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  1. Cool pics. Reminds me of book I got couple of years ago: Optimism of the memory,Leningrad in 70-s. (Optimi3m pamjati, Leningrad 70-x) Then on the other hand, some of those pictures could have been taken also in todays Russian countryside, there things really have not changed so much as in the cities.

  2. I geuss most of the pictures are taken in Siberia….
    You can see Siberia as (cold) Africa.
    They found a town in Siberia few years ago the people that lived there didn’t knew a thing about communism…electricity…Stalin….WW2…etc..
    They thought that Russia was still ruled by a tsar…and they hunted with a bow…

    Some parts of Russia are modern(er) than EU and USA…
    while other parts have the lifestyle of an African town..where for the past 500 years..no sign of any technological development has taken place.

    • I’m interested in this ‘stone-age’ town in Siberia. Do you have a link or smt ?

      Which parts of Russia are more modern than Europe/USA ? And in what sense ?

      • Most probably that’s not about a whole town but about a single family living in taiga in isolation for about 40 years.
        Here’s some info: http://susiestheboss.blogspot.com/2006/01/book-review-lost-in-taiga.html

        Things like ‘they hunted with a bow and didn’t know a thing about communism’ are an overestimation (communists were exactly what they fled from), though they really haven’t heard about WW2.

      • Moscow and ST.Petersburg are moderner in some aspects. In Moscow for example at airports they tested a new way of finding drugs, you go in a cabin.This cabin can detect if you touched for example cocaine few weeks back. Better nose than a dog.

        An other thing at the airport to reduce sound of airplanes. They come up with the next thing: sound makes sound waves like you probably know, these sound waves vibrate in the air and thats called sound. So they made a machine that produces this soundwaves but you don’t hear them (perhaps very high frequence waves). So if you place this box near the airport road (where planes take off&land) these high waves will touch the planes sound waves and deactivate them.

        I hope I made a good explanation, my english is not that good.

      • These people didn’t wish to associate themselves with contemporary USSR. They just shut themselves out, like the Amish in the USA. They didn’t want to know about Stalin, Communism, etc. They were happy being isolated:


        • Don’t be fooled, some there are many that play to the outside community. The Amish want to associate with everyone. Look at their communities. They have BIG flea markets, restaurants, shops and so on. They make BIG $$ off outsiders.

          Here are some examples.

          Before anyone says something about Mennonites, rest assured that these are the real Amish.

          • The Amish in my area are all rich. They don’t pay taxes and you’re right, they have many business ventures. They are very good at construction and carpentry and some even use computers to help with running their businesses. They are very nice people, but they are also having problems with inbreeding. You can see it in their faces that it’s killing their population from within.

    • I´d really like to know what part of Russia is more (or even close to as) modern as EU/USA. Are there still some secret, closed cities somewhere or what?

      • starshi you russian? where you live? I live in Netherlands (western Euorope) I was born in Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk and visited Moscow a few times and have friends there. I can compare things from there with the things here.

        Many things in moscow&ST.Petersburg are moderner than here. Same goes for space and army technology.

    • No this is not Siberia, but a small town in a 2 hours ride distance from Moscow. And yes the photos are taken in the early 80s and not 70s. Those interested can read an interview with the photographer (in Russian) here http://www.photoline.ru/poem/1205729518
      or here

    • Even my photos from 1992 are in black and white! People would think I was born in the 70’s!

      btw, I still have original unused USSR-made b\w, color film.

      • I still got 1970’s “Zenit” camera – I use it sometimes. Really good quality pictures, – digital just doesn’t compare!!!

        • i bought a newer LOMO a few years ago, re-issue made for export. a fine camera for the price. similar in design to some Minoltas from the 60s, but smaller, better made.

  3. Oh, american style of propaganda again. Let’s get some grannies, some people with not good-looking faces, some bad streets & old buildings and call it Russia.

    During 80s the youngest girls were over 60 y.o. on the photos of Russia published in american press.

    • Agree, doesn’t really represent the whole russia in the 80s.

      However, it does represent life in one little village during that time..

  4. Stupefyingly good photography.

    Art as art should be done.

    Thank you for providing these gems of photographic craftsmanship.

  5. I quite like this way of taking pictures of people in their every-day-life,it is artistic and timeless and yet very natural.Well done !

  6. Thank for sharing these photos. Life looked pretty tough for these folks. The photos look like they could have been taken in almost any decade of the 20th century. Wow.


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