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  1. You think that’s crazy? We actually saw snow flakes in Dallas, Texas on Saturday and again this morning!

      • Global warming means that the polar ice melts causing the temperatures to go crazy – like having a blanket of snow in DC on Easter, and it being 30 degrees C one day and 5 degrees the next. What is happening is EXACTLY global warming. You should read up on it to get the facts straight…

        • Don’t believe the propaganda. A simple google search shows that Nasa stats prove it was warmer in the 1930’s.

          The late 1960’s and early 70’s the same global warming people (Paul Erlich et al) were pitching global cooling. They said if we don’t do something drastic now (tax the US out of existence), by the year 2000 we will be living in the next ice age. Pure comedy.

          Pretty sad people believe it.

      • Yes, they still do. Because they have quite a deep understanding of it and know that it causes more varying weather and not just uniformly warmer temperatures. Winters will generally be milder but with more snowstorms and temperature fluctuations reaching to unusually cold readings as well as warm ones. Both droughts and floodings will be more frequent and severe. Also, exceptions don’t make the rule. Long-time perspective makes it.

              • I live offshore, on a barrier island in the American state of New Jersey. I understand global warming all too well.

                I only suggested someone move to Texas because … it’s needed.

            • No jokes, we actually have some of the toughest environmental regulations in the US. California has the toughest, but we probably have the second toughest. Without going into boring details, here is a link that discusses some of our laws and regulations.


        • I found this site off a dig link. This site does a good job of mixing cultural and geographic material with humorous material. I just find it fascinating to watch Russia take shape and to learn about times during the cold war.

          Anyway, I’m originally from the Chicago area but I currently live in Texas. You’ve got to understand that a large portion of the US population lives in Texas and Texas keeps growing. I think that Texas now has 3 or 4 of the 13 largest cities in the US.

          • Watch Russia take shape? Has your hate for it turned?

            I’m a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, but not much of a fan of Texas. From what I hear, your population is growing mostly from Illegal immigrants.

            • C’mon, I never hated Russia. We definitely have illegal immigrants/Day laborers but they aren’t much of a problem. Despite US census estimates, I would guess that Hispanics make up 1:9 people. Blacks might account for 1:12. The illegal Hispanics tend to do landscaping work cheap and they are very skilled at it. Also, they have a great work ethic and are very family oriented. Usually, the second generations will go on to college and move into professional fields. Overall, the Hispanics are good salt of the earth people who are often dedicated catholics. There is really co comparison that can be made between blacks and Hispanics.

              • Usually, the larger cities will designate a street corner for the day laborers. These areas are safe and often supported by a community church. I think that there are some trade-offs that have to be factored in the equation. Socuial security is in deep trouble and one theroy is to grow our population of tax payers. Since Texas doesn’t have an income tax, our sales taxes are 7-7.5% and there is no getting around it. If these illegals stay and have children, their children will become tax payers and hopefully make a meaningful contribution to our tax system. So overall, maybe the initial costs aren’t so bad.

                Of course, drug trafficing, sales and gangwarfare is always going to be s are always going to be a problem. It not just a hispanic problem. However, who does it really impact? So a few black gang members shoot other gang members. Who cares? I don’t have any gang members that live anywhere close to me.

                If you want, come on down to Dallas/Fort Worth and I’ll show you around. Our problems aren’t too bad and if you like hot long summers it is the place to be. Also, take into account that El Paso is one of the safest cities on the US. Where is it? Right across the border from a nasty part of Mexico. Honestly, the

                • Yeah, I gotta say, I’m jealous of the no income tax thing. But when Mexicans have children, it’s not so that they can pay taxes, its so they won’t be deported as easily. And they have them by the dozens too. Soon they will be voting their own into office.

                  I’m going to Vegas the week of the 23rd. That’s probably the closest to Texas I’ll get for at little while, but I do want to see the Dallas stadium before they tear it down to build the new one.

                  • During the Houston game last year, I had tickets that were two rows away from the field and on the 30 yard line. The halftime singer was in the VIP section in the very next row ahead of us. It was pretty cool.

                    • Lucky you. I’ll be in Philly for the Dallas vs Philly game in November. It should be a big game between the two, like always.

            • I’ve been to Texas maybe five times (Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio) and must say that Texas is the worst place ever. I believe Texas doesn’t have a culture worthy of merit. Compared to even a Post-Katrina New Orleans (where I’m from), big cities in Texas are boring and soulless. When I went to Texas after the storm, I made every effort to go back home. Rampant capitalism attracted those whose primary goal in life is to acquire money (hence the absence of an income tax) and has left the state devoid of culture. I could have stayed in Texas after the storm and made more money, but I’m from a real American city (although we are French at heart) with rich culture and history, which allowed me to realize there are things in life: music, food, alcohol, art, an abundance of social services, and architecture, that are more important and satisfying than a bank account balance padded with 0’s.

    • Because rest of europe will freeze due to disruptions in gulf stream, – which means money-money-money for russia!!

    • How much vodka did you drink, Borah a.k.a. Sarah Levi-Alkolupukki?

      btw, these anti-spam words are funny! comrade? vodka? lenin? lol.

  2. So there is snow as well in Moscow as in Washington D.C.?
    At least the weather unites the two countries….this forum unfortunately doesn´t.
    I am glad I live in the middle between the U.S. and Russia.It is 16 degrees C here and the sun is shining.

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