9 thoughts on “Lenin Monument, Egypt Style”

      • I want to visit lenin mausoleum this summer when I go to russia, do you know if its still open to public?
        If so how can get in? Where can I buy tickets?

        I tried before, but I was told that I need to preorder them somewhere else…

        • No preoder.

          I visited Lenin last year. He’s cute and pink! And it is black inside his mausoleum.

          Lenin accepts visitors twice a week at the morning from 9 till 11 or smth like that.

          Visit Red Square first, it is written here (on спуск) when his mausoleum is opened.

          • You can come with me Sarah. After that we can go for a meal in Arbat to some little Georgian Cafe, to have a look at some hot georgian waiters…. And then we will explor the great Mosocw gay scene at night…
            What do you think???

  1. Hi, guys!
    I found a little bit different project of the monument of the same architect, take a look at it http://www.museum.ru/alb/image.asp?18939

  2. I went to see ‘grandpa lenin’. It is dark inside the tomb and you are not allowed to take pictures. The big scary guards kind of make you not even want to try to sneak one. You are expected to remain quiet and apparently it is disrespectful to have your hands in your pockets.


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