyway, the cold war ended years ago. Did someone forget to tell you that you can put your gun down now and start shaking hands?

          By the way, I actually have a subscription to Forbes. 🙂 I can’t remember the story from way back then. It was too many years ago and

          Anyway, whenever the EnglishRussia group meets up I’ll buy you a beer or vodka :). I enjoy our friendly discussions and debates.

          • To be honest with you, when i discovered English Russia, last thing on my mind was defending Putin or his comrades>>

            However, it realy upsets me when good western people are bing so blatantly brainwashed day-in-day-out.

            I don’t have time to reply to your comment now, however I think you should listen to the opinion of the true democratic (don’t worry not Putin LOL)

            Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efWS8YHk8X8
            Perhaps you can debate your despotic and aggressive government with him…

          • im pretty sure that with the end of cold war the war for geopolitical influence hasnt finished – its still going on, turning quite “hot” in Iraq for example. and thats natural – all strong countries do that one way or another, otherwise neighbours might think you are weak. you just have to maintain equilibrium at all times, thats the only way.

      • Totally, I love each and every nation, religion, and race. Whe should all live as one!!!

        And I love Americans, in fact I am deplly saddened that American people (as russians were in the soviet union) are being manipulated and made fools of..

        Here are some opinions of a man I respect. He was awarded Noble Prize for Peace: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efWS8YHk8X8

    • The video is silly. But the other side of the coin is that the cop is in jail now and the civil lawsuit has left him broke just in case he ever gets out of prison.

      Police brutality is punished severely here. Yes, I know about Rodney King and some of the others. However, today things are much different. There are video cameras and evidence everywhere.

  9. What makes you think,Texas 1,that I am negative and defensive?
    May be it was the sentence “America didn´t invent democracy”.I didn´t mean that negative at all,it is just an historical fact.
    English isn´t my native language,so I might sometimes have problems expressing correctly what I mean (oh,this is probably “defensive” again in your eyes,isn´t it?)

    • I don’t think I said that about you. You seemed to be very neutral. You were the only one supporting me. Maybe I was directing it at someone else. I’m sorry. I’m on my lunch break and have to type quickly.

      • Oh, I see what you are referencing. I woke up at 5AM this morning, scanned the news and the posts on this site and made some quick comments. Sorry, I hadn’t had my coffee yet and misread your post.

        Take it easy.

  10. I wish I could read Russian! Please frequent this site more often. We need some more friendly Russians to smooth out some of the extreme views.

    By the way, we have some protest groups that know how to make international news. The G8 Summit in Seattle several years ago is a god example. The protesters can be very clever and actually have training camps and instructional websites on how to create complete confusion. I actually find it pretty funny and well throughout. As long as nobody gets hurt, who care?

  11. “Please frequent this site more often. We need some more friendly Russians to smooth out some of the extreme views.”
    Ok I’ll try to. 🙂
    “As long as nobody gets hurt, who care?”
    True… I’is sad but when people form crowd situation can turn dangerous way wery fast.
    “The video is silly.”
    Yep indeed 🙂 But i saw some really horrible videos. It looked like some sort of madness makes people insane and turn em agains each other… that works not only in crowd but in groupes of policemans too. Well it’s one of the best illustration that Darwin was right. 😉

  12. And have you ever been to Russia? No. The Russians that come here are different. The vast majority of them are hardworking and intelligent.

    • I’ve visited St. Petersburg and Moscow in July 2005.
      I found these cities to be beautiful and unique. Russian people are very hospitable, friendly and well educated country to popular belief.
      Nearly 80% of them have a Degree, and Russian/Soviet education is probably one of the best in the world.
      Regarding them being ignorant, I can tell you that they strive for knowledge and always think before they speak unlike us yanks. (Maybe all these years of KGB interrogations did them good lol).
      Regarding Racism, – yes there has been an increases in racist attacks in Russia. However, in reality I think racism always existed in Russia, it just didn’t surface during Soviet times. But with free speech comes both good and bad, as you know.

      This site really opened my eyes, to something I have never considered before: “Maybe our media is really not as honest and truthful about Russia as we previously though”.

      • Yeah, must have been good knowing that your own government wanted was out to get you at all times of the year. I have a lot of friends from Russia and all of them are good people. Many live there and many are here. The young generation is like any other generation in the West. And the older generation well let them speak and tell you the truth over the soviet government. What the Soviet Government did was not really good for the people other then the education.
        I hate breaking this to you. Our media isn’t truthful about anything. It is all lies and fear mongering. Same thing happens in the world if you think about it. News Corp, AOLTime Warner, Viacom, GE, Disney, all control the majority of tv channgels and magazines that are popular or the radio channels. They have their own agenda and we the people in return suffer because people have been told lie after lie. Not only about the war in Iraq but nearly everything in you see on tv is a lie.
        And we might be here b/c we like Russia but the majority of people could care less about Russia. It’s only the truth.


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