SuperAlisa Pop Star

Let’s continue our journey into modern Russian pop music. This is song of Russia singer SuperAlisa. It’s name is “EVM” which means “PC” or Electronic Calculating Machine. It’s about a love of a girl and a PC. SuperAlisa is from Tatarstan and Moslem herself, married on the Ahmed. She calls herself “Servant of Allah” and says doesn’t need any producer.

17 thoughts on “SuperAlisa Pop Star”

  1. the backing track seems to be a very obvious rip-off of the Giorgio Moroder/Donna Summer classic “I Feel Love”, although she sings her own melody over it.

  2. Well, in your case its a “Fat old man and a PC”.

    Bet you get plenty of JOOOOY for your joystick….

    Don’t blame you, desperate times call for desperate measures!!!

  3. I became a fan og SuperAlisa! I have downloaded all her songs from internet! She sings on Tatarian and Russian! Her songs are about Allah and peace.

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