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  1. Are they allowed to drive that..monster.. around all russian streets and roads? I know it fits perfectly for some of the Russian roads, but what about a 2 lane one?

    • Actually, at the $80K starting price, it’s geared to those who tow enough to wear out normal pickup in a year or two.

      Yes, there are people who tow that much.

  2. This thing looks like it was made for the typical Russian mobster that always dreamed of being a truck driver.

    I don’t think they sell this thing in the US. I did see some huge, ugly Chevy concept pickup truck at the Texas State Fair last year though.

    • yup,sold in usa,called the cxt,about 100 grand.its just a med duty extended cab with a f350 bed on it.usa is going to replace the hummer,the ih co. has a prototype truck up for government testing which is way cooler than this thing.

        • civilian hummer is in trouble for various reasons,the military h1 type is deemed out of date and too light to take needed armor. the military hummer was designed by chrysler in the late 70s,and has been in service for 25 years,one of the oldest vehicles we have in front line service

      • Gosh, Texas1. I didn’t know ‘this thing’ was built in Iran or Syria! Good thing you are here to keep all this stuff in perspective for us.

        • Sorry Dawg, I kind of see rawklobstar’s side on this issue. Besides, people who drive these big ass trucks take forever to park and get out of their parking places. Sometimes, you just want to smack them.

  3. These kinds of vehicles are very useful in Russia (for ordinary transport) considering the bad roads!

    For actually transporting loads, a KrAZ truck would be better.

  4. Ok, I had to research this thing. Here’s the description from the manufacturer’s website.

    Source: http://www.internationaltrucks.com/portal/site/ITrucks/menuitem.2fea1fe726559abc31f8e968121010a0/?vgnextoid=b5047bbafac90110VgnVCM10000085d0eb0aRCRD

    For those who prefer not to make a subtle entrance.

    When people see you driving an International® MXT™, they don’t forget it. They look up from their tricked out SUVs, and realize they don’t have the coolest ride on the street anymore. They’re even more jealous when you press your foot down and let the force of 300 horsepower leave them in awe of what they just witnessed.

    And while you’re savoring all the attention, you’ll be relishing in the lush comfort of the spacious interior. Features like touch-screen CD/DVD radio, GPS navigation, ivory-faced sport gauges and leather seats make you question whether it looks better from the inside or from the street.

    Starting at $125,000 the MXT Limited will be available in the Summer of 2007

    • mxt is actually a different truck,its two feet shorter in height than the cxt,and is the military “M”XT version of that truck pictured,the”C”XT civilian. mxt is a vehicle ih would like to sell to the us armed forces,who are replacing the hummer. it has independent front suspension,and is purpse built truck,not that cheesy thing pictured here.

  5. Howdy you all, I am an american and about as redneck as it gets. We used to be proud of the distinction, it meant you worked for a living, and did not indicate your taste. My area of Colorado has some of these vehicles, and alot of just standard big ass american trucks as well. abot 30% I see in use as intended. We do have cattle ranchers that reeally need the equipment. Another 70% are want to be cowboys. They are usually the smallest guys in height and muscle. I suppose the truck becomes some measure of stature.

    I am a U.S. marine and redneck, but i only need a jeep and a sedan and get fairly decent gas mileage. I wish everyone would consider the gas before their ego. I agree with many of you that Russia does not need this and we should do with less in the USA as well. Tax a vehicle by it’s tonnage and that will keep them of the road.

  6. Not based on a 20ton truck ,more like About 5 ton capacity. and not nearly 600hp. and they dropped them from production cause they didn’t sell.

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