Kiev “Mother Motherland” Monument

volgograd monument \


This is “Mother Motherland” monument in Kiev city, Ukraine. It is already 40 years old and at the moment it was finished it was the tallest statue in the world. It is taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York. These photos by black_jester are made on top of the statue showing you it as most up-close as possible and also the panoramic view of the Volgograd city can be seen.

volgograd monument \


volgograd monument \


volgograd monument \


volgograd monument \


volgograd monument \


volgograd monument \


volgograd monument \


volgograd monument \


volgograd monument \


volgograd monument \


volgograd monument \


volgograd monument \


volgograd monument \


43 thoughts on “Kiev “Mother Motherland” Monument”

    • none of these photos is of the “motherland calls” monument at Volgograd– this is a different statue.

      The one at Volgograd is better, more artistic.

    • I think that author can’t tell Volgograd (formerly – Stalingrad) over Volga in Russia from Kiev (over Dniepr) in Ukraine.

  1. I agree, it’s from Kiev, I’ve been there. And Kiev citizens don’t like it as it is remain of Soviet era. There is also a local legend that this statue has been highly contaminated with radioactivity, after Chernobyl accident. For me it doesn’t make sense, why only this statue should be contaminated and not the whole city. But as far as I could see, it doesn’t glow in the night :-))

  2. It is too pathetic for my taste.But well,world war II was a great tragedy for all europeans and may be this monument expresses it according to the feelings of people of this period of history.

    • Sorry Uwe, but I don’t find it pathetic at all. I could see why some germans might not like it. In the base is a large WWII museum showing many atrocities that the Ukrainian people suffered to the nazis. I guess it’s difficult to argue against physical evidence and photos. It was a very interesting place to visit.
      Also Kiev is actually a very beautiful city. I travelled there last summer from the states and the pictures here really only show the industrial area surrounding this area. I would recommend anyone to visit Kiev if travelling to Ukraine. The Kiev Pechersk Lavra contains numerous architectural monuments, ranging from belltowers to cathedrals to underground cave systems. Truely an amazing place.

  3. I’ve seen a documentary about it on television. I believe there is an office in the lady’s hand where a guy sits every day. Quite a few stairs he needs to climb…

  4. Well, the statue is not 40 years old. It has been there since 1980s. I was there two years ago, but you can’t climb to the shield anymore, and the ground is full of cracks. People say that the monument is too heavy…

    • Just out of curiosity, what brings so many people to Kieve from Russia? I think 3 people indicated that they have visited in the past couple years. Do people go for vacation or for work related purposes?

      • That’s right, we like to go to Kiev on holidays. It’s like going to St.Petersburg, only it’s much warmer in Kiev 😉
        I think I like it even more than Spb. Absolutely great city.

        • The photos make it look a little like Gary, Indiana which is a very industrialized town. There is lots of steel production but there is lots of pollution too. So what’s the big draw in terms of it being a fun place to visit? St. Petersburg has lots of history, museums and exhibits and of course, the mayors daughter. Wow!!!! But what about Kiev?

          • There are museums (folk architecture, afganistan war, world war ii, chernobil, art, etc…), parks (the city is full of trees), monuments (mainly world war ii related), theaters, churches and cathedrals, mummies, a big river (Dnipro, where people swim in summer :)) and a lot of pretty ladies ;). Nice city. You can spend 4 or 5 days there, seeing interesting things. I had a great time there.

          • Kiev is not an industrial city. It’s more like Boston in terms of industries.
            Also, there is no argument that St. Petersburg has lots of history and things to see, but Kiev is almost 2000 year-old city while St. Petersburg is what… 600? So it is definitely a unique place to visit with tons of attractions to see.

          • I was living in Kiev and went out twice. The clubs looked like a any club in the “western” world, the only difference was that EVERY girl there looked like a top model.

            I also spotted quite a lot of luxury cars. Of course there are still quite a lot of Ladas and other Eastern car (even saw a car that is made in Iran, the Iran Khodro Samand )

            But rich or poor, I found every one of them extremely friendly and willing to help.

            Its definitely worth a visit. Oh and dont worry America, they do have McDonalds there 🙂

  5. It looks so ugly and stiff because that’s the only position in which they could fit the motors. The statue commemorates the victory in World War II, so every year on May 9 (Victory day) at 10am she bangs the sword against the shield and roars. The strange part is that she is facing Moscow instead of Berlin…

  6. From the picture:
    Isn’t it harmful to be SO close to a cell phone antenna (to the left of him)?

    lol, I wonder if the Statue of Liberty also has a cell phone tower in it..

  7. At the first sight of that I thought to myself “In Russia (Ukraine in this case)?????” And then I thought “If so, it’s a matter of time before some flaw becomes evident and things mess up somehow!” Somebody mind explaining the tanks on the bottom? Still, it is awesome!

  8. The Statue of Liberty is not in New York. It’s located in the New Jersey state. The border goes just ahead the statue.

  9. So anybody mind telling me why I can’t find it on Google Earth? Anyone mind showing a link for google Earth or something?

  10. To bb,
    St. Petresburg celebrated its 300th anniversary a couple of years ago. However, some if the run down areas of the city look like its 600 years old.

  11. I also saw saw the statue and was amazed at how frigging tall the thing is. I was in Kyiv (thats the way the Ukrainians spell it) for 5 days on a business trip.

    The people are seriously friendly, and the girls are amazingly hot. I am hoping that I can go back there soon. 🙂

  12. As someone who spent shildhood and youth in Kiev I hve all the rights to tell that this is the ugliest statue I have ever seen.
    And the fact that she is fasing east gave her new name ” Russians will not pass” (AS U know Kiev is now capitol of independent Ukraine, and Ukrainian relationship with Russia is very tense)
    By the way this statue is not 40 but 23 years old.

  13. Funny how most Ukrainians hate Ukrain and wish they were Russian… I was there for Ukraine independance day and ppl only wanted to celebrate miners day with no mention to Ukrainian independance.

  14. Horrible, ugly structure completely overshadowing beautiful ancient monastery right besides. Thankfully the hill it stands upon is not stable and slowly crumbles down into Dnipro river so the structure probably will have to be taken down.

  15. Saw this in Kiev last summer, very impressive. However I thought the ‘Motherland’ statue in Volgagrad was better.

    The old soviet regime certainly knew how to build a monument!

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